Saturday, 11 February 2012

onions anyone?

hi everyone!

what a busy week it has been with a few migraines thrown in. i don't normally get so many migraines in one week but, ah well, that's life. i actually have one trying to get a hold at the moment but i'm putting up a good fight.

just thought i'd show you a still life sketch i did a week ago.  i've never sketched onions before so thought it was high time i did.  after all, they are a mainstay in our kitchen. i couldn't do without them.

a quick graphite sketch to start with

first layer of watercolour

another layer of watercolour

some pen detailing, more colour, some shading

filling the page

finished! all done....well nearly, i did add some journaling text in the body area of the page but didn't take a pic

i saw my gynaecologist yesterday and YAY, the biopsy came back clear! no cancer cells! i don't have an exact date for my hysterectomy but he estimates it will be late-march or some time in april. being in the public system means being on a waiting list but that's okay because it's all done for free. i'm not considered an emergency being that the biopsy was clear but he did list me as category 2 which is the next level down so i can't complain. i have managed for months with this condition so what's another month or two, right?

anywhoo, i have a lot of housework planned for this weekend as long as migraines stay away. it looks like we're in for an overcast day which will mean a nice, cool day at least. i didn't fancy the idea of slogging away at housework in hot, humid heat.

whatever your weekend plans....have a great one!

~ love, light and peace ~


  1. yay! for no cancer! but boo to the migraines :(

    very nice onions :D i'd be crying while drawing them :p

  2. The onions are gorgeous Serena! Unfortunately for me, I can't eat onion any more and they're in everything! Between no wheat and no onions, it does make meals a little bland but it also insures that everything we eat is fresh and mostly home made as both of these things are rampant in prepared foods.

    So glad to hear that your biopsy was clear for you...such a relief for you to get that good news. It's one less thing for you to be concerned with. Now if only the migraines would just disappear and never return!

  3. You are such a talented artist Serena! Wishing you good health!

  4. Great news that there's no cancer!

    I don't think onions have ever looked so good. Beautiful sketch and watercolor.

  5. I AM SOOOO GLAD TO HEAR THAT!!! Sorry for shouting all the way from Fargo. ;)

    I wish you were getting in sooner, but at least you know there's no cancer cells--whoohoo!! Easier to wait. :):)

    The onions are gorgeous!! They'd look beautiful framed in your kitchen! :)

    I'm just so happy! Doing the happy dance up here, lady! :):)

  6. I am so happy for you about the great news. I am sure once you have had your op the other problems will settle down.
    Those onions are gorgeous. I can almost see the sheen of their skin in your painting. You are so talented

  7. I'm SO HAPPY you are cancer-free! Yeah!!!!
    And, only YOU can make onions look so pretty :) Have a great weekend sweetness!

  8. Serena, your onions are FANTASTIC! It's amazing how much they come to life from just one step to the next. So glad to hear the good news re: your health. You still have lots to share with the world. ((hugs)) xoxo

  9. Nice job! They glow.... Love it. Hope you feel better with those migraines. No fun.

  10. Wonderful news--yea!!! And I never would have imagined myself saying these words, but those onions are PRETTY!

  11. I am so happy for your cancer free diagnosis!!! Yeah!!!

    I love your onion sketch and is so amazing how simple you seem to make your art look...but it ain't so easy for any common folk such as myself!!! :)

    I love the color, the details and the highlighting is perfect! You are amazing!!!

    xoxo- Julie

  12. First off, happy that your results came back wonderful. Yeah!! :)

    Your onions are amazing. I wish I could do watercolour that well. Did you take classes or teach yourself bit by bit? Nice job!

  13. Wow your onions are gorgeous!!!

    So glad to read no cancer cells and with that off your mind, the wait shouldn't be as bad I would think.

    Hope you get lots done this weekend. Tomorrow I'm going to the beach I think if our warm weather holds out...

  14. Serena - your onions are so realistic they look good enough to eat straight off the page!

    yuk to migraines... my husband gets them and had two, for two days in a row on holiday! sucks right?

    yay to no cancer... and hope they get you to that surgery soon, so to alleviate your probs as soon as poss!

    will be thinking of you (as we had similar probs!)

  15. Such good news, must be a relief to you all.

  16. Wonderful news, Serena! These onions are fabulous!

  17. Beautiful sketch! I feel like I could pluck one of those onions right off the page and cook up some soup with them. :) Glad to hear your biopsy came back clear. I've had two cervical surgeries because of precancerous cells. Thankfully my last pap came back fine. I had two days last week of migraines too. The nurse at school gives me some little white pill that really helps. Our weather has been so crazy with dust and clouds, from warm and muggy to cold and windy. Lots of folks getting sick with colds and the flu. We've managed to stay clear of all those viruses. Hope you've had a great day. Best wishes, Tammy

  18. Serena I am so happy for you. Waiting for the surgery is no fun but at least you know there is no cancer.
    The onions are beautiful. You are so talented. I love it when you explain the process that you go through as you paint. It is so helpful to someone like me. Have a wonderful day.

  19. Such realistic onions...very tasty!
    What would w do without them, they go into almost every meal.
    Lovely work as always... :)

  20. Wonderful news from the doctor!!! So glad you are not level 1. Thank you for showing the different watercolor layers. I am new to watercolors and how to build the colors.

  21. Oh, Serena... I am so relieve to hear that your biopsy results were negative... Whew! And glad things are on track for your surgery, even if it means waiting a bit longer. Soon...soon some relief. :o) I'm sorry you've been having a time wit migraines though...Hope you are feeling better now. LOVELY onions--they look good enough to eat! ;o) Be keeping well... Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

  22. Always love seeing your new creations for your journal. The onions are great. Glad for you on the biopsy.

    I had my first and hopefully only ever migraine headache last month when I had to have a cortizone shot in my knee for a pulled tendon. I can absolutely sympathize with you now on these headaches. The world comes crashing in! No more shots for me!

  23. YAY for no cancer; sorry about all the migranes though! *Hugs*

  24. It´s amazing to watch your sketches come alive with the different layers.
    Yay for a clear test!

  25. Thanks for all the supportive and nice comments, everyone ~ xo

  26. Sophia - I have taken a couple of online sketching and basic watercolour classes with Alisa Burke which I found very helpful. I've also been learning through trial and error....sometimes, the best teacher of all.

    Tammy, I'm glad your last pap was clear. I wonder if the little white pill is Imigran? It's a well known medication for helping migraines but only available on prescription here. Unfortunately, I haven't had much luck with Imigran. It doesn't always help my Mum either who has suffered migraines all her life. She says it helps her the majority of time tho which is a good thing.

    Cheryl, how terrible that the cortisone injection triggered a severe migraine for you. Yep, migraines are not nice to deal with at all. I think I've had my fair share of them lately. :(

  27. Fantastic painting, you have captured them so well.

    Hope the migraines abate soon - clusters are so debilitating.

  28. Onions look great!
    Yea about the biopsy. Great news.
    Migraines are no fun. My husband gets migraines but since he started drinking water through out the day he hasn't had a headache. Dr. told him to drink at least a gallon a day.

  29. So glad to hear the news Serena! I love the onions! (Glad you're on FB too! :)).