Saturday, 18 June 2022

friday face off

    I'm behind by a day yet again with it now being Saturday, not Friday. Oh well, better late than never I guess. For this week's Friday Face Off, I did some work on my weekly journal spread which involved finishing up the giraffe sketch I did a couple of weeks back plus another portrait. This Week 24 spread is not finished yet but getting there. I'm thinking of adding a couple more portraits in the blank area.

    A close up

    Brad and I have been watching Stranger Things together. I re-watched the first 3 seasons with him because he hadn't watched them yet so we are now on Season 4. Eleven is drawn with graphite pencils. I decided to ink the giraffe sketch. I signed up to the Creativity Matters Podcast on Instagram and we receive weekly prompts for illustrating our week. 

    To see what other FFO participants have done for this week, click HERE.

    Have a wonderful weekend! 

Love, Light and Peace