Friday 7 September 2007

Bald Eagle - Work In Progress

This chap has been sitting to the wayside for over a year now while other things have taken priority but, the other day, I finally got around to getting back to work on him. Still a ways to go yet but thought I'd share a work in progress pic with you.

Bald Eagle - Acrylics - Work In Progress - ©Serena Lewis
My reference image was courtesy of WetCanvas patron, Crias - Thank you

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous! May I ask how you get such a smooth application of acrylic paint? (e.g., do you do multiple glazes or are you using a drying retardant, etc...) Your technique is really fantastic!

  2. Serena, If there is anything left to do on the eagle, I can't see it. Of course I know your penchant for detail... It's amazing. Ro

  3. wow, I love it. Those feathers are not easy to do, and you've done a superb job!!!

  4. Thanks, Linda. I mostly work in layers using just paint and water. I also use washes as necessary. Btw, I've just looked at your blog....great work!!

    Hi Ro...I'm still working on the head feathers mainly but I'll post a pic when it's finished.

    Thanks, Jessica :)

  5. Wow, it is already gorgeous!!!

  6. I love your work :) Looking forward to seeing it finished.

  7. WOW!!the eagle is beautiful, you have got it looking like, at any moment- it is going to take flight. It looks so real. Looking forward to your next artworks.
    Kym :)

  8. Thanks, Kym! I did a little more on it today so will try and post a pic tomorrow. :)