Saturday 22 December 2007

Great Egret - Stage Two - Work In Progress

It seemed like I had visitors dropping in all day yesterday so I didn't get a chance to work on the Egret until last night. More to do yet but should hopefully finish it at the next sitting.

Great Egret art card - Work In Progress 2 - © Serena Lewis

Friday 21 December 2007

Great Egret - Stage One - Work In Progress

I have been flat out the past week with Christmas and Birthday shopping. Aaron, my son, turns 9 on the 23rd and I'm having a family get-together for him. Then Mum and Dad are coming for Christmas dinner with me and the kids on Christmas Day. This year will be the first Christmas Day that my daughter will be spending away from us but it's only fair that her boyfriend's family get their turn on these special occasions. Even so, I will miss her like crazy! So, on Boxing Day (26th), my daughter and her boyfriend will be coming for the day which will be great! On top of all the Birthday and Christmas celebrations, I will also be having a New Year's Eve party here so, I've been very busy with shopping for that too. I will LOVE all the family time together over the next week but part of me will be glad when it's all over so that I can just relax.

Great Egret art card - Work In Progress - © Serena Lewis
Click on image to enlarge

This morning I managed to find a spare five minutes to make a start on an art card hoping it will kick start me into doing more painting. It's a very rough start but a start nonetheless. Hopefully, I will find more time to work on it later today. My reference image was courtesy of WetCanvas member, Crias and is very much appreciated. Thank you ~

Saturday 15 December 2007

Happy 1st Birthday to my Blog!!!

Graphic courtesy of Snogirl Graphics - Thank you

WOW! It's hard to believe that I have been blogging for one whole year now!! This past year has been an amazing experience. I LOVE blogging as it has enriched my life in numerous ways. I have also met and befriended some wonderful people via their own blogs and/or the Every Day Matters group which I joined in May. I have laughed and cried while visiting other blogs and I have also been inspired and encouraged. Thank you to all the people who take the time to visit my blog and even leave me a comment. It is so much appreciated ~ year of blogging under my belt.....I invite you to keep on dropping by, stay awhile if you are so inclined and enjoy a nice cuppa (tea, coffee, hot chocolate)......You are always welcome!

EDM Challenge #4 - Draw a Mug

Pigma Micron .05 pen & Derwent Coloured pencils - © Serena Lewis
Click on image to enlarge

Tuesday 11 December 2007

EDM challenge # 105 - Draw some scissors

I've always cut my hair on impulse and Sunday was the day. Maybe it was because I've been feeling down of late but, generally, I just reach a point where I've had enough of my hair too long so out come the scissors. I have cut and dyed my own hair for over ten years now because I no longer trust hairdressers after too many disasters. That said, my nephew is now a hairdresser so I would trust him to do my hair but, unfortunately, Grant wasn't around on Sunday and when the impulse strikes strikes! My hair is really much the same style, only shorter with layers....around shoulder length.
Graphite in A5 sketchbook - © Serena Lewis
Click on image to enlarge

Monday 10 December 2007

EDM challenge #45 - Draw something holdiday themed

Thanks to the warm and caring encouragement from my wonderful readers/friends, I took a step towards breaking my creative drought today. Hopefully, I will be able to keep it going. Thanks everyone for you truly means a lot to me ~
Pigma Micron pen and coloured pencil in A5 sketchbook - © Serena Lewis
Click on image to enlarge

Saturday 8 December 2007

Skye's Formal

My niece, Skye, graduated High School last month and, as is tradition, they had a Formal Dinner Dance where the graduating students dress up to the occasion. I thought I'd share a few pics of Skye before she left for her special night. She looks like a princess, don't you think?

Skye with her immediate family

Princess Skye

Two of my sons, Bradley and Aaron, with Skye and one very proud Aunty (ME!)

This is one my favourite pics of Skye on her special night

Friday 7 December 2007

MISSING - My muse! If you find it, please send it home.

I've been feeling so out of the loop the past week or so......I fear I have lost my muse. I just can't seem to motivate myself to paint or draw. The frustrating part is that I have lots of ideas for paintings swirling around in my head but even that hasn't motivated me to pick up a pencil or brush to get it all down on paper before I forget them. Believe me, if you have a memory like mine, you will definitely understand the need for me to do that. Admittedly, I have a ton of other, more burdensome, thoughts swirling around in my head too so maybe I need to clear the clutter of my mind first before I can free the creative spirit within. Any ideas? I do journal but I've even been lax there too. Note to self - I really need to get back into my daily meditations.

