Thursday, 15 May 2008

Rainbow Lorikeet - Work In Progress - Stage Four

I didn't get to work on the painting yesterday due to another specialist visit but, today, I did manage some time in the afternoon. I worked on the mug of tea and I'm fairly happy with it. Still more work to do on the arm and sleeve. I did get the bird's beak blocked in today and ready for more layers. I'm eager to get to the bird but the zebra painting is also calling to me. I sure wish there was more time in the day.
Acrylics on canvas - Unfinished

I meant to post these pics a week ago. When Michelle and Alex stayed overnight for Skye's 18th party, we had extra mattresses spread out on the floor. Aaron decided to make good use of them the next day. Here he is in his 'tent'. lol

And with his partner-in-crime, Cody


  1. Such cute photos, Serena :-) Looks like Aaron had lots of fun!
    Have a great weekend. We have our Show holiday tomorrow, so no work. We'll go in the afternoon,

    Maria xoxo

  2. Serena your painting is looking great. Quite a feat to get all those elements to come together so well. A lot of different textures!

    Photos remind me of making tents myself when I was a child. Hey, I still am!!!:)

  3. Fab work on that cuppa Serena!

  4. It's fascinating to watch this painting in progress; great stuff! Looking forward to seeing the zebras again, too.
    Looks like your son and mine (he's 10) would have a great time together. Our playroom has been turned into "fort central".
    Hey, thanks for the feedback on my Mylar piece. I think I'm going to go ahead with your advice!

  5. The cup and table are great - you captured the reflection perfectly!

  6. Hey Mum, that cup of tea looks so real I couldn't get over it. You keep out doing yourself!! Can't wait for the rest of it.

    Luv Shell xxx

  7. Serena, the cup and the table is absolutely incredible! They look so real ... wow! Such skill you have, lady! :)

    *C and I love Aaron's tent. C spotted the RC car, "Hey, Aaron has an RC car!"

  8. I have not wandered over hewre in a while....glad I did tonite, because this is really beautful! I used to have a bird who thought he was a dog! They are so smart and funny! He used to try and drink my coffee!

    Hope all is well for you Serena!

  9. I love these pictures!!!

    Oh, and I sent you 2 lentil recipes. Enjoy!


  10. I don't know whose having more fun there, Aaron or Cody.. Can't wait to see the finish the Rainbow Lorikeet...It's coming along beautifully and I hope you are feeling much better now. Sorry you've been so ill...Ro

  11. That last photo is so adorable!!! I rememebr the days of building tents with my it's time to start again with my grands!!!


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