Thursday, 2 February 2012

Donkeys aren't asses!

Yes, they are known for being very stubborn animals but heck, wouldn't you be stubborn if you were used as a beast of burden on a day-to-day basis, quite often overburdened with goods?!  Sometimes, being forced to put your life at risk for your human counterparts as they put you into dangerous situations carrying explosives in wars. Apparently, this was done in the Afghanistan war in remote areas.  A donkey's life is not often an easy one so I think they deserve a little slack.  They are actually very loyal and intelligent animals.

Donkeys can be fierce protectors of their charges too and, in North America, have even been used as guards for livestock such as sheep, goats and other farm animals. I didn't know that until I read it over at the Primrose Sanctuary website.

Unfortunately, they are often abused or neglected and this is why places like The PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary are a Godsend.  Sheila Burns is its founder and saviour.  The sanctuary and its volunteers are committed to the rescue, protection and rehabilitation of donkeys and other large farm animals in crisis. They are also trying to educate the public as many people believe that donkeys are stubborn, vicious or dumb which is not the case.  I believe it all depends on how they are treated. 

Anywhoo, I decided to do a sketch in my journal to acknowledge the great work they do at The PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary. Whimsical art is not my thing but, what can I say, I tried.
Pencil-free sketch using only Pigma micron pens and watercolours in large Moleskine sketchbook.
Please consider visiting The PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary website as they have some great information and you can meet their animal charges one-by-one in their photo gallery.  They even have a blog written by, Primrose, one of their resident donkeys. A very enjoyable and informative read.

I have included this wonderful sanctuary in the Animal Love page link under my blog banner so, if you can't donate now but may consider it in the future, you will easily find their link there. A permanent link to Primrose's blog can be found in my sidebar.

In other news, my muse has returned and I am finally getting some sketching done. YAY!

I hope you are all enjoying a perfect week!

~ Love, light and peace ~


  1. Oh he's really cute! I think you've done a brilliant job with whimsical! Such a great charity too...I really admire those who do this kind of rescue work.

    And a huge cheer for the return of the muse!

  2. Looks whimsical to me! Sounds like a great charity. Glad to see you are sketching a little. Be well and safe! xoxo

  3. I am very fond of donkeys and there is a sanctuary for them near to where I live too. They are very intelligent, as you have said; and if they decide that they see no reason to do something...then, they just DON'T do it.
    They think things through and make decisions. Often they decide not to co-operate and it's just because they don't want to.
    They are brilliant and are so badly treated.....this makes my heart bleed.

  4. Awww... Serena... thanks so much...this brings tears to my eyes.
    Poor Sheila and her volunteers have had such a terrible year this past one and have lost several of their little furry friends... had to put down a few they couldn't save because they were too far gone... I don't know how she carries on.
    My heart goes out to them all over there in Eastern I wish I lived closer so I could help in person...but, she is thousands of miles from me in the west.
    They did send me the photo of little Oliver...the new little baby born to a female they didn't even know was pregnant.... I must put it on my sidebar....

    Thanks so much again Serena ...every little bit of information and education helps...and if anybody decides to make it one of their charities... oh, wow... ever so much the better!!

  5. ps...and forgot to say...I LOVE your whimsical donkey! how endearing .....

  6. Thank you, Kate. Yes, shelters do such amazing work to help animals. I try to help where I can.

    Rita, thanks. Yes, I felt the same when I first heard about this charity through Vee at The Bearister Bookcase.

    Gwen, I so agree. My heart bleeds whenever I hear of animals in crisis too. When you think about it, the fact that donkeys refuse to do something if they don't see the sense to it makes them highly intelligent in my book.

    Thanks, Vee. Animal causes are very important to me, especially the smaller ones that don't often get the news and publicity that the bigger organisations do. They are just as important. So sad that the sanctuary has had such a rough year. They truly are saviours. I think I'll add their blog to my sidebar.

