Tuesday 31 December 2013

Happy New Year to one and all!

 More daily pics for the Facebook group
All pictures were taken with my mobile phone -
Samsung Galaxy S3

Day 22 - Sheep
As I didn't have any sheep in the backyard 
or a sheep ornament for that matter, 
I thought of wool.
I knit and crochet 
but I will only use synthetic wool.
This is some of my stash. 

Day 23 - Star 
You may remember this star 
from my sketchbook earlier this year. 
It's a tea-light holder

I missed days 24 & 25 because it was way too hectic.

Day 26 - Box 
This Buddha sits atop a white, wooden box in my bedroom. 
I painted the box in a roses design 
back when I was going through a Shabby Chic phase. 
I then painted it white with the intention of 
painting a different design on it one day. 
This box holds some sentimental treasures 
that I've saved over the years.

Day 27 - Bottle 
I love blue glass bottles 
because they remind me of the sea 
and I love anything to do with the sea. 
These bottles sit surrounded by shells on an aged silver tray.

Day 28 - Book 
This is the book I'm currently reading. 
So far, so good. 
 It's a non-fiction book written by the woman 
who actually hikes the trail 
having never been hiking in her life before. 
She was feeling lost after her mother died, 
and her marriage ended, 
among other things. 
On the spur of the moment, 
she sets herself the goal of hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. 
There is a movie about it 
starring Reese Witherspoon 
in the leading role. 
I think it's due for release in 2014.

Day 29 - Missed out on this one too. 

Day 30 - Selfie 
That would be me....
and one of my many Buddhas. 

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year! 
May 2014 be filled with 
love, compassion, peace and kindness. 
Thank you for taking the time 
to come visit my blog this past year 
and I hope to see you in the new year. xo 

As with last year, 
I just had to share my favourite version of 
Auld Lang Syne. 
No matter the version, this song never fails
 to bring a tear to my eye.
and it's the song I prefer to have playing
as 2014 makes its grand entrance.

Here is the direct link to YouTube just in case it doesn't play in the post.

See you in 2014, my friends ! xo

Friday 27 December 2013

Recuperating now that the festivities have died down...

The boys and I went to  
Michelle and Alex's house 
for a Christmas brunch. 
Alex's (son-in-law) family were there also
and it was lovely to catch up with them. 
It was a very hot and humid day
but it didn't spoil the fun and festivities. 

My Secret Santa turned out to be REECE! 
He gave me 'The Tournament' 
which is a new book by 
Matthew Reilly. 
AND the first season of 
Jamie Oliver's 30 minute Meals! 
I love Jamie Oliver!
I was thrilled with my gifts.
Thanks, Reece (No. 3 son)!

Then yesterday for Boxing Day 
we had my parents 
along with Michelle, Alex, and the girls 
at our house for a hot and cold lunch. 
Again, it was very hot and humid 
and I felt like I was in a sauna all day long. 
Despite the heat, everyone had a great time and the best part 
was that I got to spend even more time 
with my two gorgeous granddaughters.
I adore these little munchkins SO much!

Today, my body is screaming with pain 
which is normal after busy or festive days 
so I plan to put the feet up and rest. 
I may even start my new book.

My gardenia shrub is in full bloom now 
and the flowers are gorgeous! 
Their perfume is amazing!

What did you do for Christmas and/or Boxing Day?
Feel free to share in the Comments section.
If you don't celebrate Christmas
but enjoy the season in a another way
please feel free to share that too. 

I leave you with some wise words from Gandalf.

Wednesday 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas!!!

A very Merry Christmas 
and a Happy New Year 
to all my wonderful readers. 

If you don't celebrate Christmas 
I wish you a safe and happy holiday season.

It's nearly 6am on Christmas morning here. 
The rest of the household is still sleeping. 
I'm looking forward to spending a beautiful day 
with my family. 

~ Love, Light and Peace to All ~

Sunday 22 December 2013

Life on the Go and a WIN!

It's been a busy week with
finalising all the Christmas shopping
including the food side of things.
I'm so glad our family does Secret Santa
as it means only worrying about one gift
plus gifts for my granddaughters.
Yesterday was a particularly loooooong day because
of the craziness at the shopping centres at this time of year.
I don't do well in crowds at all.
Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet?

The following are daily pics for the Facebook group
Life on the Go
All pictures were taken with my mobile phone -
Samsung Galaxy S3

Day 16 - Silver 
The choice had to be my beautiful silver Buddha.

Day 17 - Water 
I re-potted the plants at the front entrance
and the watering can came in very handy.

Day 18 - Flower 
Our gardenia shrub is now flowering
and this was one of the very first blooms.
It's perfume is AMAZING!

Day 19 - Pair 
I've probably posted this pair on my blog before but,
 for newcomers,
meet Jacob (green) and Bella (yellow).
This beautiful pair of budgies (budgerigars) belong to my son, Aaron,
although it has become MY job to feed and water them each day.
GEEZ! How did that happen???
Shouldn't that be Aaron's job???

Day 20 - Button 
This is the button on a pair of my jeans
that I hope to fit back into one of these days.