Maybe I'm just feeling overwhelmed and one of the reasons may well be this monstrosity of a fishtank and stand. Can you feel the love? My darling son, Beau, brought it home a couple of weeks ago after an impulse buy because he decided he wanted to upgrade from the two smaller fishtanks currently taking up residence in his room.
Just take a guess at who is going to be painting the latest addition for him? Hmmmmmmmm....I hear thoughts exactly, I swear....but what could I say? He was so excited about setting it up....well, that was until a couple of days ago when, Xena, his favourite fish died. Poor Beau was not happy and now this massive tank could possibly be home to a turtle instead of fish. I did explain to him that turtles have an expiry date too but he said he's over the fish.

On the new fishtank stand, Beau wants me to paint the same crackled effect (black with cream cracks) that I did on the other stand in his room. It looks much better in reality than in the photo.
At least I will be painting again but it's not the type of painting I want to be doing. This job is going to be fiddly too! :( I do love my son, honest I do......this is the same son who wants me to do the painting of zebras for his room after I've done all this other stuff. I might add at this point that Beau is a fabulous artist in his own right and I feel quite honoured that he wants me to paint the zebras.... just not the other stuff. Love jobs - let's just say that I have a love/hate relationship with them. Of course, I do have the option of telling him to go ahead and paint the massive, monstrosity of a fishtank stand himself but, when he did start painting the 'other' stand in his room, I quickly took over the task because Beau seems to have an uncanny knack for spattering paint everywhere.....and I mean everywhere! I remember the clean ups all too well. Black, spattered paint all over my studio? I don't think so.

Monday 3 December 2007

I've received a Blog award!

This award has been bestowed upon me by Kathy. If you haven't already checked out her blog, please do because it showcases some of her amazing photography and her macro shots are to die for. Thanks for the award, Kathy!

I pass this award on to Ro over at Northbrook Designs. Ro and I 'met' some years ago via mutual painting groups we belong/ed to and, in recent years, I discovered just how mult-talented Ro is when she turned her attention to making dolls too. Visit her blog to see some of her work ~

Added December 5th - Following is an excerpt from the creator of the "Be The Blog" award.
"Earlier this year I was tagged with the blogging tip meme in which the tip I offered was “Be the Blog“. That phrase stuck with me because I think that really sums up what a successful blogger does. And what I mean by successful is that they make it their own, stay with it, are interactive with their readers, and just plain have fun."

Saturday 24 November 2007

EDM challenge # 15 - Draw some leaves

The Every Day Matters challenge #15 was to draw a tree, trees, branches or leaves.

These leaves belong to one of my succulents - Desert Rose - which my Mum gave to me some time ago. The Botanical name is - Adenium Obesum. I love the shiny, waxy look to the leaves and its flowers are a beautiful pink.
Graphite in A5 sketchbook - © Serena Lewis
Click on image to enlarge

Monday 19 November 2007

Stop the Whale Slaughter

Today, Japan launched its whaling fleet to the Southern Ocean Sanctuary around Antarctica where it plans to kill more than 1000 whales over several months under the guise of 'scientific research'. You don't need to kill whales to research them! How stupid do they think we are?! They plan to kill 50 threatened humpback whales, 50 endangered fin whales and around 930 minke whales. I am so upset and outraged at this news. It has been condemned internationally and even the International Whaling Commission has called for an end to the killing of whales in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary but yet, Japan persists. The Greenpeace ship, Esperanza, is just off the coast of Japan with plans to follow the whaling fleet and, no doubt, try to stop the senseless slaughter. Click here to keep up to date via the Esperanza crew's blog. Visit Greenpeace International to find out how you can help.
Gentle Giant - Graphite in A5 sketchbook - © Serena Lewis
Click on image to enlarge

Sunday 11 November 2007

Remembrance Day

Today, November 11th, we stood silent for one minute at 11:00AM as a mark of respect to our fallen soldiers. I felt overwhelmed with emotion, as I always do, when I hear The Last Post played by bugle. LEST WE FORGET ~

Friday 9 November 2007

EDM # 52 - Happy Birthday, Cody!!!

