Saturday 23 June 2007

EDM Challenge #10 - Draw your hand or someone else's.

I'm pleased to say that, today, I managed to get another EDM challenge out of the way. My own hand was the obvious choice for me so I sat at my desk, left hand posed, and put graphite to paper with the right. I don't bite my nails but it is winter DownUnder so my nails have become quite brittle and break easily. I was tempted to give them all that beautifully manicured look with freshly painted long nails but I resisted. One day I'm going to treat myself to a professional manicure with false nails to boot! I've never had false nails before so one day I'm gonna do it! I honestly marvel at how women with exceptionally long nails manage to get things done....surely those long talons would get in the way???

Graphite in A5 Sketchbook - © Serena Lewis
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Friday 22 June 2007

EDM Challenge #124 - Draw something yellow

I think this bucket must be the only yellow item in my house but I thought it was worthy of the challenge. This was the first time I've experimented with watercolour crayons - purchased today - and I love them!! Admittedly, my sketchbook is the cheap and nasty kind so doesn't take too well to watercolour techniques but it's okay for practice. It's certainly VERY different to working on canvas or wood with my regular acrylics but I'm enjoying the learning process.

Micron Pigma .03 pen & Watercolour crayons - A5 sketchoook

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Thursday 21 June 2007

Caught in the Act!!!

The mess I discovered all too late to save another roll of toilet paper...........

Mugshot of the culprit.........he's lucky I love him!!! lol

Monday 18 June 2007

Preliminary sketch for my next Acrylic project

Today, I spent some time drawing up a rough sketch in coloured pencil for my next acrylic project which I plan to paint on 24" x 24" gallery wrapped canvas. I will make a few changes to the leaves as I'm not happy with their positions but, for the most part, this will be it! I LOVE Frangipanis! They have a beautiful perfume and, as a child, I remember making frangipani necklaces.....what girl hasn't?! lol The reference for this drawing came from various pics taken of the one and only frangipani tree I own and, thankfully, it is in a pot so it will be able to come with us when we move. YES! This drawing is done in shades of pink because the final painting is to be a birthday gift for someone special and pink is their favourite colour.
Coloured Pencil Sketch - A4 sketchbook - © Serena Lewis

Tuesday 12 June 2007

EDM Challenges # 5 and #14

I haven't been able to get online for the past two days because my server was down as a result of terrible storms and flooding in the Sydney area. Such a lot of damage and my heart goes out to those who were affected by it on a more personal level. While I was frustrated at not being able to check my emails etc., it did allow me some free time to get a couple more challenges done in my sketchbooks.

Micron Pigma pen and coloured pencil - A5 sketchbook © Serena Lewis
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Challenge #5 was to Draw My Bed - My quilt is a silky type of fabric with a sheen and I tried to achieve the sheen in my sketch. A couple of errors are glaringly obvious to me (why do I notice them AFTER the fact?) but I'm staying hush on those. lol

Graphite in A5 sketchbook - © Serena Lewis
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EDM #14 was to Draw what I see when I wake up - My ceiling fan is usually the first thing I see when I wake up and, funnily enough, I've had the urge to draw it for some time now so it was the perfect match to the challenge. However, I certainly regretted starting this sketch because I found the perspective very difficult. The nicest part was that I got to lie on my comfortable bed whilst drawing it. :)

I'm hoping to get some painting done today. It's been too long ~

Saturday 9 June 2007

EDM Challenges #120 & #121

I decided to give my Micron Pigma .05 pen a try out for the first time this afternoon. These were just a couple of quick sketches to get the feel for the pen and to also get a couple more challenges under my belt. I must admit that I prefer working with charcoal or graphite so much more as I love the extent of shading and detail I can achieve with them. I find the pen is much more limiting in that area but, then again, maybe I just need a lot more practise with it. This was only my first try after all.

EDM Challenge #121 - Draw some coins - Micron Pigma .05 black pen

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EDM Challenge #120 - Draw a flashlight/torch - Micron Pigma .05 black pen

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Saturday 2 June 2007

EDM Challenges #2 and #9

Graphite & ball-point pen in A5 sketchbook - © Serena Lewis
Click on image for larger view

EDM challenge # 9 was to draw Organised Chaos - Today was overcast with the hope of rain that never came, however, I did find time to sit with my sketchbook and draw the part of my lounge room that, at the moment, is in organised chaos. As most of you know we have to move soon so, earlier in the week, I started some packing. I'm using a corner of my lounge room to neatly store the boxes which mainly contain books, video cassettes and breakables from the rosewood cabinet standing behind the couch. I did a graphite sketch first and then emphasised lines and shading with a black ball-point pen.

Graphite and Coloured Pencil in A5 sketchbook - © Serena Lewis
Click on image for larger view

EDM challenge #2 was to draw a lamp - This is my bedside lamp which has a ceramic stand and a fabric light-shade. Originally, it was white but I soon changed that. My room is based on a sea-theme so the blues work in very well. I drew this yesterday afternoon using graphite to lightly draw the shape and then I worked with Derwent Coloured Pencils from there.