Saturday 25 February 2012

a funny pooch, inspiration, motivation, sketches & a self portrait

I just had to share.
I couldn't stop laughing out loud while watching this pooch.
Too funny!


 And here is an inspirational story on TED by a young woman who, at the age of four, escaped to Australia by boat with her family.  I hope her story makes people who are against the 'boat people' really stop and think.  These refugees are real people who have suffered greatly and are only looking for a safe and better life.  In case the video doesn't work, here is the link - Tan Le - My Immigration Story.


I was quite devastated yesterday after attempting to watch a movie called Earthlings narrated by Joaquin Phoenix. It shows atrocities committed against animals around the world by human hands. I guess it is hoped that people will take a stand and make a difference.  It shows the truth of it all. The movie is over an hour and a half long but I could only make it to 17 minutes before I was crying my eyes out and feeling physically ill. I just couldn't watch any more and don't know if I will be able to. It truly hurt my heart and soul and, if you're the type of person who empathises deeply with animals like I do, I would advise you NOT to watch it. Some of the images are still haunting me and, no doubt, will continue to haunt me for some time to come. Seeing things like that can truly make me hate the human race for what they do, or choose to ignore, when it comes to the animal inhabitants of this planet...and even their own kind, let's not forget the Holocaust.  We are all God's creatures and animals deserve our respect, compassion and love too.  I just can't comprehend how some of us can be so indifferent and desensitised to another creature's agony and suffering?  It's those people who really need to watch this film from beginning to end as hopefully it might restore some of their humanity. I can only pray that things change for the better.

I now feel motivated to get back to focusing my art on animals.
I also want to consider other ways I can make a bigger difference apart from my donations and bringing awareness via my Animal Love links.

 My actions are my only true belongings.
— Thich Nhat Hanh


Speaking of art,
here are a few recent sketches in my journal.

The birds in our family - Maelik (pronounced 'mail-ick'), Surya (pronounced 'sue-ree-ah') and Jacob.
Budgies are native to Australia and, over the years, have fast become a popular pet around the world.  In America, they are known as parakeets because they are a member of the parrot family.  As far as talking goes, the male budgies are much easier to train whereas it's not very common for the females to talk.  One tip - If you want to train a budgie to talk, it is best being on its own in a cage as another budgie companion will just distract it.  That's why they say not to put a mirror in their cage either.  These little birds are full of personality.

The finished page I started the other day.
Here, my main focus was sketching directly with ink pens - no pencils - so I only added a hint of colour to the background.

And a collection of Asian influences around my home.
The leafy plant is called Lucky Bamboo and lives in a large vase of water.


Week 8 in the 52 weeks of me 2012 project.

Contemplating what to sketch next perhaps?

We're having a very rainy weekend here with humidity and temps alternating between muggy and cool.
I'll just have the coolness please.

OH, I received a date for my hysterectomy surgery!
March 22nd - the day before my birthday which means I'll be in hospital on my birthday.  Ah well, at least I won't have to cook. lol

Btw, I think Blogger heard the outcry about people being frustrated with the NEW Word Verification.  I've noticed that, while it is still the two words, they have done away with the indecipherable B&W wonky word...YAY!! While I still hate Word Verification on blogs and refuse to use it on my own, at least Blogger has opted to make the words easier to decipher.

I hope you're all enjoying a beautiful weekend!

~ Love, light and peace ~

Sunday 19 February 2012

Sunday snapshots, a self-portrait and a rant

I've had a lovely, relaxing Sunday.

Started out with some yummy scrambled egg on toast for brekkie.

Then I did some crochet while Brad and I watched an episode of Touched by an Angel. It was one I hadn't seen before.

Then I squeezed in some time for a quick pencil-free sketch under the pergola.

Followed by a game of Words for Friends on Facebook with my son, Bradley.
This game is just like Scrabble.  I'm addicted!

Before we knew it, lunch time had arrived.
We had fried tempeh sandwiches!  YUM!!
Notice the cheese pieces on each side of my plate?
Read on....

You see, I never eat my lunch alone.

