Saturday, 4 February 2012

a self portrait and one naughty doggy

The weekend is here and I admit to not doing much at all today (Saturday).  It's been so nice just relaxing.  I've had a few off days health-wise this past week, including today.

This morning I hacked, I mean cut, my hair on the spur of the moment.  It was getting to that drab length again so I took off close to 2".  That seems to be the relationship I have with my hair.  Hair-cuts are never planned, they're always on the spur of the moment. The down-side today was that the hair scissors were blunt so it made cutting quite difficult.  Ah well, I don't mind the funky look. lol

Week 5 - 52 Weeks of Me 2012 project - haircut

On to naughty dogs....

Some time ago we noticed that the towel in the main bathroom would often be found lying on the floor and of course nobody owned up to it.  UNTIL one day this little culprit was captured by Beau on camera.

For some reason, Cody has taken to pulling the towel down from the rack and rolling himself all over it.  Well, yesterday, he came through to the living area completely unaware that the towel was still attached to his back and dragging along behind him. I quickly snapped the pics below.  This one is a bit blurry because he was on the move.

When he realised he was in a pickle, he tried to act all nonchalant as if nothing was out of the ordinary.

Maybe sulking will get him a lighter sentence? lol

Have a great weekend, everyone!!

~ Love, light and peace ~


  1. Lovely self portrait Serena as always.Wishing you a beautiful weekend as well. xx

  2. The last time I cut my own hair was in high school. The long bilevel was in at the time so I cut one side longer than the other. I wouldn't even attempt it now. I must say, you did a pretty good job. My hairdresser bought a house in the States so is now there most of the time renovating it. That means I need to find someone else to cut my hair -- sure won't be the same. That Cody sure is a cutie. Have a great rest of the weekend. Tammy

  3. I had a spur of the moment hair cut before. I was turning 18 then and was about to have my debut party. I wanted to have that Katy Perry-look with thick bangs. The unfortunate part was I cut it too short. But the hairdresser did a good job of trying to make it look less awkward.

    You're dog is so cute! Maybe you should just give the towel to your adorable dog.

  4. Love your self portrait Serena.
    And Cody--oh my goodness--what a cutie!
    P.S. My daughter's dog digs out her and my son-in-law's dirty clothes and makes a bed out of them when they're not home--how can you get mad at that??

  5. ha ha ha how could you tell him off with such a picture of innocence on his face.

    Have you had a haircut?

  6. I used to cut my own hair off and on, but now Leah cuts it for me. I always had a harder time with the back, anyways.

    I am still laughing at Cody!!!! That is just so funny! Wonder what possessed him with the sudden towel fetish? Trying to look innocent with a towel draped across you back is a real skill. LOL!

    Have a fantastic weekend where you are feeling gooooood!!!!! :):) xoxo

  7. Hi Serena. Glad you have had some relaxing days, you deserve it. Your little family pet member is just beautiful. Doggies do that. I know mine does. She walks around with her blanket on her back, tee hee. Your haircut looks good and so do you. Enjoy your weekend and give Cody a big hug for me. He is awesome. take care.

  8. Cody looks so cute and how funny to finally find out what has been happening with that towel.

    Your hair looks good short. I usually take the scissors to my own hair too. In fact, I need to soon.

    have a great weekend...and hope you feel great.

  9. I have never been brave enough to cut my own hair...I wish I was as it would sure save me some money.

    Cody is so adorable! How could you be mad at that cute little face!

  10. I am the SAME way about my hair. Its just woomp one day I'll get a bee in my hive and go get my hair cut or cut it myself. I'll do bangs, color it, lol.. All kinds of stuff. I usually regret mine. I like your style though. It looks like it has texture. Nice. :)

  11. What a cutie! And the there's Cody! I love the picture of innocence he projects, with the evidence trailing behind.

  12. Thanks, everyone.

    Sue - The self portrait was taken after I hacked nearly 2" off my hair.

    Diane - Cody has been known to do that with Reece's (my son) clothes after he has come back from training. lol

    Tammy - It helps to have a hairdresser you can trust. I've had some pretty scary experiences with professional hairdressers over the years, hence, the preference to cut my own hair.

  13. Love your haircut. Very funky. Who could be mad at that little face. So funny.

  14. I could do with a haircut. I cut my own last time because I got fed up of paying through my nose to either look like a 5 year old cut my hair or have so little cut off you wouldn't know I'd gone to the hairdresser. I'm not saying I did a great job (I't shard enough to cut your own hair when you can see, never mind when you can't) but at least it was cut the length I wanted it, and... Well, it was mostly straight, LOL! My Mam used to do it most of the time when I was a child, but suddenly decided she'd rather not do it. Anyway, I did say I'd try the local hairdresser (they did a good job with Kelly's hair) but it depends if someone can take me there before I get so sick of waiting that I just do it myself again.


    LOL @ Cody! Well, at least now you know what keeps happening.

  15. You did a great job cutting your own hair!! These pictures of Cody remind me so much of my Manfriend's late dog, Sammy. He was a min pin and he LOVED to roll around on Dale's towel after he showered. I think he just wanted his scent all over his own little furself because he loved him so much :) ♥

  16. Love the hair! I hate my hair - if I could shave it all off I would. No fuss all the way every day. One day maybe....

    Doggies are naughty children - yours is so cute even when caught in the act! Ours has a penchant for chewing knickers. Male knickers aren't cheap - two had to be binned today. The vet has told us that poodles do this all the time...*sigh*....

    LOVED your donkey pic!

  17. That is a lovely self portrait. You are very photogenic.
    What a cute Cody is. I am sure you didn't have the heart to scold him after he looked at you so soulfully.

  18. lol tsk tsk cody :p don't get caught next time ;)

    the hair looks great :D

  19. for the past year I have been doing the same with my your length....hmm maybe time for me and scissors to get together lol...cute naughty doggy lol

  20. Ooo... I like the cut, Serena, that length is good on you! And a little funky is always a good thing, I think... Life is too short not to do a little funky sometimes! ;o) Your pup Cody is too, too cute! Caught stealing towels...LOL...The weekend was pretty slow here too at times, since we had snow again. Good excuse for lingering indoors and painting, knitting, reading... Happy Week ((HUGS))

  21. What a cute, silly sugar baby Coty is!!! He looks good wrapped up in that color towel, don't you think??? It suits him. :)

  22. I think you did well to cut your own hair, sometimes we just have to fix things now!
    what a mischievous dog Serena. So cute, oh how could you get angry with those puppy dog eyes?

  23. Mushu steals towels and shirts off Phoebe's bathroom floor while she is at school and lies on them... he seems to think if we all get a towel then he should as well.. how adorable are those pics of Cody looking nonchalant... made me laugh to see his gorgeous guilty face...xx