Day 21 - Sky
This was the beautiful sky that greeted me
this morning (Sunday) at 5:15am.
It looks like we're going to be in for another very hot day.
No doubt my friends in the Northern hemisphere
are feeling the cold?


I recently entered a Stillman and Birn Holiday giveaway on Facebook.
I actually skimmed in at the last minute and didn't expect to win but....

You guessed it!
I was one of ten WINNERS!!!! 

I was so excited because I've been coveting their sketchbooks
for the longest time.
I've heard nothing but good about them
but they aren't available where I live.

My prize arrived in the mail on Friday.

Beautifully packaged!

I'm thrilled and can't wait to try them!


Goodness, I can't believe it's only three days 'til Christmas!
It's Aaron's 15th birthday tomorrow!
Where has the time gone???

Tuesday 17 December 2013

More Life On The Go

Daily pics for the Facebook group
Life on the Go
All pictures were taken with my mobile phone -
Samsung Galaxy S3

Day 7 - Pink
This pink heart was a decoration in a flower arrangement that
my kids gave me last year after my hysterectomy surgery.
I have it pinned to the cork-board in my bedroom.

Day 8 - Christmas Tree 
which I'd already done for day two so 
I went with Plan B - 
my own choice and you've already seen it
in the previous post

Day 9 - Ornament 
You've already seen this one too

Day 10 - Light
My salt lamp which resides in my bedroom.
I love the ambient, peaceful glow that it emits.

Day 11 - Cross 
Still need to do this one

Day 12 - Bed

Day 13 - Fish
This is one of the angel fish in Aaron's (son) aquarium

Day 14 - Coin
This string of six Chinese I-Ching coins hangs on my front door handle 
to bring happy tidings and good fortune.

Day 15 - Kitchen

I haven't been well the past week or so
as my blood pressure decided to play up again.
My doctor gave me a script for the same BP medication
but with a diuretic included.
It clashed with my anti-inflammatory medication
leaving me with an irregular heartbeat
and feeling out of sorts.
After four days, my heartbeat seems normal again
but now I'm dealing with a lot of pain
in hands, feet, and back because I can't
take my anti-inflammatory medication.
Getting old can be a nasty business.

Sunday 15 December 2013

Painting ornaments

When Aaron was a baby, 
I started painting him a Christmas ornament each year 
which I stopped the year he turned ten.
I then started the tradition for my Granddaughters, 
Mikayla who is now three 
and Madelyn who turned one last month. 

For Madelyn this year, 
we decided on a Santa. 
For Mikayla, 
a snowman. 

I started with some rough sketches.

After sketching directly onto the ornament, 
I did some blocking in. 

Here's a hot tip - 
Red can be a fairly transparent colour and therefore 
difficult to get a nice, solid block of colour. 
I use orange paint in my first couple of layers 
as it blocks in quite nicely. 
Then I paint with red over the top. 
Works like a charm!

The back of the ornament.

I also paint up a matching gift box each year.
I keep the gift boxes very simple
as time doesn't always allow me to be fancy.
I always say I'll paint the ornaments and gift boxes
in June or July but it never happens.
Maybe next year...

I was so eager to finish Mikayla's ornie 
that I completely forgot to take 
step-by-step photos, sorry.

Google Plus added snow for me!

If you're interested in seeing Mikayla's and Madelyn's
Christmas ornaments from previous years 
check out the following links -

Now, I can get back to varnishing 
the multi-canvas I painted for Reece. 

Busy, busy.....

Does this count for Sunday Sketches, I wonder?
I did sketch the ornament designs.

Friday 6 December 2013

Life On The Go

I recently joined a Facebook group called 
The group was created by the lovely Paula 
who is so inspiring with her daily habit of taking photos. 
The idea with the group is to photograph our daily life  
using our mobile/cell phones. 
I thought it would be fun 
to share my phone pics here too!

Day 1 prompt - Door
This is the what greets our visitors at the moment.
I LOVE snowmen! 

Day 2 - Love
We have no room to put up our regular Christmas tree this year 
as we are chockers with furniture after Beau moved back home. 
So, Michelle gave me a little table-top tree to use. 
I bought a tiny tree decoration kit and I must say 
I am in LOVE this little Christmas tree!

Day 3 - Key
My connection to my house and car 
with some Celtic and Goddess power thrown in for good measure.

Day 4 - Calendar 
As you already know,
I'm a big supporter of animal welfare causes 
so I buy Greenpeace calendars. 
Their calendars are big and beautiful!  
This is the one for 2014.

I couldn't resist this 2014 Wolf calendar either. 
I view wolves as my Totem animal. 
LOVE 'em!

Day 5 - Bell
My Buddha bell 

Day 6 (current) - Ring
I'm a sterling silver, silver, white gold kinda gal and 
here a few of my silver rings.

All of the above were taken with my Samsung Galaxy S3 mobile phone. 


I was so saddened to hear the news of Nelson Mandela's passing this morning. 
What an amazing man he was and he will be remembered with love.
A true inspiration!

~ may he rest in peace ~