Friday, 10 February 2012

Making a difference

This story just breaks my heart.

I'm all for dangerous dog breeds being banned but this particular case is based on Lennox being condemned to death purely because of his looks, despite DNA tests proving he is not one of the banned dangerous breeds.

Addendum - 29th April '12 - After doing research and reading many sad stories about the plights of some dogs which are classified as being a dangerous breed, I have come to the conclusion that it's not the dog breed that can be dangerous, it's their owners.  Sadly, these breeds get bad names due to bad ownership, plain and simple.

Please watch this video

I signed the petition and I pray Lennox is given a reprieve and returned to his loving family.

Campaign to Save Lennox on Facebook

~ Love, light and peace ~


  1. I'm a firm believer in the fact that all dogs can be safe if properly trained, yet all dogs can be dangerous if not trained correctly or provoked in to doing something that may be considered vicious.

  2. Oh, and I signed the petition; just so you know!

  3. I will go check that out, thanks Serena.

    And thank you for making a difference in Amy's life.

  4. Thank you Serena for spreading the word. Lennox has been held captive by Belfast City Council in a filthy cell since May 2010 without visitation rights to owners. Really heartbreaking! Hope he will soon be released.

  5. there's an old saying that there's no such thing as a bad dog just bad dog owners...


    thanks for posting this!xx

  6. Absolutely sickening. It's the same thing as stereotyping people because of the way they look. Even Pit bulls are not dangerous. Any dog can be savage if they are taught to be that way. Just doesn't make any sense that instead of dealing with important matters, governments waste time and money hurting those who behave responsibly rather than going after those who are breeding and raising animals for the sake of sick entertainment. Really makes my blood boil when I hear stories like this.