Sunday 26 March 2017

Sunday Sketches: A portrait

I've missed the last couple of Sunday Sketches but I'm back on board this week. YAY! I'm also another year wiser as I recently had a birthday.

I was a little worried I may not have been able to participate this week because our internet service provider is doing major system upgrades and we couldn't access the net at all last night. Apparently, there may be further disruptions until Tuesday.  So this will be a very quick post for fear I will get cut off.

I did another quick portrait using a reference image on Sktchy.  I sketched her directly with ballpoint pen then followed up with a Lamy Joy ink pen. Then added some Sumi ink which was painted on with a brush. I am loving Sumi ink at the moment because I can get so many shade variations.

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Happy Sunday to you all!

Wednesday 22 March 2017

Scribble Picnic giveaway goodies arrived!

You may remember that I was lucky enough to win the Scribble Picnic giveaway a few weeks back and I was over the moon when the goodies arrived yesterday. Whoo hoo!

Photo is courtesy of Michael Macvean

Naturally, I had to put them to use right away! It was lunch-time after all so I threw together a few goodies. It's been a rainy week so I opted for a picnic spread indoors. Note the beautiful card that Michael included featuring a hedgehog family out on a picnic. Perfect!

The cheese was vegan along with some vegan dip, garlic hummus, crackers, French bread, and some other goodies, which were washed down with some Lancashire tea. What a serendipitous tea it was too being that I was born in the Shire County of Lancashire which Michael never knew about. We don't have milk or sugar in our tea, or coffee for that matter, so Bradley and I were happy to find that the tea was not bitter and had a very nice flavour to boot. My non-vegan son, Aaron, made short work of those chocolates.

We had such a fun 'picnic'! Thank you very much for this lovely gift, Michael! It was the highlight of our day.

Now, onto the theme for this week's Scribble Picnic - FAIRIES.

I'm quite disappointed that I don't have a finished piece to show you this week. I was really behind the eight ball on this one. An idea didn't actually come to me until late last night and, a busy day today, didn't allow me any time to start on my sketch until after dinner.

For some reason, the theme didn't quite gel with me probably because fairies aren't really my thing as you will be able to tell from my sketch. hehe That said, I did love reading about fairies as a child though. I particularly loved stories by Enid Blyton and Hans Christian Andersen.

So, this was the initial sketch roughly done from imagination. I was thinking that I wanted to maybe do some nature fairies.  I have a soft spot for daffodils as they were my favourite flower as a child. They are also the official flower for the month of March.

Okay...this is as far as I got but there is still A LOT more to do...more watercolours and detailing on what's already there, plus a background.  I will post the final result in the coming days. Please excuse the poor quality images...unfortunately, given the late hour, I had to take them under artificial lighting, something I hate to do.

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Wednesday 15 March 2017

Paper lantern

Hi everyone!

The theme for this week's Scribble Picnic is LANTERN.  Thanks again to Michael for hosting this wonderful art collective. You can check out Michael's blog HERE.

This theme had me a little worried because I had nothing right up until the day before (yesterday) the deadline.  I'd heard some good advice from a few illustrators who said to just open your sketchbook, put pen/pencil to the page, and the ideas will come. I did just that and — it worked! I was suddenly getting lots of different images in my head for the theme — kinda like visual brainstorming. I very quickly noted them down in my ideas sketchbook. They are very rough but that's okay because they are only to remind me of the original idea so I don't forget it.

I decided to go with a little Panda holding a paper lantern so took more time with that one. Do you remember making those paper lanterns in school? I used to love making them!

I transferred my sketch into my Moleskine watercolour journal and did a light outline in pen

Then added some layers of watercolour and also used a Pentel Pocket brush pen for the black fur. I'm so pleased that I was able to meet the challenge after all. That said, I'm not altogether sure that she is finished yet. If I do add any more to it, I will be sure to post the end result for you to see.

My apologies for the crappy photos. It's been raining here, on and off, so the dull, gray afternoon did not provide the best lighting for photos. I'm loving the rain though so not complaining about that.

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Wednesday 8 March 2017

Rats! It's raining!

The theme for this week's Scribble Picnic is UMBRELLA.

