Monday, 12 May 2008

Happy Mother's Day!!

I hope all the Mum's out there had a terrific Mother's Day! I had a lovely, quiet one at home with the kids, minus Michelle, and my Mum and Dad. I made a nice hot lunch and we played cards in the afternoon. I missed not seeing Michelle this year but, to be fair, Alex's Mum missed out last year spending Mother's Day with him so it's only right that we take turn. Michelle did call me in the morning so that was great!

Here is a pic of the new slippers Aaron bought for me. They are so comfortable and sure to keep my tootsies warm as toast in winter.

I leave you with a saying I like by Elizabeth Stone -

Making the decision to have a child is momentous.
It is to decide forever to have your heart go on
walking around outside your body.


  1. The hearts walking around outside you body keep multiplying too! With the advent of grandkids! LOL. Sounds like your Mothers Day was great! I like your toasty new slippers!!!

  2. Glad to hear you are feeling better Serena and could enjoy your day. Love those new slippers (and those cute pjs!) Happy Mother's Day to you. Thanks for sharing that great quote.

  3. Love those slippers! Anything lavender would make me smile! Happy Mother's Day a little late.

  4. Hey, I have purple pj's too! Love your slippers. They look soft & cozy.
    Love the quote & so true!
    I'm late too, but Happy Mother's Day, Serena :-)

  5. I have flannel pjs like that too...except mine are pink with hello kitty and they are SOOOOOOOO COMFY!!!!


  6. I'm looking forward to having grandkids, Julie, and I will no doubt agree with you. :)

    Thanks for dropping by, juj ~ :)

    I thought you might like the lavender colours, Janet ~ :)

    I love flannelette pj's...they are so soft and warm. Michelle bought me this pair and a green and turquoise pair for my birthday earlier this year. Cool that you have a purple pair too, Maria! :)

    You got that right, Jessica! :)

  7. A great gift - and a perfect color! Glad you enjoyed your day!!

  8. Those footsies look so comfortable. Is purple your favorite color? This picture makes me smile ... how adorable you must look with those cute pajamas and purple footsies. :)


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