EDM challenge # 52 was to draw a dog and, today, was Cody's 1st birthday so the perfect reason to sketch him.
Graphite in A5 sketchbook - © Serena Lewis
Click on image to enlarge

We had a little party to celebrate and a good time was had by one and all.
Aaron holding Cody and party guests - © Serena Lewis
Click on image to enlarge

I hadn't owned a dog for nine years after losing our little toy poodle but Cody found his way into our lives in early January and he has become a very precious part of our family. He is so cute and loves to play. He also loves to chew and we have to hide our good shoes away from him. He knows I'm the boss though or, at least, he lets me think I am. ;)

Thursday 8 November 2007

Sketched from imagination

Earlier this evening, I had the urge to sketch but I wasn't keen on any of the subjects within view and, being too lazy to get up and find something to draw, I decided to go with what was in my head. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm...that could have been dangerous! Anyways, this is the image that evolved on the page of my sketchbook. I know the eyes are massive but I just went with the flow and didn't restrict myself to rules of proportion.
Graphite in A5 Sketchbook - © Serena Lewis
Click on image to enlarge

On another note - My son won two Silver tickets to go and see Elton John in concert on the 25th!!! YAY, Bradley!!! His younger brother, Reece, will be taking him as I've already been to one Elton concert with Brad. Reece likes Elton John too so it will be a great night for the both of them.

Tuesday 6 November 2007

Random Fact # 8

Brussels sprouts happen to be my favourite vegetable! I adore their rich, strong flavour and I feel all the better knowing that they are very high in nutritional value. They are also known to produce sulforaphane which boosts the body's detoxification enzymes thereby helping to clear potentially carcinogenic matter more quickly from the body.
Graphite and coloured pencil in A5 sketchbook - © Serena Lewis
Click on image to enlarge

Wednesday 31 October 2007

I've been tagged again - 10 facts about ME!

I've recently been tagged again by Boyd to list 10 random facts about myself. I've decided not to illustrate them this time as it takes too long and I still have one fact left to illustrate from Joan's tag. I promise to do that very soon, Joan. So here goes with 10 more facts about me -

1. When I was two years old, I nearly died from double pneumonia.

2. As a young child I always wanted to be a Vet or Botanist when I grew up. A Botanist because we had learned in school of Joseph Banks, the Botanist on board the Endeavour, and I thought that would have been sooooooo cool. I remember I used to pick flowers and plants, then attempt to draw and write about them in my botany book. I so wish I'd kept things like that from my childhood. The only thing I have is a diary I kept at 15 and that's a hilarious read. I also wanted to be a Vet because of my love for animals but the only thing that turned me off that idea was that I wouldn't have been able to put healthy animals to sleep if the owner requested it.

3. I ended up not going with either of the above goals and trained as a Nurse's Aide when I left high school. After that, I then entered into the Clerical field before marriage and kids came along.

4. I have been semi-vegetarian for just over 2½ years now. I don't eat any form of warm-blooded animals but I do eat some seafood, fruit, grains, dairy and vegetables. I do still cook meat meals for my kids though as I don't believe I should push my views onto them. I am thinking I might eventually cut out the seafood and dairy but it will be a gradual thing if at all.

5. I used to be a serious coffee addict. I gave it up cold turkey nearly 3 years ago and started drinking green tea instead. I do have the occasional herbal tea or hot chocolate but I never drink coffee or coffee-flavoured foods.

6. I love silver jewellery whether it be sterling silver or white gold. I've never been a fan of yellow gold even though I do own some.

7. Hot Vindaloo prawn curry with rice is my most favourite meal EVER!

8. I have a namesake!!! I kid you not! At the time, my name was unheard of in Ireland and when I was around 15, my Aunt in Ireland named her daughter (my cousin), Serena, after ME. Apparently, a woman in a neighbouring county also named her daughter Serena and I remember my Aunt being very upset about it but proudly stated that her daughter had been born first so she'd beaten the other woman to the name. Imagine that! People actually 'fighting' over my name.

9. My stomach turns when I see someone spit on the ground. I think it is a disgusting and disrespectful act. Major YUCK!!!! Seriously, carry tissues if you're prone to that sort of thing.