I am flanked by Cody on one side....

....and Jack on the other side and both expecting their bit of lunch too.
I must pace their pieces of cheese right to the very end of my own lunch because, if I were to give it all to them in one hit, the little devils would wolf it down and then still take up their positions either side of me and expect some of MY lunch.

They are so greedy!


Week 7 - 52 Weeks of ME 2012 project


I've noticed quite a few bloggers complaining about the new Word Verification that Blogger is now using and I wanted to add my rant too. I mean, seriously, this (see below) is NOT easy to read!!!  Sometimes, it can take me three attempts to get that wonky word right...not to mention it's now TWO words to type instead of just one???!!!

I'm hoping that bloggers will turn off their word verification because it is a real TURN OFF when it comes to leaving comments.  I don't have time to make more than one attempt at getting it right....SO frustrating!  I haven't used word verification on my blog EVER.  For a while, I moderated comments which worked well.  But then Blogger brought in their own Spam Filters some time ago which work pretty darned well so I no longer moderate comments either.  It's very rare that I have to manually delete a SPAM comment that slipped past their filters but, when I do, I click the option to let Blogger know it's Spam so they add that spammer to the list. I guess I won't be able to comment as much as I'd like to on blogs that use Word Verification. I don't understand why Blogger had to change it...the old Word Verification was annoying enough.

So, that's my rant over.

How do you find this new Word Verification??


I hope you all enjoyed a relaxing weekend.

~ Love, light and peace ~

Friday 17 February 2012

Goal almost reached!

Hi everyone,

I'm finally beginning to feel almost normal again after my condition flared up last week.
Thanks so much for all the well wishes. xo

Photo courtesy of D Sharon Pruitt at Flickr
NOTE - this picture is not related to the story in this post. 

I came across Amy's plight via Sandy's blog and I believe that the more people who know about it the better chance they have of reaching their goal.
They are almost there!

 Amy is dealing with Stage 4 Melanoma and they are desperately trying to raise enough money to rent a home for her.

Please take the time to read their story and help if you can.
Even small amounts add up quickly.

Thank you. xo

~ Love, light and peace ~

Monday 13 February 2012

Self portrait - Feeling the blues

It's been busy and rough week with a few doctor's appointments for Brad and I, some yard work, housework, migraines and dealing with the dreadful heat.

After discussing it with my Gynaecologist on Friday, I tried stopping the Progesterone medication and the results weren't good which we knew could be a possibility.  I suffered really bad abdominal pain among other things and I could only find relief from with prescription strength pain-killers that knocked me out. The Gynaecologist said if this happened that I was to just start taking the progesterone again until just a few days before surgery. looks like I'll have to get my new script filled for more Progesterone. I was hoping I wouldn't have to. :(

So, needless to say, I've been feeling a little blue hence my self-portrait for Week 6.

Week 6 - 52 Weeks of Me 2012 project - Feeling the blues

I hope you had a better week.

~ Love, light and peace ~

Saturday 11 February 2012

onions anyone?

hi everyone!

what a busy week it has been with a few migraines thrown in. i don't normally get so many migraines in one week but, ah well, that's life. i actually have one trying to get a hold at the moment but i'm putting up a good fight.

just thought i'd show you a still life sketch i did a week ago.  i've never sketched onions before so thought it was high time i did.  after all, they are a mainstay in our kitchen. i couldn't do without them.

a quick graphite sketch to start with

first layer of watercolour

another layer of watercolour

some pen detailing, more colour, some shading

filling the page

finished! all done....well nearly, i did add some journaling text in the body area of the page but didn't take a pic

i saw my gynaecologist yesterday and YAY, the biopsy came back clear! no cancer cells! i don't have an exact date for my hysterectomy but he estimates it will be late-march or some time in april. being in the public system means being on a waiting list but that's okay because it's all done for free. i'm not considered an emergency being that the biopsy was clear but he did list me as category 2 which is the next level down so i can't complain. i have managed for months with this condition so what's another month or two, right?

anywhoo, i have a lot of housework planned for this weekend as long as migraines stay away. it looks like we're in for an overcast day which will mean a nice, cool day at least. i didn't fancy the idea of slogging away at housework in hot, humid heat.

whatever your weekend plans....have a great one!

