Tuesday 28 June 2011

home from hospital and doing okay

after a couple of hiccups to start with, surgery went ahead and i am now at home recuperating...YAY!!!  i'm feeling some pain but i expect to be back up to par over the next couple of days.  unfortunately, i won't know the results of the biopsies until early october unless of course they find something sinister, in which case i will be called in sooner.  naturally, i would prefer the wait until october.

thanks so much for all the well wishes via comments and emails.  you guys sure know how to make a gal feel loved.  much appreciated ~ xo

prior to going into hospital i knitted a pair of these
what are they you ask???

knitted bed slippers, of course! 
to match my purple PJs and slippers

i chose the pic below for WEEK 25 in the 52 WEEKS OF ME challenge
it makes me think of those raggedy dolls legs! LOL

i've been lax at keeping up with everyone's blogs with all that's been going on in my life lately but I am going to make an effort to catch up while i'm recuperating.  i can't wait to see what you've been up to.

~ love, light and peace ~

Monday 20 June 2011

bed socks keep the tootsies warm!

hi everyone!

BRRRRRRRR!!!!!  winter is sure making itself known this past week with morning temperatures around 6°C/41°F.  i know that's nothing compared to what some of you experience in winter months but our homes are built for summer so are not normally central heated.  when we lived in wyoming, it was always snug and warm indoors during the winter months thanks to the central heating whereas, here in brissie, if it's cold outside, it's cold inside.

so i've been knitting up some bed socks for the boys.
this is the pair i knitted for aaron.  it's a very basic pattern and simple to make.

sure to keep his tootsies toasty warm

and they match the crochet bed throw i finished for him recently

and here is little mikayla wearing the crochet jacket and bootees i made for her. michelle makes those fancy headbands.......TOO CUTE!

MY! how this little munchkin is growing!

i've now started a crochet bed throw for myself

i decided on a granny stripe this time
and i can't wait to progress further along with it.

MEDICAL UPDATE - my surgery is scheduled for june 27th and, if all goes well, i should come home the same day so, naturally, i am praying that will be the case. i'm SO nervous! i had a regular D&C many years ago but, this time around, i'm more concerned with the abnormalities on my ultrasound that they will be checking out as well. i will need to rest for a few days afterwards so the kids better get used to me dishing out orders when i get back. lol

i hope you all had a lovely weekend!

~ love, light and peace ~

Tuesday 14 June 2011

52 weeks of Me catch-up and news about upcoming surgery

more self-portraits which i've taken over the past few weeks.  unfortunately, i missed out on week 22 due to being sick but i've decided to continue anyways.

WEEK 21 - here i am in, tilly, my car

WEEK 23 - here i am holding mikayla in the newly refurbished parents room at the local shopping centre
a hazy pic as the lighting was very low and i couldn't use the flash

WEEK 24 - on my bed with cody

MEDICAL UPDATE - i saw the gynaecologist on friday and, due to some abnormalities on my ultrasound, i will be having a diagnostic hysteroscopy, dilation and curettage in the next 30 days.  it will be a day surgery as long as there are no complications.  i am so NOT looking forward to it but i guess i don't have another option.  i can only pray that they don't find anything serious.  please wish me luck.

on top of that, the doctor wants me to see a rheumatologist to confirm whether or not i have rheumatoid arthritis.  my blood test came back negative but the deterioration in my hand Xray does suggest i have it. apparently, 80% of RA sufferers show the RA factor in the blood, while 20% don't, so i may be in that 20%.  i'm holding off on the rheumatologist for now until i get this other stuff sorted out.

i am still not over this rotten asthma and the constant deep coughing certainly puts a drain on my system and leaves me feeling quite depressed.   the doctor gave me antibiotics but, as yet, they haven't helped much.  i hope i'm over it before my surgery date.

i've still had no urge to paint or draw but i have been knitting up some bootees for mikayla and some bed socks for the boys. pics to follow in a future post....

~ love, light and peace ~

Sunday 12 June 2011

My last official 'Pay It Forward' gift has been received by Norma...

.....so i'm in the clear to post it to my blog now.

norma told me that she loved the mexican bird of paradise and silly me didn't know there were different varieties so i painted this one which, apparently, is the hawaiian bird of paradise....NOT the same thing.  sorry, norma.
acrylics/mixed media on 8"x10" gallery-wrapped canvas
© serena lewis

norma let me know the package arrived yesterday and she was very happy with the goodies i sent so i can breathe a sigh of relief at last.

i've included some step-by-step images of the painting process below
i roughly sketched the subject directly onto the canvas, then proceeded to apply the first layer of the background colour using a paint 'wash and dab' technique

after the second background layer was applied, i roughly blocked in the first layer of flower and leaves

then i started some shading, lighting and detailing

another layer with more detailing....and then, to finish, i collaged some decorative card-stock on the left side and did a little detailing on the paper design also

the side view showing the edge design

the 'pay it forward' challenge called for 5 recipients and i'm happy to say that has now been completed....YAY!!  thankfully, there was no deadline with this challenge because it took me over a year to complete all the gifts.   heck, how was i to know it was going to be such a crazy busy year at the time i signed up to participate?!   i would like to extend a special THANKS to all my gift recipients for their patience....

...and a happy weekend to all!

~ love, light and peace ~

Wednesday 8 June 2011

Sick but still hooking....

hi everyone

i've been sick with flu and am now dealing with persistent coughing asthma. :(
i have a doctor's appointment lined up for tomorrow to check blood results but to also see if i need antibiotics to help me beat this thing.  i'll be so happy when i can breathe normally again.

i've had no urge to sketch or paint but i have been hooking some crochet projects in front of the TV

i recently finished making this white crochet jacket for my granddaughter, mikayla

i made matching bootees but didn't get a pic

i also hooked a crochet bed throw for aaron

he loves it

and look who is sitting up now! YAY!

it makes me feel warm inside seeing all the cot bedding i made set up in mikayla's cot

the mornings and nights have been cold with winter officially here now. Brrrrrrr!  i've been making hot porridge for breakfast every day.  the kids love it.

lately, i've been reading in bed each night so expect some book reviews in future posts.

i think i'll be heading straight to bed after criminal minds tonight.
last week, we saw special agent, emily prentiss, leave the series in a dramatic way.
i wonder who they will bring in to replace her?

~ love, light and peace ~