10. I don't have a set style of handwriting. It varies constantly depending on my mood, I guess.

Now,I'm supposed to tag 12 (yes, 12) people to keep the tag going and then they're supposed to tag 13 more bloggers.......can you imagine where that would end up??!!! Anyways, most bloggers I know have already been tagged so if anyone would like to be tagged and share 10 facts about themselves, please let me know.

Added on November 6th -

For starters, I'm tagging Dee and Ro.

Monday 29 October 2007

Haircuts and Zebras......

From this -

To this -

My ShiChi - Cody

As for me - I've been so busy lately with the Christmas project I've been working on (I'll post a pic when the group exchange has been completed), teaching classes (hey, I have two new students), housework, cutting and sewing multiple hem layers on my niece's formal gown, dealing with back pain and now, I'm battling a rotten flu.......what more could a girl want? :(

However, watch this space.........

....because soon I will make a start on a Zebra painting for my son. I was considering just painting black and white stripes but somehow I don't think that will wash with my son who originally requested a painting of a Zebra with her foal.

Sunday 21 October 2007

Random Fact # 7

I found some spare time this afternoon to fit in a quick sketch so I decided to do Random Fact #7 which also doubles as an EDM challenge #60 - Draw an automobile.

I used to drive a (197?) VW Kombi automatic ROXY!!! I owned this baby for nine years and loved every minute of it! I liked the solid build, the spaciousness and the reliability. She was a beauty!
Micron Pigma pen & Coloured Pencil in A5 sketchbook - © Serena Lewis
Click on image to enlarge

Saturday 20 October 2007

Random Fact # 6

Here it is - Random Fact #6 which also doubles for one my Every Day Matters challenges #43 - Draw something china or ceramic.

In my late teens, I had always wanted to own a collection of something but could never make up my mind exactly what I wanted to collect. After much procrastination, I decided that I would collect pigs being that I was born in The Year of the Pig/Boar......and so an exciting, new endeavour began. I had so much fun and had actually amassed quite a grand collection of ornamental pigs when, over time, I found myself drawn to anything Native American and so, as all good things must come to an end some time, the pigs got their marching orders. That said, I still have a soft spot for them and this little piggybank sits on the desk in my room as a reminder of what once was. Now I'm back to square one and don't collect a set theme of anything in particular however I feel that familiar urge rising again.......maybe the pigs will make a comeback?
Graphite, Micron pen and coloured pencil in A5 sketchbook - © Serena Lewis
Click on image to enlarge

Wednesday 17 October 2007

Bald Eagle painting - Revisited

This past week has been so busy for me with battling migraines two days in a row, a specialist appointment, teaching class, trying to get some of my own painting done, not to mention that dreaded word.....housework! I decided to give my bald eagle a background after all. I'm not sure which way I like it best but this is the absolute final time I am touching it apart from a coat of varnish. I do have another art project I'm working on but I can't show it here yet because it's for an exchange in an online art group I belong to......all I can say is that it's something along the Christmas side of things.
Bald Eagle in Acrylics - 16" x 16" gallery wrapped canvas - © Serena Lewis
Click on image to enlarge

Monday 8 October 2007

EDM #79 - Draw an ear

Another EDM challenge for today. I drew my son's ear while he was watching TV and, again, I perched myself in front of a mirror to draw mine. You may notice some scarring on my ear...the highlighted part in the mid-section of my ear which is actually a raised ridge. I received this battlewound when, as a young child, I absentmindedly ran in front of a child on a swing in full motion. The swing clipped my ear and split it open. My parents took me to the nearest hospital where I received numerous stitches to repair the damage. I can still remember it clearly.
Graphite in A5 sketchbook - © Serena Lewis
Click on image to enlarge

Sunday 7 October 2007

EDM #61 - Draw a group of two or more similar objects

I had a bit of spare time this afternoon so seized the moment to do another EDM challenge.
Pigma Micron pen and Derwent coloured pencils in A5 sketchbook - © Serena Lewis
Click on image to enlarge

Saturday 6 October 2007

Beachscape - Work In Progress - Stage Two

I worked some more on the waves and I have to fight myself not to do anymore as, being a detail painter, it's very hard for me to keep landscapes/beachscapes loose. They are definitely not my forte. I'll now focus on the foreground elements. This is going to be a challenge for me too as the painting is a 'landscape' shape whereas the reference pic is 'portrait' shape. Once I add the kids, I'm going to be left with a lot of blank space in the foreground.......not sure if that will work. Being self-taught, I'm sadly lacking in the composition department so any advice or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
Beachscape - Stage Two - © Serena Lewis
Click on image to enlarge

