Sunday, 19 February 2012

Sunday snapshots, a self-portrait and a rant

I've had a lovely, relaxing Sunday.

Started out with some yummy scrambled egg on toast for brekkie.

Then I did some crochet while Brad and I watched an episode of Touched by an Angel. It was one I hadn't seen before.

Then I squeezed in some time for a quick pencil-free sketch under the pergola.

Followed by a game of Words for Friends on Facebook with my son, Bradley.
This game is just like Scrabble.  I'm addicted!

Before we knew it, lunch time had arrived.
We had fried tempeh sandwiches!  YUM!!
Notice the cheese pieces on each side of my plate?
Read on....

You see, I never eat my lunch alone.

I am flanked by Cody on one side....

....and Jack on the other side and both expecting their bit of lunch too.
I must pace their pieces of cheese right to the very end of my own lunch because, if I were to give it all to them in one hit, the little devils would wolf it down and then still take up their positions either side of me and expect some of MY lunch.

They are so greedy!


Week 7 - 52 Weeks of ME 2012 project


I've noticed quite a few bloggers complaining about the new Word Verification that Blogger is now using and I wanted to add my rant too. I mean, seriously, this (see below) is NOT easy to read!!!  Sometimes, it can take me three attempts to get that wonky word right...not to mention it's now TWO words to type instead of just one???!!!

I'm hoping that bloggers will turn off their word verification because it is a real TURN OFF when it comes to leaving comments.  I don't have time to make more than one attempt at getting it right....SO frustrating!  I haven't used word verification on my blog EVER.  For a while, I moderated comments which worked well.  But then Blogger brought in their own Spam Filters some time ago which work pretty darned well so I no longer moderate comments either.  It's very rare that I have to manually delete a SPAM comment that slipped past their filters but, when I do, I click the option to let Blogger know it's Spam so they add that spammer to the list. I guess I won't be able to comment as much as I'd like to on blogs that use Word Verification. I don't understand why Blogger had to change it...the old Word Verification was annoying enough.

So, that's my rant over.

How do you find this new Word Verification??


I hope you all enjoyed a relaxing weekend.

~ Love, light and peace ~


Jane said...

I hate it. And you should try the audio option, about six words amid background interference!

Gwen said...

You seem to have had a very relaxing Sunday, being behind you, my Sunday is just beginning. Those eggs on toast are rather appealing...I am struggling to leave comments, with this very tricky word verification you pointed out...there is always one word which is almost impossible to read, think I turned mine off ages ago. I had better check:)

Julie said...

We eat the same breakfast all the way around the world!!! LOL.

I hate the word verification and am about to blog about it.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Looks like you had a great day. Your furbabies are so sweet. You know how I feel about the word verification. I don't have it on my blog, do I? I switched to the new template the beginning of the year because there are no advanced functions with the old template, and yet there are still things I can't do or that are giving me problems. They keep messing around, fixing one thing and causing problems somewhere else. :/ Have a great new week. Tammy

Toriz said...

I'm glad you had such a great Sunday! :)

I hate word verification in general; it's impossible for me to do, and the audio version often doesn't work, and is VERY tricky to hear when it does. I generally avoid blogs with word verification on them, because it's just too much hastle for me.

Anonymous said...

Very nice sketch and self portrait! And your dogs and cheese story made me grin :)

I agree that the new word verifications are too difficult! When I get words that--with one glance--I can't read, I click that little circular arrow symbol a few times til I get an easier one. I find that much less frustrating than trying to guess. But I still think I'll turn it off on my blog and give that a try...

Gerene said...

Seems that you had an enjoyable Sunday. Yep, dogs are greedy. Mine's the same. One time, he ate the whole burger that I was saving for dinner.

Anyway, I've encountered other accounts (not just in blogs) that requires Word Verification. It can be annoying specially when the eyes require glasses (like mine). Though I haven't checked if my blog is like that.

Carolyn A Pappas said...

The word verification is just one example why I dislike blogger in general. You have no option but to accept whatever changes they make. With Wordpress, which I use, there is WAY more flexibility to do things how I want. I generally don't bother to comment on blogger blogs that have the word verification enabled, or that require me to use my Google id. It's too much of a hassle!

