Sunday, 23 September 2007

EDM # 56 - Self Portrait

This was indeed a real challenge for me. My first ever self-portrait! I placed a mirror on a chair and sat opposite while I did my best to draw the image looking back at me. One thing I discovered is that it's definitely not easy trying to relax, hold a pose and, at the same time, concentrate on drawing my own image. I can see a likeness and the kids agree, however, I can see areas that are not nose is not that long so I think, if it were shortened a little, and the eyes and upper part of my head were moved down a fraction thereby rounding my face a little more, it would have looked more like me. Another point to note is that this is drawn from a mirror image and, in reality, my hair clasp is on the right side of my head etc. Next time, I think a few glasses of vodka and orange juice before I start drawing wouldn't go astray either.

Self-portrait - Graphite in A5 sketchbook - © Serena Lewis
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Added to post on 24-09-07 - As a matter of interest and to see if my observations in where I went wrong were correct, I took the pic into Paintshop Pro and shortened the nose area, then I moved the top part of my head down....I think it is definitely more like me in this altered pic as my face is more the round shape it should be. This challenge, while daunting, has been a wonderful lesson for me.
Self-portrait digitally adjusted
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