Saturday, 15 November 2008

farewell to 'water' week


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my art for today focuses on elements we covered in water week. 'seeing' with clear eyes, the butterfly symbolising transformation and growth, and words that we focused on...and release of clutter, release of negative emotions.


affirmation for today - WHO I AM IS ENOUGH, JUST AS I AM

today signalled the last day of water week and it certainly has been quite a week. we have been drought-declared for a long time and the little rain we get is few and far if on cue, the beginning of water week started with a storm and we have had good downpours of rain, on and off, throughout the week....the lawn is actually green instead of straw-coloured. my dishwasher was on the blink just prior to the beginning of water week which found me at the sink more often during this past week but i didn't complain once. i'm grateful that the dishwasher is fixed now but i'm also grateful for the time i spent washing up by hand and being more aware of water and its purpose. this week has been all about clearing our emotions, our body and environment.

today, i met with a stranger to gift her with three stacks of home decorating magazines that i've been collecting over the past few years. i made the decision to give them away during my clutter clearing frenzy and it felt so good that i was helping others in the process. OH, and the synchronicity for today - we met at a shopping centre and the art shop there was having a massive sale on gallery-wrapped canvasses so i bought some....YAY!

today, denise speaks of making choices that can have a huge impact on our lives as well as letting go of 'victim thinking'. we learn how to ask 'noble' questions instead of 'unworthy' questions. an unworthy question might be "why am i always struggling to make ends meet?" the universe doesn't differentiate so will focus on the negative and will draw more of that into your world. a noble question would be "how can i feel even more abundant?" the universe then recognises that you already feel abundant and, as mentioned in a previous post, what you feel and put out there, will come back to you. it's all in the asking.

i've spoken on 'victim thinking' in a previous post so, a quick recap.....some people go round carrying the burden of something that happened to them a long time ago and they allow it to continually effect their lives in a negative way. however, they have the power to choose, in an instant, to lighten their load of that excess baggage. the reality is that the past no longer exists. they have already been through the experience in their past and there is no need to keep on re-living it. the burden they carry is just a memory in their mind and they have the power to release it and bring about miraculous change and healing in their life.

by focusing fully on the present moment, entering the stillness and showing sincere gratitude is key to leading an authentic life.

i hope that water week has been an enlightening experience for you.

PS - i would like to say a very sincere thank you for all the well wishes i received on my back pain. i was blown away by your care and concern. (((hugs to you all)))

love, light and peace


Genie Sea said...

I have foudn myself eagerly awaiting your post. Then I refreshed, and there is was! YaY!

How beautifully your artwork encapsulates water week!

Thank you for the reaffirmation that the choice is ours, and what we long for is there waiting to be accepted!

It's all in the asking. Yes this will be my mantra.

Thank you Serena, for this and all the beautiful gems you have left for me on my blog! :)♥

Art and Poetry said...

Nice positive post!

Suzie Ridler said...

The burden is in the past. We are free of it today. I needed to hear that, thank you. I've had a lot of burdens lately and living in the past is dangerous. I will continue to work on today and feel blessed.

Way to go letting go of those mags! Does your life feel lighter now? I bet it does! I still hope your back continues to heal and feel better.

Jamie Ridler said...

It's so amazing how the elements show up like they do when we focus on them! I guess that brings a positive perspective to washing the dishes :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is all in the asking and I loved how you described the "victim" thinking, much more clearer than how I explain it... thank you! Blessings, Nicole x

PS: your drawing is gorgeous!

Caroline said...

Beautiful drawing! I love coming by to see what you have created. This is a wonderful post...I am really looking forward to tomorrow!

Miss Robyn said...

this Art Soul coaching book that you are creating through your journey, is going to be brilliant! I love your art work every day - thankyou for sharing it with us.

I bought A New Earth yesterday.. will email you about it...

I am going to try to focus on the now with my cancer.. I know I can do it.. just got to get past the physical side effects.. but I can do it.. thankyou for encouraging me and inspiring me.. love and blessings to you always xox

(ps, good to hear you got some rain. I know how dry it is up there!)

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Loving each and every piece. I know I must have said that before but I ´m still loving each and every one! :)

frustrated artist said...

This line in your post "the reality is that the past no longer exists" is so important and so true. Yet so difficult for the emotional self to internalize as we relive the past in our minds. WOW! What insight!

Unknown said...

A big Hug to you too. Love the butterfly. When I see butterflies everywhere I know I am in a transformational stage.

sandy said...

This is THE most beautiful image...I love it. Enjoyed reading you too, and droughts, we are having the same problem which is helping to fuel the fire problems in so cal.

Serena Lewis said...

Thank you all once again for your continued support and encouragement on my soul journey.

Suzie, giving those mags away certainly did make me feel uplifted and lighter. :)

love, light and peace,

Anonymous said...

Ahhh ... contentment ... once achieved can bring great peace and a feeling of not-lacking :)

*The illustration is so packed with meaning and beauty :)

Margaret Ann said...

Another amazing piece...The eyes are so hauntingly beautiful!