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Hi Serena,

I am back. Wow you really had a busy Sunday eventhough relaxing. :)
Love your latest sketches, the yarn colors on crochet piece you are working on and your new photo!
I uploaded some Belated things onto my blog if you would like to see them. I am now catching up on everyone's blogs. :)
Lots of hugs

sandy said...

The weird thing is I hate the word identification but I have gotten it right every time, even though I'm sure it was probably not right.

Love the sketch - your sketches are always so "clean" and professional. I admire that big time.

Love the self portrait and how cute to feed each dog and pace them...

Sounds like a great day and that afghan is beautiful.

Jennifer Rose said...

i hate the word verification now *shakes fists* it is so annoying and hard to read

Serena Lewis said...

We should get a petition going. lol

Cat - I sometimes have to hit the Refresh symbol 4 to 5 times before I even see a word that MIGHT be do-able. It's a real time waster.

Jane - The audio option isn't always reliable either.

Gerene - I wear glasses for computer and reading so I totally agree. My eyes strain enough as it is.

Sandy - Lucky you. I rarely get it right first time.

I don't think we should have to hit Refresh or Audio to pass a Word Verification test. It shouldn't be that difficult.

DJan said...

That's just the prettiest crochet colors I've seen in a long time. And the breakfast just made me hungry. I have been frustrated with the new word verification and learned that you have to go back to the old Blogger interface to change it; it doesn't exist in the new one! I didn't have it turned on and am impressed with the spam filter. I now moderate comments more than two weeks old, which is where the Anonymous ones seem to slip in...

Love your latest portrait.

Serena Lewis said...

Thanks, Djan. Great idea about only moderating comments more than 2 weeks old as that IS when a spam comment usually slips through. I've gone and changed my settings to do the same.

Cindy Lane said...

Your brekkie, crochet & sketch are all so delicious! And I "hear ya" about the constant lunch companions...My pooch will eat anything I'm havingso long as it's:
1. handed to her (can't touch the floor)
2. bite size pieces (too big and it's dropped, no time to chew anything!)
2. I have to eat a bit of it first (otherwise it's obviously poisoned)

Re: Word verification, at least I CAN comment on people's blogs now. For a time there I was locked out of reading and making comments. Very annoying.

I have found a glass of wine helps with the word deciphering....

Rita said...

I must be daft. I have never had scrambled eggs right on the toast--how fabulous! I'll have to try that.
I love the multicolored blanket. Touched By An Angel was such a good show. :)
Love your sketch! Hope you color it (because you do that so well) and show us the finished page.
I'm hooked on Bookworm. Kind of like a fancy word search game you can play alone.
I've never tried tempeh. Fried tempeh sandwiches--hummm....might be on my list for the next time I make it over to Tochi's. ;) The puppies crack me up! I'd be afraid all that cheese would bind them up--LOL! ;)
You look elegant in the sepia photo! Well, you always look good.
I am planning to blog about the new word verification, too. I am having a terrible time with it with my weak eyesight. Horrible! Hate it! I wonder if there's a place to voice protest...might have to google that.
Have a super week. Be healthy. Stay cool. Love and hugs, my friend!! xoxo

Tracy said...

Oh, what a great Sunday, full of good things all around. And your breakfast plate mirrored my own. ;o) LOVE your pen/ink sketch! The word verification is a headache... literally--some of those codes are almost impossible to read. What are they thinking?! The mind boggles... LOL... Happy new week, Serena ((HUGS))

Nigel said...

I don't think I have it enabled *wanders off to check settings*

I've never seen the point of it myself. I've been blogging for almost 3 years and never had any realm spam, just the odd negative anonymous comment which I ignore.

I guess it makes sense for people who's blogs are contentious and likely to be flamed; politics, etc; but not for art & craft sites.


Carolyn Dube said...

Sunday was a fabulous day- especially those 2 hungry lunch friends. I agree with the blogger thing- I managed to find a widget for wordpress for my blog that only makes you do the word verification if your address is suspicious. I have had several friends try it and they were not asked to do a verification & I have not had the spam (which I did when I had no word verification).Hopefully blogger will realize what a problem it is.

