Sunday 19 January 2014

Bags and life...

Hey everyone, 
I hope you've all had a pleasant weekend so far.
It's been very warm and humid Sunday here.

I managed to do a pen sketch yesterday and then,
splashed some watercolours on it today (Sunday).
This is my bag of the moment 
until I get tired of it and 
swap it over for one of its friends which are
waiting patiently on the wardrobe shelf. 
Yes, me thinks I have a bit of a 
bag and wallet fetish.
What can I say,
they make good sketch subjects.

Pencil-free sketch in large Moleskine sketchbook using 
a Uni Ball Vision Elite in blue-black to draw in the initial sketch. 
Followed up with watercolours and then my Faber-Castell PITT pen to emphasise.

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 More daily pics for the Facebook group
All pictures were taken with my mobile phone -
Samsung Galaxy S3

Day 11 - Shoes
These are the shoes I bought to wear at 
Michelle's and Alex's wedding in 2010. 
I felt so honoured to be able to walk 
my beautiful daughter down the aisle on her special day. 
It's the only time I've ever worn these shoes too. 
I'm definitely a 'flats' girl. 

Day 12 - Fire
My chilli plant/tree is currently bearing 
lots of red, hot chillies 
guaranteed to set your mouth on fire! 
I LOVE the flavour and heat of chillies.

I missed day 13.

Day 14 - Hair
I'm sure you will remember Bess 
as she has featured in earlier posts. 
 Here and here.
Bess was my first Christmas present 
so she is now 54! 
With a head full of thick, tight curls, 
I figured she would be ideal for the prompt.

Day 15 - Circle
My Mexican Circle of Friends. 

Day 16 - Table
This small table and chair set 
sits out under the pergola. 
A perfect spot to enjoy a cuppa 
in the early morning. 

Day 17 - Recycle
Never thought I'd see the day our wheelie bins 
would feature in a post on my blog 
yet, here they are!
The one with the yellow lid 
is for the recycled stuff.

Have a great week!

Sunday 12 January 2014

My first sketch for 2014 and Daily Life on the Go

Remember our leaky roof 
and how we thought it was a slipped tile? 
The roof tiler came out and 
we actually have TEN broken roof tiles 
due to hail-stone damage. 
He did a temporary fix with silicone 
and will hopefully be back this week 
to do the full repair.

Drum roll please!!!
I actually did my first sketch for 2014!
I truly hope to be more productive with my sketching this year. 

My potted Kalanchoe Flapjack
Pencil-free sketch in pocket Moleskine sketchbook 
using ZIG 005 Millennium pen and Faber-Castell PITT pens.

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 More daily pics for the Facebook group
All pictures were taken with my mobile phone -
Samsung Galaxy S3

Day 6 - Car
Meet Lily, my car!
Yes, I name my cars.

Day 7 - Oven 
She's fan-forced with numerous options
but I only ever use one or two of them. 

Day 8 - Leather
I love my Guess leather zip-around wallets!
They may be a bit pricey but then,
I've only ever bought them on sale.  
The black wallet is made by Colorado 
and I bought it because I needed something smaller 
for my smaller handbag. 
You know how that goes, right? 
In my attempt to lean more towards a vegan lifestyle
I don't intend to buy any more leather goods. 
I'm not sure I will ever be able to fully embrace a vegan lifestyle
but I'd like to and I'm making gradual changes accordingly.

Day 9 - Numbers
The cutest numbers I know! 
I snapped this photo of my granddaughters' 
joint birthday invitation. 
Michelle (daughter) made their birthday crowns. 
Aren't they cute?!!
Mikayla is now 3 and Madelyn is 1. 
I added the birthday frame in Paintshop Pro.

Day 10 - Bike
At a time when we were without a car, 
I bought this cheap bike so that Aaron 
could ride to his sister's place each morning, 
then walk to school. 
She lived closer to the school than we did.

The past four days have actually been quite pleasant.
The heatwave passed and I sure hope
we don't get any more. 

I'm quite excited at the moment because I get to 
baby-sit Mikayla and Maddy later today! 
Michelle and Alex are going to see the new 
Hunger Games movie.

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend!

Tuesday 7 January 2014


My first post for 2014!!!

I trust you all enjoyed a lovely New Year's Eve?
We did! 
My parents came over to celebrate. 
Early in the evening, 
we watched 'The Call' starring Halle Berry. 
A movie to keep you on the edge of your seat, 
that's for sure.
Mum and Dad hadn't seen it before.

Then we played Yahtzee, 
then talked and danced, 
until it was time to welcome in 2014!

Mum, Brad, and I
stayed up ALL night to see the dawn 
of the new year. 
It was a lovely New Year's Day!


We've been experiencing a heatwave over the past week 
and the heat and humidity have been unbearable! 
In some areas, temperature records were broken. 
Local people I know, via Facebook, 
posted pics of their temp (outside) guage readings, 
varying between 43°C/109.4F and 48ºC/118.4°F!!! 
I wish we had air-con.....sigh....
Today, we are having a bit of a reprieve 
with the temps being a little cooler. 


I've been having fun taking daily photos 
for the Facebook group
All pictures below were taken with my mobile phone -
Samsung Galaxy S3

Day 31 of December 2013 - End.
My Mum and Bradley (my son) dancing
the night away on New Year's Eve.
Sorry about the blurriness
It was poor lighting.

Day 1 of January 2014 - Word.
I took this prompt to mean
our chosen word/phrase for 2014.
My word is CREATIVITY.
I didn't find much time for my creative projects in 2013
and I'm hoping this year will be more productive.
I thought a pic of my work desk seemed fitting.
I'm so happy to have my workspace back!
I'm not sure if I mentioned it on my blog but
Beau sold his couches recently which freed up some room
to set up my workspace again.
I was RAPT!!!

Day 2 - Shine
I love the waxy, shiny leaves on some of my succulents.
This one is called an Aeonium Rose.

Day 3 - Run
I was stumped with this one
but my artist's mannequin
saved the day.

Day 4 - Cold
To try and cope with the heatwave,
we used frozen gel packs or dampened towels
which we had folded and placed in the freezer.
We'd then drape the 'frozen' towels over our shoulders.
I used the gel pack.
They did give some temporary relief
which was better than nothing.

Day 5 - Sacred 
I had a play with some of the effects in Snapseed (photography app)
with this one....yet another Buddha in my home.
I love the Tibetan/Indian style of Buddha best of all.
They always appear so tranquil, meditative, and peaceful.


On New Year's Day,
our land-line died but was resurrected
within a day.

Yesterday, Aaron noticed a wet, bubbly patch
on the ceiling in our garage. YIKES!!
One of the roof tiles had slipped down
so now, we wait for it to be fixed.
Hopefully before our next storm.

I was a little worried that these problems could be signs
of the year to come.
Or perhaps all the negatives are getting
out of the way early?
A friend suggested that I focus the start of my year as
beginning on January 31st which is the Chinese New Year.
I just might do that.

I hope 2014 has been off to a better start for all of you!