Thursday 4 October 2007

Beachscape - Work In Progress

I haven't had much of a chance to get any more sketching done so I thought I'd share a picture of what's on my easel at the moment. I'm using a photo taken of my kids in younger years as my reference. It's in the bare bones stage at the moment but more to come........
Beachscape - Work in Progress - Acrylics - © Serena Lewis
Click on image to enlarge

Saturday 29 September 2007

Random Fact # 5

Again, I'm going to double this fact as one of my EDM challenges - Challenge #26 - Draw anything you like.

Random fact #5 - SAMBOY barbecue flavoured potato chips are a major weakness of mine. I simply can't say no to them and SAMBOY barbecue chips are the only flavoured chips I will eat. Other than that, I am purely a plain-salt, potato chip gal! Sometimes, when I open a packet and munch into that first chip, the taste and smell instantly transport me back to a time when I was around 20 years of age and at a Drive-In to see the first Rocky movie. Kinda like when a certain song will drag up a past memory. Do any of you get that reaction with a certain food too? I can tell you this drawing was lucky to make it this far as it took all my willpower not to grab the bag of chips, open them and just munch away. lol
Pigma Pen and Derwent coloured pencils in A5 sketchbook - © Serena Lewis
Click on image to enlarge

Friday 28 September 2007

Random Fact # 4

Sorry to be a party-pooper but I don't like clowns. Rather than make me laugh, they just give me the creeps. I'm not afraid of them, I just find them....freaky! I don't like clown paraphernalia either whether it be ornaments, toys, pictures or thank you!! I have to admit that even drawing a clown for this random fact about myself was difficult. I started out with one image in my mind more like the clown out of Stephen King's IT (even though I've never seen the movie) but once I started, my pencil did the talking and, the drawing changed a few times ending up more a child clown.....not my intention but I do wonder if there is a significance behind it.

Child Clown - Graphite in A5 sketchbook - © Serena Lewis
Click on image to enlarge

Tuesday 25 September 2007

Random Fact # 3

An opportunity to also write off another EDM Challenge - #44 Draw an animal.

My favourite animal of all time is the wolf. I have always felt drawn to them ever since childhood. I think they are a beautiful animal and often misunderstood. Native Americans see the wolf as a symbol of truth, loyalty, strength and knowledge and you can learn more about wolves at the International Wolf Center.
Wolf - Graphite in A5 Sketchbook - © Serena Lewis
Click on image to enlarge

Monday 24 September 2007

RSPCA to the rescue!

Over the past week, my youngest son and I have been observing a pair of Plovers with two baby chicks. Our street is near a creek and, daily, the adult pair take their chicks for a walk around our street as if on a scenic tour of the neighbourhood. Unfortunately, I had to warn a few young boys away on more than one occasion this past week as they seemed to think it fun to menace the birds with sticks. Sadly, the boys must have waited for the birds back at the creek yesterday as, today, I noticed that one of the adults had a broken wing. I was very upset and concerned that it would now be vulnerable to cats, dogs and more cruel boys so I called the RSPCA and, within an hour, they came to the rescue. They have taken the injured bird away and, hopefully, the wing will be healed so that it can be returned to the area. In the meantime, the other adult bird must now protect the chicks and fend off predators alone. It's so sad to watch her waiting on her mate to come back and I can only hope she and the chicks will survive. I will be sure to keep a watchful eye over them as best I can though. Here is a pic I snapped of one of their chicks's a little blurry as I had to use my zoom because the adults don't let you get too close to their chicks without swooping at you.
Plover chick - © Serena Lewis
Click on image to enlarge

Sunday 23 September 2007

EDM # 56 - Self Portrait

This was indeed a real challenge for me. My first ever self-portrait! I placed a mirror on a chair and sat opposite while I did my best to draw the image looking back at me. One thing I discovered is that it's definitely not easy trying to relax, hold a pose and, at the same time, concentrate on drawing my own image. I can see a likeness and the kids agree, however, I can see areas that are not nose is not that long so I think, if it were shortened a little, and the eyes and upper part of my head were moved down a fraction thereby rounding my face a little more, it would have looked more like me. Another point to note is that this is drawn from a mirror image and, in reality, my hair clasp is on the right side of my head etc. Next time, I think a few glasses of vodka and orange juice before I start drawing wouldn't go astray either.