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

The colours on your crocheted works are beautiful!

I too have a food buddy. I never realized how little I ate until I went to eat at a restaurant and had no one to share with.

Kate Robertson said...

I so agree about the captcha from blogger. I have difficulty reading them and the sound version is not much better. I turned mine off long ago. I rarely get any spam that I see it as a service to my readers to leave it off.

I think it discourages commenting. Ok rant over. That crochet blanket looks yummy as does all the food.

Alexandra MacVean said...

Your scrambled eggs on toast looks yummy. I like to do a fried egg on toast as well. :)

And should join Sunday Sketches! Your sketch is totally good! :)

Word Veri? I dislike it too. It seems that peeps who never even used it before now have it and often it takes me 2 times or more to actually get it right! Grrr. :) I turned my off and also hope that others will turn it off as well. They can easily moderate their comments from any potential spam ones. :)

Have a great week!

Shashi Nayagam said...

Love your sketch beautifully done. I don't blam Cody for wanting that toast it looks delicious. I too hate the present word verification. I don't know why they changed the old one as it was working well. I did switch off mine but unfortunately as soon as I did that I started getting spam. So had to go and switch it back on.

Unknown said...

Sounds a lovely day.

I hate it too, but won't turn it off as my blog gets spammed. Please take the time to comment, I'm sure I am not alone appreciating your comments on posts.

Serena Lewis said...

Cindy - Love your sense of humour. Too funny about your pooches preferences when it comes to waiting on food from your plate. lol I will try the glass of wine...if anything, it will at least put me in a better mood when dealing with those dreaded indecipherable words.

Rita - Really? I guess I've had scrambled egg in the centre with toast triangles surrounding it but I end up scooping the scrambled egg onto the toast anyways so may as well do it from the get-go. Much easier. Nope, the cheese doesn't bind them up. Yes, the word verification truly is difficult for people with poor eyesight....I find it hard enough with my reading glasses on.

Thanks so much for your input, Tracy. xo

Nigel, I find the Blogger Spam filters work very well. I rarely need to delete a spam comment that slipped through...Blogger is pretty good at catching them before they reach my blog.

Carolyn - That word verification where they only request it if the address/comment is suspect sounds like a good idea. I sure hope Blogger does something soon. It truly frustrates me no end.

LOL, Sandi....yes, food buddies do eat more than we realise. That's why I need to pace my boys. lol

Thanks for you kind comment on my crochet blanket, Kate. I'll be glad when it's finished. I agree, I know how much I've always hated word verification so I've never used it because I don't want to discourage my readers either. The Blogger Spam filters catch and delete spam comments before they ever reach my blog. I don't understand why it doesn't seem to work that way for other bloggers.

Sophia..I've had fried eggs on toast too and I also love poached eggs on toast. Thanks for the invite to Sunday Sketches. I might join you this Sunday...if this forgetful mind remembers. lol

Shashi and Sue - You could always moderate comments. I used to do that for years and it worked really well. Now, I find I don't need to moderate as the Blogger Spam filters do a great job at weeding out spam. I don't understand why it doesn't work for you? Maybe you have to turn Spam Filters on in the Settings?

Sue, I love to visit your blog and I will certainly attempt to beat the darned Word Verification but, if I fail twice in a row, I'm afraid I'll give up. It's such a time waster and I sure hope Blogger hear the outcry and do something about it. Guess I can always comment on your Facebook instead. :)

Shashi Nayagam said...

I have always moderated my comments and never used to get any spam at all not even in the spam box which by the way blogger turned it on automatically. But they must have done something in their setting which lets spam now filter through. But I need to have the word verification on so that the ones that the spam box doesn't catch don't get through. Perhaps it is one of those things when suddenly there is a barrage of spam attack and one or two get through.

pauline said...

my dearest Serena,

LOVE the sketch (as usual)
hate the word verification (i have mine turned off)
love the little dog faces around your plate... heheheee
love the breakfast (you made me hungry - i'm off to make scrambled eggs now!)
The crochet colours - fabulous
Oh, and the self portrait - you're a beauty! xoxo

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

I turned of the word verification for a week and got over run with spam unfortunately. It's back on sadly.

Eric Adian said...

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