~ love, light and peace ~

Friday 10 February 2012

Making a difference

This story just breaks my heart.

I'm all for dangerous dog breeds being banned but this particular case is based on Lennox being condemned to death purely because of his looks, despite DNA tests proving he is not one of the banned dangerous breeds.

Addendum - 29th April '12 - After doing research and reading many sad stories about the plights of some dogs which are classified as being a dangerous breed, I have come to the conclusion that it's not the dog breed that can be dangerous, it's their owners.  Sadly, these breeds get bad names due to bad ownership, plain and simple.

Please watch this video

I signed the petition and I pray Lennox is given a reprieve and returned to his loving family.

Campaign to Save Lennox on Facebook

~ Love, light and peace ~

Saturday 4 February 2012

a self portrait and one naughty doggy

The weekend is here and I admit to not doing much at all today (Saturday).  It's been so nice just relaxing.  I've had a few off days health-wise this past week, including today.

This morning I hacked, I mean cut, my hair on the spur of the moment.  It was getting to that drab length again so I took off close to 2".  That seems to be the relationship I have with my hair.  Hair-cuts are never planned, they're always on the spur of the moment. The down-side today was that the hair scissors were blunt so it made cutting quite difficult.  Ah well, I don't mind the funky look. lol

Week 5 - 52 Weeks of Me 2012 project - haircut

On to naughty dogs....

Some time ago we noticed that the towel in the main bathroom would often be found lying on the floor and of course nobody owned up to it.  UNTIL one day this little culprit was captured by Beau on camera.

For some reason, Cody has taken to pulling the towel down from the rack and rolling himself all over it.  Well, yesterday, he came through to the living area completely unaware that the towel was still attached to his back and dragging along behind him. I quickly snapped the pics below.  This one is a bit blurry because he was on the move.

When he realised he was in a pickle, he tried to act all nonchalant as if nothing was out of the ordinary.

Maybe sulking will get him a lighter sentence? lol

Have a great weekend, everyone!!

~ Love, light and peace ~

Thursday 2 February 2012

Donkeys aren't asses!

Yes, they are known for being very stubborn animals but heck, wouldn't you be stubborn if you were used as a beast of burden on a day-to-day basis, quite often overburdened with goods?!  Sometimes, being forced to put your life at risk for your human counterparts as they put you into dangerous situations carrying explosives in wars. Apparently, this was done in the Afghanistan war in remote areas.  A donkey's life is not often an easy one so I think they deserve a little slack.  They are actually very loyal and intelligent animals.

Donkeys can be fierce protectors of their charges too and, in North America, have even been used as guards for livestock such as sheep, goats and other farm animals. I didn't know that until I read it over at the Primrose Sanctuary website.

Unfortunately, they are often abused or neglected and this is why places like The PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary are a Godsend.  Sheila Burns is its founder and saviour.  The sanctuary and its volunteers are committed to the rescue, protection and rehabilitation of donkeys and other large farm animals in crisis. They are also trying to educate the public as many people believe that donkeys are stubborn, vicious or dumb which is not the case.  I believe it all depends on how they are treated. 

Anywhoo, I decided to do a sketch in my journal to acknowledge the great work they do at The PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary. Whimsical art is not my thing but, what can I say, I tried.
Pencil-free sketch using only Pigma micron pens and watercolours in large Moleskine sketchbook.
Please consider visiting The PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary website as they have some great information and you can meet their animal charges one-by-one in their photo gallery.  They even have a blog written by, Primrose, one of their resident donkeys. A very enjoyable and informative read.

I have included this wonderful sanctuary in the Animal Love page link under my blog banner so, if you can't donate now but may consider it in the future, you will easily find their link there. A permanent link to Primrose's blog can be found in my sidebar.

In other news, my muse has returned and I am finally getting some sketching done. YAY!

I hope you are all enjoying a perfect week!

~ Love, light and peace ~