Sunday 22 December 2013

Life on the Go and a WIN!

It's been a busy week with
finalising all the Christmas shopping
including the food side of things.
I'm so glad our family does Secret Santa
as it means only worrying about one gift
plus gifts for my granddaughters.
Yesterday was a particularly loooooong day because
of the craziness at the shopping centres at this time of year.
I don't do well in crowds at all.
Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet?

The following are daily pics for the Facebook group
Life on the Go
All pictures were taken with my mobile phone -
Samsung Galaxy S3

Day 16 - Silver 
The choice had to be my beautiful silver Buddha.

Day 17 - Water 
I re-potted the plants at the front entrance
and the watering can came in very handy.

Day 18 - Flower 
Our gardenia shrub is now flowering
and this was one of the very first blooms.
It's perfume is AMAZING!

Day 19 - Pair 
I've probably posted this pair on my blog before but,
 for newcomers,
meet Jacob (green) and Bella (yellow).
This beautiful pair of budgies (budgerigars) belong to my son, Aaron,
although it has become MY job to feed and water them each day.
GEEZ! How did that happen???
Shouldn't that be Aaron's job???

Day 20 - Button 
This is the button on a pair of my jeans
that I hope to fit back into one of these days.

Day 21 - Sky
This was the beautiful sky that greeted me
this morning (Sunday) at 5:15am.
It looks like we're going to be in for another very hot day.
No doubt my friends in the Northern hemisphere
are feeling the cold?


I recently entered a Stillman and Birn Holiday giveaway on Facebook.
I actually skimmed in at the last minute and didn't expect to win but....

You guessed it!
I was one of ten WINNERS!!!! 

I was so excited because I've been coveting their sketchbooks
for the longest time.
I've heard nothing but good about them
but they aren't available where I live.

My prize arrived in the mail on Friday.

Beautifully packaged!

I'm thrilled and can't wait to try them!


Goodness, I can't believe it's only three days 'til Christmas!
It's Aaron's 15th birthday tomorrow!
Where has the time gone???


  1. Lucky you to win a prize.
    Secret Santa is a good idea we did it last year, this year we are going for no presents as both my children moved house over last year and they think they have to much stuff and as they left stuff at my place I now have to much too, but we will review it next year

  2. Loved all your pics it just my imagination or are you one of the winningest people I know!! I hope you're buying lottery tickets!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  3. Ha, ha...I just looked at my comment and "winningnest" looks a lot like whinging or whining...but it's not!!! Maybe I should have written it as "winning-est". Anyway, I meant you must be very lucky as you seem to win a lot!

  4. i entered that contest, glad that someone i know won one of the prizes :)

    i havent done any xmas shopping and dont plan too lol too poor

  5. Love your silver Buddha! Happy Birthday to Aaron!!!!! Congrats on your win and the beautiful sketchbook and paints prize! Awesome!

  6. Congrats on your win!!! You're going to love that sketchbook. I won one last year and fell head over hills in love with it. I even ordered another one or two... I loved it that much :) Still loving that silver Buddha and happy birthday to the kiddo !!!

  7. congrats on the Prize, and as for xmas we are doing a secret santa this year too to cut costs! I like your buddha, I know youhave a red one too... so did I, I cant find it anywhere, so going to hunt for it after christmas! I did a big tidy a few months ago and have now lost a few things! have a wonderful christmas Serena!

  8. Doing secret Santa is a great idea, beautiful photos

  9. Congratulations on the win Serena. What a lovely Christmas present you got!
    Have a very happy christmas

  10. Happy belated birthday Aaron. Love that silver Buddha. Congrats on the win. I know you will put those products to good use! Best wishes,Tammy

  11. I hope Aaron had a really great birthday! Congrats on winning!! I have heard nothing but good things about those art journals, too. You'll have to let us know how you like it. And some Daniel Smith WC paints--they are a very fancy brand with nice color. Enjoy!! Love how green it is your way!! You're right--we're freezing up here. ;) Love and hugs!!