Wednesday, 22 August 2007

This and That ~

I've been very busy over the past week so sorry I haven't posted before now.

NEWSFLASH - We are finally getting some rain!!! It has even fallen in our dam catchment areas which means we are now given an extra week of grace before being hit with Level 6 water restrictions. I'm not looking forward to that.

This week, I decided to refurbish the desk in my room. This poor old desk has been through the mill as far as makeovers its original state, it was a timber laminate look with black desktop (never got a pic so you will have to use your imagination). My sister was throwing it out because it had seen better days so I decided to take it and do what I could to give it a new lease on was then changed to purples and pinks for my daughter's room.

My daughter eventually relinquished it to me and I quickly changed it to whites and pinks when I went through my Shabby Chic phase......

In recent months, I refurbished it in greens but then felt it clashed with, more than matched, my room so I changed it yet again.

It's finally ended up like this to fit in better with the sea/beach theme of my bedroom.......

What do you think?

Today, I had one of my students over to paint and, unbeknowns to her, to celebrate her birthday which was yesterday. We had a lovely morning and feasted on pavlova! Angie also bought me a lovely bunch of tulips as a housewarming gift. Thank you so much, Angie!!!
Aren't they lovely?! I've taken lots of pics so you may well see them featured in a future painting.

Well that's all for now but stay tuned for my next post where I will tell you about the emu in the fence. ;) Admit it, you're dying of curiosity, aren't you???!!! Remember, patience is a virtue.....


  1. Hi Serena,
    Your desk's makeover reminds me of my current art table,which was originally my parents-in-laws first dining table, then became our childrens change table (we put thick foam & vinyl on top), later became an outdoor table, storage table, before ending up as my work table for art :)It's had several different coats of paint!
    Well done, & I love your tulips, one of my favourite flowers.
    bye, Maria

  2. Love your little dog, Cody. Very cute :) How old is he now? Still mischievious?
    regards Maria

  3. Your art table and my desk have certainly had a lot of lives, haven't they? :)

    Cody is nine months old now and still very mischievious. I can never get mad at him though. lol

  4. Great decorating and I like your studio. Wish mine looked that neat.

  5. Thank you, Nancy....bear in mind, my studio has only just been set up here so, give me a month and it will be, at the very least, organised chaos. ;)

  6. What a cool desk! I love what you've done with it over the years. What a lucky piece of furniture.

    Oh I'm glad you finally got a little rain. We've been getting so much here...I often think of Oz and with I could transfer some to you.

  7. Thanks, Jessica, and that's very sweet of will probably be ages before we get any more rain but, at least, this past week certainly gave us enough water to get some green back into our lawns.


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