Wednesday, 31 October 2007

I've been tagged again - 10 facts about ME!

I've recently been tagged again by Boyd to list 10 random facts about myself. I've decided not to illustrate them this time as it takes too long and I still have one fact left to illustrate from Joan's tag. I promise to do that very soon, Joan. So here goes with 10 more facts about me -

1. When I was two years old, I nearly died from double pneumonia.

2. As a young child I always wanted to be a Vet or Botanist when I grew up. A Botanist because we had learned in school of Joseph Banks, the Botanist on board the Endeavour, and I thought that would have been sooooooo cool. I remember I used to pick flowers and plants, then attempt to draw and write about them in my botany book. I so wish I'd kept things like that from my childhood. The only thing I have is a diary I kept at 15 and that's a hilarious read. I also wanted to be a Vet because of my love for animals but the only thing that turned me off that idea was that I wouldn't have been able to put healthy animals to sleep if the owner requested it.

3. I ended up not going with either of the above goals and trained as a Nurse's Aide when I left high school. After that, I then entered into the Clerical field before marriage and kids came along.

4. I have been semi-vegetarian for just over 2½ years now. I don't eat any form of warm-blooded animals but I do eat some seafood, fruit, grains, dairy and vegetables. I do still cook meat meals for my kids though as I don't believe I should push my views onto them. I am thinking I might eventually cut out the seafood and dairy but it will be a gradual thing if at all.

5. I used to be a serious coffee addict. I gave it up cold turkey nearly 3 years ago and started drinking green tea instead. I do have the occasional herbal tea or hot chocolate but I never drink coffee or coffee-flavoured foods.

6. I love silver jewellery whether it be sterling silver or white gold. I've never been a fan of yellow gold even though I do own some.

7. Hot Vindaloo prawn curry with rice is my most favourite meal EVER!

8. I have a namesake!!! I kid you not! At the time, my name was unheard of in Ireland and when I was around 15, my Aunt in Ireland named her daughter (my cousin), Serena, after ME. Apparently, a woman in a neighbouring county also named her daughter Serena and I remember my Aunt being very upset about it but proudly stated that her daughter had been born first so she'd beaten the other woman to the name. Imagine that! People actually 'fighting' over my name.

9. My stomach turns when I see someone spit on the ground. I think it is a disgusting and disrespectful act. Major YUCK!!!! Seriously, carry tissues if you're prone to that sort of thing.

10. I don't have a set style of handwriting. It varies constantly depending on my mood, I guess.

Now,I'm supposed to tag 12 (yes, 12) people to keep the tag going and then they're supposed to tag 13 more bloggers.......can you imagine where that would end up??!!! Anyways, most bloggers I know have already been tagged so if anyone would like to be tagged and share 10 facts about themselves, please let me know.

Added on November 6th -

For starters, I'm tagging Dee and Ro.


  1. Oh yuck, I'm with you on the spitting. It makes me feel disgusting seeing that. Kuwait (and the Middle East in general) is a seriously bad place for us to be - all the sound effects before it are just as bad!!

    Sounds like you are lucky to be alive, your parents must have had a terrible time too.

  2. Hey Serena! Your facts cracked me up, especially the namesake one. And being a botanist, I can totally relate to your dream of becoming one! :) Thanks for sharing. Oh, btw, I hope you don't mind I'm adding you to my blogroll. I can't believe I haven't already!!

  3. Neat facts. I almost died from pneumonia myself at the age of three. It was the second time I was put in the hospital for it. Dad said the two children in the room with me died. I was on ice for two weeks with dad squeezing orange juice out for me to drink. Hard to believe as I don't remember it. I sinus trouble real bad as a child which led me to having pneumonia. It was the last time I was in the hospital.

  4. Well, I'm glad the phnuemonia didn't get you! Thank you for stopping by to comment on my travel sketches/blog. It was really a lot of fun to take you all along with me on my journey!

  5. Felicity, the sound effects would probably turn my stomach too.

    Joan, thanks for commenting and adding me to your blogroll.

    Boyd, how awful for your parents too. I know mine were extremely worried when I was so sick with it.

    Hi Marta, thanks for dropping by.

  6. Hey Serena, it was fun learning more about you! I am with you on the whole vegetarian thing....I rarely eat meat or fish, but if I give up dairy and eggs, it will be a process. Also, I loved your story about your namesake. I was named after the woman who convinced my mom to go to college and become an occupational therapist. : )

  7. Hi Kate...thanks for dropping by. I like the 'fact' tags too for that reason. It's always nice to get to know our fellow bloggers a little better. I don't think I'll have too much of a problem stopping the seafood though I'm sure the dairy and eggs will be a whole different story. :)

  8. I liked to be tagged. I have never been tagged before. It looks like fun .You seem to learn so much about the person.

  9. Enjoy reading interesting aspects of you. Regarding #9 ... I heard it is illegal in Singapore to spit. Have you been to that country??

  10. Yes, I had heard that spitting was illegal in Singapore and I don't think chewing gum is allowed either. Apparently, the penalties are very strict too. I haven't been to Singapore but, who knows, one day I may get to travel there. Thanks for dropping by, Luci. :)