I had lots of images swimming through my head for this one.  At first, I was thinking I could go with one of those umbrella style hats until — it got put to the wayside when the following idea popped into my head. 

Initially the image started out with a rat in an upturned umbrella. This is a rough sketch I did which was still in the planning stages.

It developed to this - a little rat wearing fisherman-style rain gear.

I sketched it into my sketchbook and outlined with pen, then started to add colour.

I started developing a dark, stormy sky also. I use an orange-yellow undertone for reds as it helps to brighten them.

The end result.

Will Mr Rat make it to land before his makeshift boat takes on too much water and sinks? 

I have to say that I'm loving Scribble Picnic! The weekly themes are motivating me to use my imagination. I never thought I could come up with my own whimsical designs but I'm thrilled to see them come together — from the initial image in my mind to the end result on paper. What fun! 

Thanks for hosting this wonderful challenge, Michael.

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Sunday 5 March 2017

A day trip to the country

I've been a little under the weather on and off over the past few days but, today, we decided to take a drive out country for the monthly Moment Catchers challenge hosted by Candace Rardon.  You can check out her beautiful blog HERE.

Rain, and even a thunderstorm, had been forecast but I'm glad we ignored the warnings because it turned out to be a beautiful, albeit very hot, day. Thank goodness we have air-conditioning in the car!

First up, we went to Beaudesert where we stopped for lunch at a small park which backs onto the town's main Jubilee Park. Jack and Cody, our fur-kids, came along too.

Bradley doing some reading in the shade...

...while I did a quick sketch of the windmill not far from where we sat. This is a work-in-progress shot and I do plan to finish it up from photos I took.

My sketch was rushed because a certain someone, who shall remain nameless, complained that they were bored and wanted to hit the road and explore the surrounding areas. He figured sitting on the car, ready to go, was a big enough hint.

So, we hit the road again and drove out Kerry way before heading home.

A quaint little country church named St. Johns. I may sketch this soon.

We pulled over at one point to take photos of the lovely view. I love those clouds!

And that was our day. What did you get up to this fine Sunday?

I'm also linking up with Sunday Sketches this week hosted by amazing illustrator, Alexandra Macvean. You can check out her blog HERE. To see the work of other participants, click HERE.

Wishing everyone a wonderful week!

Saturday 4 March 2017

Paint Party Friday: Energy Saver bulb

I was feeling quite sick yesterday so was not going to sketch at all for Paint Party Friday but then, when 10 o'clock hit last night, I started feeling a little guilty despite having a good excuse. I had been very pleased with myself in meeting the different art challenge commitments the past few weeks and I just couldn't let it slide.  So I dragged my sick bod over to my art desk and chose to do a quick ink sketch of the spent Philips Energy Saver light-bulb sitting on my desk awaiting disposal. I couldn't take a decent photo with the artificial lighting last night so I quickly snapped one this morning. Still not a good photo but time is of the essence as I'm already running late by Aussie time.

Sketch - Philips Energy Saver light-bulb sketched directly with pen then followed up with some sumi ink which I painted on with a brush for shading.

OH my! I just went to get the current link from the Paint Party Friday blog for this week, only to see that one of my sketches has been featured in their post. How lovely! Thanks, Kristin and Eva!

Now, I'm even more relieved that I didn't let this week slide by due to sickness. 

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Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

Wednesday 1 March 2017

Scribble Picnic theme - CABIN

The Scribble Picnic theme for this week is CABIN.

I was inspired yet again this week by one of my previous pieces of art — an affirmation card that I painted back in 2009. You can read the associated post for it HERE.

Initially, I was thinking that I would paint a cabin along the pathway in the distance until a different scene suddenly popped into my head. I wanted to keep the girl but, this time, I would place her on a path in the woods with a cabin ahead of her.

I used a mechanical pencil for the planning stage.

First layer of watercolour

The final layer of watercolour with some pen detailing

The caption I made up for the illustration 
Simone was excited to be spending the next month at the little cabin in the woods. It was her refuge, a break away, from her crazy life and busy work schedule. Here at the cabin, she would be able to relax, savour the peace and quiet, and maybe even start the book she had always dreamed of writing one day.

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I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's take on the theme. What fun!