Sunday, 15 December 2013

Painting ornaments

When Aaron was a baby, 
I started painting him a Christmas ornament each year 
which I stopped the year he turned ten.
I then started the tradition for my Granddaughters, 
Mikayla who is now three 
and Madelyn who turned one last month. 

For Madelyn this year, 
we decided on a Santa. 
For Mikayla, 
a snowman. 

I started with some rough sketches.

After sketching directly onto the ornament, 
I did some blocking in. 

Here's a hot tip - 
Red can be a fairly transparent colour and therefore 
difficult to get a nice, solid block of colour. 
I use orange paint in my first couple of layers 
as it blocks in quite nicely. 
Then I paint with red over the top. 
Works like a charm!

The back of the ornament.

I also paint up a matching gift box each year.
I keep the gift boxes very simple
as time doesn't always allow me to be fancy.
I always say I'll paint the ornaments and gift boxes
in June or July but it never happens.
Maybe next year...

I was so eager to finish Mikayla's ornie 
that I completely forgot to take 
step-by-step photos, sorry.

Google Plus added snow for me!

If you're interested in seeing Mikayla's and Madelyn's
Christmas ornaments from previous years 
check out the following links -

Now, I can get back to varnishing 
the multi-canvas I painted for Reece. 

Busy, busy.....

Does this count for Sunday Sketches, I wonder?
I did sketch the ornament designs.


Rita said...

These are just great! You are so talented!! They are really going to treasure these.
Glad to see you have been busy creating. Can hardly wait to see the finished bonsai tree when it's done, too.
Love and hugs!! :):)

GlorV1 said...

Wow, I can't believe that Mikalya is going into her 4th Christmas. I remember when you were getting things ready for her. Blankets, painting this and that for her, quiliting blankets. Wow, time does pass Serena. Beautiful ornaments and I'm sure they too will follow your tradition. Happy Holidays to you ahead of time in case I don't see you. Very nice post. Take care.

Carol said...

Those are great ornaments!!! I looked back at the previous years too. They will cherish them ♥

Vicki Miller said...

These are beautiful and wonderful keepsakes.

Tarang Sinha said...


Shashi Nayagam said...

Oh how lovely and adorable ornaments

Neesie said...

(Not sure if my first comment went through or not)
Gorgeous idea and such a special thing for you to create Serena,
I love the idea...thanks for sharing. You've made me feel so festive this morning HO HO HO! ;D

Everydaythings said...

just gorgeous, and I think Mikhala will treasure these in christmases to come!

Victoria said... beautifully done..l.they are stunning and very special!
So wonderful to see the whole process...gorgeous! They are so fantastic..such treasures!
HUgs and happy creating kindred! Shine on!!

Anonymous said...

Those are simply lovely and what a great tradition. I love the tip about red...that is fantastic to know.

Ginny said...

Serena, these are beautiful. I know the girls will treasure them always. I love the addition of the Google snow. Just the right touch for this time of year.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

What a wonderful and beautiful tradition. They are so lovely. This is quite heartwarming :)

Merlesworld said...

Every one would be original and they could be family treasures for many years, what a good idea.

Abigail Davidson said...

Wow, those ornaments are just darling! Such a sweet tradition!

Julie said...

Serena! As usual, you have outdone yourself! These are so sweet and special!!!!!

deeps said...

such a sweet mom...

Serena Lewis said...

Thank you, everyone. xo