Thursday 7 December 2017

Scribble Picnic - Finland

Hi everyone,

This is a crazy time of year for me as I'm sure it is for many of you so, needless to say, I'm late with my entry this week for Scribble Picnic.

Michael chose the theme - Finland/Scandinavian. I did a little research and discovered the Finland invented the Sauna as well as Ice-skates...who knew? Well I knew they were big into saunas as my brother-in-law was Finnish. My neighbours in a previous house were also Finnish and they had a sauna specially built as an add-on to their home. I was going to go with sketching ice-skates but opted for Finland's National flower instead - Lily of the Valley.

This was done with a mix of graphite, Prismacolor pencils, and watercolours...even a wee touch of black ink too.  I sketched it in a Strathmore Tan-toned sketchbook.

First layer

Final layer

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Next week, the theme is DREDEL/SPINNING TOP/TEETOTUM...that will be an interesting one! Why not come along and join us?
To find out how, click HERE.

I hope you've all been enjoying a lovely week. My son and I have been busy with choir practise for our upcoming performance at one of our major hospitals. This is our fourth year participating in the hospital choir. SO much fun!

Have a lovely week!

Sunday 3 December 2017

Moment Sketchers - Final for the year

THIS WEEKEND is the final Moment Sketchers, previously known as Moment Catchers, of 2017.

I didn't get a chance to sketch yesterday but today we put up our only Christmas tree...a cute little table top tree. I just had to sketch it! 

Here is the first Prismacolor pencil layer after a light graphite sketch. 
I laid in the highlights first with a Prismacolour white pencil.
Then I started placing the greenery around the highlights going from light to dark.

The end result. 
More Prismacolour pencil work. 
Then I used a Posca paint marker in white to brighten some of the highlights.
The Christmas tree was sketched in a Strathmore sketchbook with tan-toned paper.


I REMEMBERED that I didn't do a blog post showing my Moment Sketchers efforts for last month so here 'tis.  Bradley and I had watched the documentary titled - A Street Cat named Bob. I had read the book before and the documentary was great too.  It's about a street cat in England who bonds with a young homeless man who then turns his life around.

We also tried out the vegan doughnuts from the new Doughnut Time shop which recently opened in our area. The Rocky Road doughnuts were delicious!

First the pen sketch

Then a layer of watercolour 

The end result. 
I used some Prismacolor pencils to give the watercolour more depth.

The completed page spread in my sketchbook 


THIS AFTERNOON we had a storm move in which thankfully turned out to be a bit of a fizzer, however, it left behind this very eerie, bright yellow glow to the atmosphere around us. It was very hard to capture on camera as it was so much more intense and golden than what you see in the image. Last time we had something like that happen was just before a severe dust storm moved in but that is not on the cards this far as I know.

I hope you're all enjoying a beautiful weekend!