Self-portrait - Graphite in A5 sketchbook - © Serena Lewis
Click on image to enlarge

Added to post on 24-09-07 - As a matter of interest and to see if my observations in where I went wrong were correct, I took the pic into Paintshop Pro and shortened the nose area, then I moved the top part of my head down....I think it is definitely more like me in this altered pic as my face is more the round shape it should be. This challenge, while daunting, has been a wonderful lesson for me.
Self-portrait digitally adjusted
Click on image to enlarge

Friday 21 September 2007

EDM #13 - Draw your phone

I thought it was high time I did another EDM challenge......
My mobile phone - Graphite in A5 sketchbook - © Serena Lewis
Click on image to enlarge

Friday 14 September 2007

What's YOUR personality type?

I found this Personality Test on Linda's Blog and thought it might be fun to share with my readers.

Your Personality is Very Rare (INFP)

Your personality type is dreamy, romantic, elegant, and expressive.

Only about 5% of all people have your personality, including 6% of all women and 4% of all men
You are Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Perceiving.

Wednesday 12 September 2007

Definitely finished!

Okay, being the nit-picker that I am, there were a couple of little areas that I just HAD to adjust.....a litte more definition to the head feathers, particularly around the base of the neck.....oh well, it gives me an excuse to post today. :)

Bald Eagle - Acrylics 16" x 16" - © Serena Lewis

Click on image to enlarge

Monday 10 September 2007

Bald Eagle - Calling him finished.....I think ~

I think I will call him finished now. I know I probably took the easy way out in choosing to paint a plain blue sky for the background but then, a lot of photographic images of eagles show just a blue sky as the background so I think I can get away with it this time.

Bald Eagle - Acrylics on 16" x 16" Gallery Wrapped canvas - © Serena Lewis

Click on image to enlarge

Friday 7 September 2007

Bald Eagle - Work In Progress

This chap has been sitting to the wayside for over a year now while other things have taken priority but, the other day, I finally got around to getting back to work on him. Still a ways to go yet but thought I'd share a work in progress pic with you.

Bald Eagle - Acrylics - Work In Progress - ©Serena Lewis
My reference image was courtesy of WetCanvas patron, Crias - Thank you

Click on image to enlarge

Sunday 2 September 2007

Random Fact # 2

As a young child, I was painfully shy to the extent where I would hide behind doors when people I didn't know very well visited our home. I guess you could say I grew up with the 'middle' sister syndrome. I lived in my older sister's shadow as I was an introvert whilst she was a born extrovert. I was so used to my sister having all the limelight that I would become very uncomfortable and afraid when attention was ever focused on me. My younger sister was Daddy's little girl so I was just.....there. I have learned that shyness can be a huge drawback in personal growth and it's still something I have trouble trying to overcome.  There were also a couple of traumatic events that happened in my early childhood which I'm sure contributed to my shyness also. Sometimes, I think back to the little girl I was then and my heart cries for her. Yes, I am still shy around people I don't know and I still feel uncomfortable when attention is focused on me but I'm not as fearful as I used to be. As an adult, I guess I've learned to deal with it in better ways.

Please don't notice me - Graphite in A5 sketchbook - © Serena Lewis

Click on image to enlarge

Tuesday 28 August 2007

Random Fact # 1

Recently, the very talented artist, Joan Yoshioka, nominated me to list 8 random facts about myself. I am then to nominate, I think, 8 other bloggers to do the same. As I'm a little late to get my facts started, I won't nominate anyone unless they wish to be nominated so, if you're interested, please let me know.

I'm going to list my 8 facts over several posts and, hopefully, illustrate each one.

Random Fact #1 - I LIKE spiders! Well, I should say I have more of a 'you leave me alone and I'll leave you alone' kinda relationship with them. I do think they play an integral role in our environment by helping to keep the insect population down so I refuse to kill a spider unless it is venomous and a threat. We tend to get the occasional Huntsman spider popping in for a visit and my kids know not to kill them so, when they see one, they usually call in the big guns......ME! With the help of a broom, I manage to give the spider a free ride out of the harm done. Well.....gulp.....there was this one time that a Mr Huntsman refused to cooperate and climb onto the broom willingly. It happened to be on the wall beside my sleeping daughter's bed and was completely defiant! I won't go into what happened next but let me just say I still bear a guilty conscience about it to this very day.

