Sunday, 12 June 2011

My last official 'Pay It Forward' gift has been received by Norma... i'm in the clear to post it to my blog now.

norma told me that she loved the mexican bird of paradise and silly me didn't know there were different varieties so i painted this one which, apparently, is the hawaiian bird of paradise....NOT the same thing.  sorry, norma.
acrylics/mixed media on 8"x10" gallery-wrapped canvas
© serena lewis

norma let me know the package arrived yesterday and she was very happy with the goodies i sent so i can breathe a sigh of relief at last.

i've included some step-by-step images of the painting process below
i roughly sketched the subject directly onto the canvas, then proceeded to apply the first layer of the background colour using a paint 'wash and dab' technique

after the second background layer was applied, i roughly blocked in the first layer of flower and leaves

then i started some shading, lighting and detailing

another layer with more detailing....and then, to finish, i collaged some decorative card-stock on the left side and did a little detailing on the paper design also

the side view showing the edge design

the 'pay it forward' challenge called for 5 recipients and i'm happy to say that has now been completed....YAY!!  thankfully, there was no deadline with this challenge because it took me over a year to complete all the gifts.   heck, how was i to know it was going to be such a crazy busy year at the time i signed up to participate?!   i would like to extend a special THANKS to all my gift recipients for their patience....

...and a happy weekend to all!

~ love, light and peace ~


  1. Wow! That is stunning! The colors just seem to jump off the canvas. I really like this painting, and the addition of the patterned paper along the side just adds to the beauty.

  2. Serena I think this is SO fact I think it's my favourite painting so far! I love the way you collaged the card stock and then continued the pattern around the side. Lucky Norma! You have such amazing talent and I'm getting the painting bug again, just looking at this.

    I'm really hoping that you're feeling a bit better than you have been recently. (I'm sending lots of healing thoughts your way, just in case).

  3. I like the way you've finished this one, adds a new dimension.

  4. Oh Serena--look at that color!! Beautiful!!

  5. Beautiful painting Serena! I love how you use colors, always so bright, warm and happy!
    I am sure the recipient of this gift must be singing and loving it.
    Your grand-daughter looks adorable on the previous post! I love babies and their smell, not to mention their super soft skin. Enjoy your little one!
    Happy Sunday dear!

  6. Hi Serena, I hope you are feeling well. Your painting is lovely. The side border gives it an extra special finished look. Great work! I'm sure all the recipients of your handmade gifts were quite pleased with their goodies. Hope your day is good. Best wishes, Tammy

  7. Oh, Serena! That is a gorgeous painting and I love when you show the in-progress shots!! Now I am going to have to check google images to see what the difference is. I'm going to learn something new today. :)

    I am still absolutely in love with my daisy painting. I bask in the bright, cheeriness of it every single day. Anyone would be blessed to own any piece of your art!

    You did have a busy, busy year. Let's hope this coming year is a bit calmer, eh? Or that it is only busy with the good stuff. :):)

  8. Oh wow, you did this flower justice, so much! its gorgeous!

  9. Hi Serena,

    I love my gifts! Thank you again for your kindness! I love the Hawaiian Bird of Paradise. So don't worry if it is Hawaiian or Mexican....I love them all! :)

  10. very pretty :D love the background blues
    and timtams! i really want to try those, use to be able to find them here but no one has them anymore :/ hubby says they are great :)

  11. What a beautiful gift! The orange on that blue is just outstanding!!! Gorgeous painting, Serena!

  12. This is really beautiful Serena. Vibrant and very professional. Great job. Hope all is good with you and that you are feeling better. Take care.

  13. Beautiful painting Serena.

    Sorry haven't been by - life :?