Monday 17 October 2011

another abstract and a self portrait

i was in need of another abstract for my bedroom so, this morning, i prepped up a canvas with some gesso which i applied quite thick with a fan brush. 

after it dried, the fun began while i listened to enigma on my ipod yet again.
LOVE their music!

i must admit that i'm quite enjoying the abstract experience
it was especially fun flinging paint onto the canvas.

the end result

finished and on display in my room

week 41 in the 52 weeks of me project

yesterday was quite tiring so i stole a few moments to rest on my bed with cody

on the medical front

the results from my surgery are in and, unfortunately, it's not as good as i had hoped for. apparently, i'm on the way to endometrial cancer. the gyno gave me two options. one - a course of progesterone which, after six months, will hopefully rid my uterus of the crazy cells. two - a hysterectomy. i go back in three months for another biopsy and, if the results show no improvement from the progesterone, a hysterectomy will be a definite. wish me luck.

more bad news in that i've been dealing with high blood pressure issues for some time now and it's finally reached the point where i need to be medicated. my dad has suffered with high blood pressure for many years so it could be a hereditary thing, who knows.

but there IS some good news! so far, i seem to have dodged the bullet as far as the rheumatoid arthritis goes.  all my blood tests and x-rays to date still show NO sign of RA. YAY!! that said, my rheumatologist still seems convinced that i have signs of RA and that it will present in tests at some point. i remain hopeful that i continue to be clear.  heck, i have enough going on already, thank you very much.

so life goes on...

i hope you all enjoy a beautiful start to the week!

~ love, light and peace ~

Wednesday 12 October 2011

you CAN do it and you're SO worth it!

the next time you think you can't do something in your life or you feel worthless


it's SO inspiring!

read more of nick vujicic's story

for another inspiring video, pop on over to gloria's blog here and watch how a creatively-minded man brings light to the darkness.

~ love, light and peace ~

Sunday 9 October 2011

breakfast, waterfalls, self portrait & skydiving!

hello dear readers,

i hope you're all enjoying a beautiful weekend!  our weekend started out with storms, winds and heavy rain throughout saturday clearing to a beautiful fine day for sunday.   i had a delicious sunday breakfast of natural greek-style yoghurt, strawberries and blueberries drizzled with a little honey.  i don't like honey normally but i found it was a nice compliment to the tang of the natural yoghurt.  my mum has been singing the praises of honey for quite some time now so she will be pleased to know that i actually had some.

on saturday we had the waterfalls and flooding in the back-yard again. i'll be glad when houses fill in the vacant lots behind us so that decent drainage will be installed.  thankfully, this was only one day's worth unlike the flooding back in january. see this post.

week 40 in the 52 weeks of me project

i am still in love with my latest abstract painting!

i was anxious all morning while waiting to hear from reece. he and his girlfriend, sarina, were skydiving for the very first time!!! YIKES!!!  i was particularly worried about sarina because she really didn't want to sign up for it when the event was being planned but reece talked her into it.  we were all feeling for her.  at last, reece called to say that all was well and i'm eager for him to get home so i can get ALL the details.  he did say it was an AWESOME experience!   sarina was glad she did the jump but felt quite sick afterwards so had to lie down for a while, poor thing.  i can't wait to see the footage and, needless to say, i'm very relieved that they both have their feet firmly planted back on terra-firma.

~ love, light and peace to all ~

Monday 3 October 2011

creative play, messy art

i've been wanting to do an abstract painting for my room for some time now

inspired by alisa burke,
out came my supplies and the messy art began

my favourite colour combo - blues, greens and purples

not quite finished yet...but close

a little softening with white and....VOILA!

on the wall in my bedroom

it was difficult trying to get an accurate photo so you will just have to trust me when i say that it looks much better in reality

simple, messy but effective

it felt so good to be painting again and i'm already planning the next one....

~ love, light and peace ~

Sunday 2 October 2011

week 39 self portrait

week 39 in my 52 weeks of me project

here i am all geared up with my headphones and ipod shuffle just before i threw myself into an abstract painting session earlier today.   i was listening to a kinda new age/alternative group called - 'ENIGMA'.

ENIGMA has been around for many years and i love, love, LOVE their music!

expect to see photos of my finished painting very soon

~ love, light and peace ~

Saturday 1 October 2011

Happy October!

october has arrived and it's a lovely time of year here in queensland, australia.  beautiful, warm days that aren't too hot or too humid.....yet!  my money plants (crassula ovata) have been flowering since june when i took these photos. i have them sitting at the front entrance to the house as it's supposed to bring good luck according to feng shui.  i love their plump leaves with the red edges!

my chilli plant is flowering and sprouting chillies again too...YAY!

aaron has been on school holidays over the past couple of weeks and we've been quite busy shopping, spending time at michelle's, watching movies at home, and generally kicking back.  he starts back at school on monday and i'm going to miss him.  one of the movies we went to see at the cinema was - 'RED DOG'.  an australian film based on a true story about a red kelpie dog who goes in search of his master and the people whose hearts he touches throughout.  it's set back in the 70's so it brought back a lot of memories for me.

aussie lingo, aussie humour, aussie mate-ship, 70's music.....LOVED IT and yes, i cried!  
it's definitely one i would watch again.

click on image to see more about the movie and a trailer

have you watched any good movies of late?

~ love, light and peace ~