Spider - Graphite in A5 Sketchbook - © Serena Lewis

My reference image was courtesy of PD Photos - Thank you

Click on image to enlarge

Friday 24 August 2007

Inspired by a Emu to watch over me!

I was looking outside my bathroom/ensuite window the other day and, there in the fence, was an Emu staring back at me. Can you see it? Or am I the only one with a quirky imagination? It's there........I swear it!

Anyhow, I was quite fascinated with the emu watching over me so I felt inspired to draw one and here is the result using the fence image as my initial guide.

Emu - Graphite in A5 sketchbook - © Serena Lewis

Click on images to enlarge

Wednesday 22 August 2007

This and That ~

I've been very busy over the past week so sorry I haven't posted before now.

NEWSFLASH - We are finally getting some rain!!! It has even fallen in our dam catchment areas which means we are now given an extra week of grace before being hit with Level 6 water restrictions. I'm not looking forward to that.

This week, I decided to refurbish the desk in my room. This poor old desk has been through the mill as far as makeovers its original state, it was a timber laminate look with black desktop (never got a pic so you will have to use your imagination). My sister was throwing it out because it had seen better days so I decided to take it and do what I could to give it a new lease on was then changed to purples and pinks for my daughter's room.

My daughter eventually relinquished it to me and I quickly changed it to whites and pinks when I went through my Shabby Chic phase......

In recent months, I refurbished it in greens but then felt it clashed with, more than matched, my room so I changed it yet again.

It's finally ended up like this to fit in better with the sea/beach theme of my bedroom.......

What do you think?

Today, I had one of my students over to paint and, unbeknowns to her, to celebrate her birthday which was yesterday. We had a lovely morning and feasted on pavlova! Angie also bought me a lovely bunch of tulips as a housewarming gift. Thank you so much, Angie!!!
Aren't they lovely?! I've taken lots of pics so you may well see them featured in a future painting.

Well that's all for now but stay tuned for my next post where I will tell you about the emu in the fence. ;) Admit it, you're dying of curiosity, aren't you???!!! Remember, patience is a virtue.....

Monday 13 August 2007

I've been tagged for being NICE!!!

I have been tagged with a 'Nice Matters' award from my friend Romona King of Northbrook Designs. Thanks, Ro! :) I am to nominate five people who qualify for being nice. Well that's the easy part because I know a lot of nice people. My main problem will be finding ones who have blogs and/or ones who haven't already been tagged.

My nominees are:

Debra Jean of For the Love of Art. This lady has an infectious, bubbly, caring and fun personality and anyone around her can't help but smile and feel better about their day. She is also a fabulous artist who is involved in a Memory Box program. This program supplies keepsake boxes, painted by artists worldwide, to hospitals where they are then gifted to parents who have suffered the loss of a baby. A very noble cause and, sadly, a much needed one.

Chezza of From the River's Edge. Chezza is another lovely lady with a great sense of humour and is also a wonderful artist.

Sandy of Sandy's Art Space. Not only is Sandy a wonderful person....she is also our art group's computer guru and ever helpful when someone finds themselves in computer mayhem.

Stapeliad of Stapeliad. Weird....I just realised that I don't know her 'real' name. lol I met Stapeliad online via our Blogs and we also frequent WetCanvas, a worldwide, online Artist's Community. In the time I have known Stapeliad, I have found her to be a very caring, genuinely nice person and a wonderful mother. We share a lot of common interests and she is a very talented artist.

Bradley of Brad's World of Music. I may be a little biased here because Bradley is my son but he is genuinely deserving of the 'Nice Matters' award. Bradley is truly an inspiration to me. He has been legally blind and hearing impaired since birth and this has not held him back from his two main loves in life, computers and music. He touches the hearts of all who meet him because he has such a polite, caring and friendly nature. I couldn't be more proud of him if I tried.

Okay, Debra Jean, Chezza, Sandy, Stapeliad and Bradley, you need to copy the banner above and nominate your 5 friends now.....thanks for being such NICE people ~

NOTE - Please don't feel obligated to carry on the 'tag'. It's just a fun thing and I would hate for anyone to feel pressured by it.