Wednesday 23 October 2013

One of my photos was published!

For the past 15 years, 
Hema Maps has mapped over 250,000km 
of outback roads and tracks in Australia. 

Earlier this year, 
I was approached by HEMA asking  
if they could use of one of my images 
for their new '4WD & Camping Escapes' book. 
Of course, I said YES! 

 I was delighted that they gave me a 
copy of the book for free. 
The quality of the book blew me away 
and the content is just fabulous. 
It is packed full of information, 
gorgeous images, and maps. 
Very well organised too. 
It makes me want to go on a 4WD trip of my own.

My photo appears on Page 142 

It's a photo I took from one of our many visits to Burgess Park, 
our favourite spot for day-tripping.

More photos of Burgess Park from a recent trip. 

I must say I was quite thrilled to see my image
in such a lovely book.

Sunday 13 October 2013

My dear, neglected blog

Part of me wondered if 
I would ever find my way back to you but...

here I am!

The past few months have been so busy. 
Beau has settled back at home.
Michelle and Alex bought a house!!! 
There was a lot of work involved with 
preparing the house for them to move into,
not to mention all the packing and finishing up
with the rental home. 
The days leading up to their big move were
long and filled with hard work 
and lots of babysitting. 
We were all quite exhausted but 
what a joy it was to see them
move into their first home.
SO exciting!
Michelle already has it looking
like something out of a HOME BEAUTIFUL magazine.

A glimpse of Mikayla's and Maddy's room
Photo copyright - Michelle Hallmond

I sewed curtains for their living room and kitchen
and they look quite pretty if I do say so myself.

Maddy (granddaughter) is nearly 11 months old and 
has taken her first steps. 
She is quite a character and
I love her to bits!

Mikayla (granddaughter) seems to have matured so much 
since Madelyn came along. 
She adores animals just like her Grandma (me).
Photo copyright - Michelle Hallmond

Mikayla loves wearing her sunglasses. 
She's our little celebrity. hehe
She loves soft toy animals as well....
Photo copyright - Michelle Hallmond

Bradley turned 30 in August and a huge
surprise party was planned with an
Elton John (Brad's idol) theme but
it had to be cancelled due to
bouts of sickness hitting both immediate and extended families.
We did manage to make his day special regardless,
just no party.
I had already ordered the huge party cake
which we 'forced' our way through.
OH, the things we must do. lol
Yes, it was delicious!

I battled with asthmatic cough for over a month and,
just like last time,
I was left with severe inflammation of the chest wall.
It was very painful and hard to breathe.
It felt like I had a heavy bowling ball crammed inside my chest cavity.
I had to rest and, thankfully, after another three weeks,
 I'm finally over it.

My two furry bedfellows
modelling my new quilt cover.

Poor Dad ended up back in hospital
with a lung infection in recent weeks.
Parkinson's disease affects the
swallowing reflex and liquids
ended up in Dad's lung.
He is now back home and, from here-on,
only allowed to drink mildly thickened fluids.

Have I been doing much sketching or art?
Unfortunately, no!
This is all I have to show for myself on that score.
We took a day trip out to Burgess Park and I sketched part of a tree
using BIC ballpoint pens and a black PITT pen in my large Moleskine sketchbook.

Life seems to be returning to normal now
although I'm almost afraid to say that out loud
in case I jinx myself. lol