Saturday 24 November 2007

EDM challenge # 15 - Draw some leaves

The Every Day Matters challenge #15 was to draw a tree, trees, branches or leaves.

These leaves belong to one of my succulents - Desert Rose - which my Mum gave to me some time ago. The Botanical name is - Adenium Obesum. I love the shiny, waxy look to the leaves and its flowers are a beautiful pink.
Graphite in A5 sketchbook - © Serena Lewis
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Monday 19 November 2007

Stop the Whale Slaughter

Today, Japan launched its whaling fleet to the Southern Ocean Sanctuary around Antarctica where it plans to kill more than 1000 whales over several months under the guise of 'scientific research'. You don't need to kill whales to research them! How stupid do they think we are?! They plan to kill 50 threatened humpback whales, 50 endangered fin whales and around 930 minke whales. I am so upset and outraged at this news. It has been condemned internationally and even the International Whaling Commission has called for an end to the killing of whales in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary but yet, Japan persists. The Greenpeace ship, Esperanza, is just off the coast of Japan with plans to follow the whaling fleet and, no doubt, try to stop the senseless slaughter. Click here to keep up to date via the Esperanza crew's blog. Visit Greenpeace International to find out how you can help.
Gentle Giant - Graphite in A5 sketchbook - © Serena Lewis
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Sunday 11 November 2007

Remembrance Day

Today, November 11th, we stood silent for one minute at 11:00AM as a mark of respect to our fallen soldiers. I felt overwhelmed with emotion, as I always do, when I hear The Last Post played by bugle. LEST WE FORGET ~

Friday 9 November 2007

EDM # 52 - Happy Birthday, Cody!!!

EDM challenge # 52 was to draw a dog and, today, was Cody's 1st birthday so the perfect reason to sketch him.
Graphite in A5 sketchbook - © Serena Lewis
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We had a little party to celebrate and a good time was had by one and all.
Aaron holding Cody and party guests - © Serena Lewis
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I hadn't owned a dog for nine years after losing our little toy poodle but Cody found his way into our lives in early January and he has become a very precious part of our family. He is so cute and loves to play. He also loves to chew and we have to hide our good shoes away from him. He knows I'm the boss though or, at least, he lets me think I am. ;)

Thursday 8 November 2007

Sketched from imagination

Earlier this evening, I had the urge to sketch but I wasn't keen on any of the subjects within view and, being too lazy to get up and find something to draw, I decided to go with what was in my head. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm...that could have been dangerous! Anyways, this is the image that evolved on the page of my sketchbook. I know the eyes are massive but I just went with the flow and didn't restrict myself to rules of proportion.
Graphite in A5 Sketchbook - © Serena Lewis
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On another note - My son won two Silver tickets to go and see Elton John in concert on the 25th!!! YAY, Bradley!!! His younger brother, Reece, will be taking him as I've already been to one Elton concert with Brad. Reece likes Elton John too so it will be a great night for the both of them.

Tuesday 6 November 2007

Random Fact # 8

Brussels sprouts happen to be my favourite vegetable! I adore their rich, strong flavour and I feel all the better knowing that they are very high in nutritional value. They are also known to produce sulforaphane which boosts the body's detoxification enzymes thereby helping to clear potentially carcinogenic matter more quickly from the body.
Graphite and coloured pencil in A5 sketchbook - © Serena Lewis
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