  7. yay! that your muse has returned!

    I like donkeys, they can have such individual personalities. The only ones I've known were used for guard animals, but were still pretty gentle with humans

  8. I LOVE your donkey sketch!!! Fantastic, Serena!!! God bless you for highlighting this wonderful sanctuary!!! Glad your muse is back, girlfriend!!! :)

  9. So wonderful that you have highlighted this blog. I will go and visit after making this comment, and just saying THANK YOU for highlighting this wonderful sweet donkey! Love your picture... :-)

  10. awww from me too... there are so many abused and neglected animals all over the world, it makes my heart cry! My dd is currently doing stuff for the neglected dogs of Bali sanctuary, and the stories there are so sad too. Thank god for people who take care of all these animals and give them a decent life!

  11. I use to visit there but forgot or lost the link some how. Glad you mentioned them again.

    Your drawing is adorable...and I think you do great on whimsical art!

    Wonderful job.

  12. This is awesome Serena... finally back visiting and catching up on your awesome work after a hectic few weeks... going to make a cup of tea and just enjoy your posts...xx

  13. Oh this is such an adorable sketch. So glad that your muse has returned. What a great cause too.

  14. I love this sketch! He is charming! I love that there are people out there giving God's creatures much needed love and attention.

  15. Your donkey sketch is so much fun--such liveliness in this one's personality. ;o) I think donkeys are very sweet creatures. And it breaks my heart so many animals are in terrible situations of living & abuse. Great links here! Best Friends is a another wonderful organization for animal sanctuary and animal adoption: Happy Day, Serena ((HUGS))

  16. The thing is, humans mistake loyalty for stupidity. Humans do it with most animals, and then they think it's OK to treat said animals badly because of it. Well, for one thing, most animals are quite intelligent, for another thing, stupid or not, that's no reason to be cruel to them!

  17. Oh I love donkeys Serena. I love your. You should put it on canvas and sell it. Excellent work. Glad you are doing good. Hee/Haw, tee hee. Is that a donkey sound or a Jack--- hehehehe. Take care. Have a great day and weekend ahead.

  18. Donkeys are very smart, and man can be very stupid. Your drawing is great! And the sanctuary is doing wonderful work. Wishing you a fabulous Friday! I'm off to bed. Goodnite! Tammy

  19. I love coming here to see all of your beautiful sketches. The donkey is FABULOUS!!!

  20. I like your donkey sketch mum.

  21. Super cute sketch! Awesome work with the donkeys.

  22. Great attention grabbing post title and fun page.

  23. Thanks, Jennifer. I don't ever recall seeing a donkey in real life although they sure look sweet in pics.

    Thanks, Julie, Sandi and Djan. xo

    Krissie - Yes, it breaks my heart to think of all those stray dogs. There is a huge problem in Greece with stray dogs too. They have no animal protection bodies there at all. So sad. I'm not sure if either of them are where your daughter is helping out but I've added a couple of Bali links to my Animal Love page tab. Apparently, there is a documentary coming out about the Bali strays.

    Thanks, Sandy. Yep, they're a great site for sure.

    Thanks Tracey, Shashi and Jenny. xo

    Well said, Tori! xo

    Thanks Tracy! I've added the Best Friends link to the Animal Love tab. Thanks for sharing it.

    Thanks, Gloria. LOL xo

    Thanks, Tammy. You're so can be very stupid! xo

    Thanks Jane, Paula, Sue and Aaron. xo

  24. oh Serena, your donkey illustration is GREAT!! I love the interesting perspective - like he's about to jump out of the page. You're always so good with colours and those black lines... wonderful work!
    That necklace you bought on ETSY is gorgeous. Suits you so well. xoxo

  25. JUst love that little donkey, he is so cute. I hope you are doing well.


  26. love the drawing of the donkey:)

  27. Hi Serena
    fabulous sketch, reminds me of Mr Ed. Looks like he has something to say :)