Monday, 18 August 2008

books i'm reading

it's a cold, bleak day here in brissie! brrrrrrrr! the perfect weather to curl up in bed with a good book. i love to read and i can have up to five books on the go at any given time. currently, the books on my bedside table are eat, pray, love by elizabeth gilbert, a new earth by eckhart tolle, a creative journal by lucia capacchione and awaken the giant within by anthony robbins. eagerly waiting in the wings to be promoted to my bedside table are into the wild by jon krakauer, a thousand splendid suns by khaled hosseini, stillness speaks by eckhart tolle and creating a life worth living by carol lloyd. what can i say? i LOVE books!

we had a lovely weekend. i hope you did too. brad's 25th birthday was on friday so, on sunday, we had michelle, alex, mum and dad over for lunch. i made chicken korma curry with rice for the omnivores and a veggie stir-fry with noodles for me though everyone did try the noodle dish and enjoyed it too.

no painting pics to show you yet so i thought i'd show you a couple of pics of cody. he loves jumping on top of all the throw blankets in my wardrobe and having a snooze while i get ready in the mornings. he leads such a hard life.....poor thing. lol


  1. I can hear the Aussie accent in that first sentence! :) How are you finding the Carole Lloyd book, is it useful? I admit I haven't worked my way through it as you are supposed to but I found it really motivating.

  2. Wow, you really love books!! The only books I'm reading at the moment are art-related. I would love to make time and just read a sloppy romance :-)

    Your Cody is so cute! What a hard life eh?

  3. LOL, Felicity! Yep, we Aussies tend to shorten long words and lengthen the short words. I haven't started the Carol Lloyd book yet but I am looking forward to it. I love books that motivate me.

    You're not wrong, Maria! lol Ah yes, poor little Cody is so hard done by....LOL

  4. I do the same thing....I usually have several books going at once. My husband thinks I'm crazy and always asks me how I keep them straight in my mind.

    Cody is so cute!! I'm sure he is spoiled rotten.

  5. Cody looks so comfy. It is nice seeing our animal friends content and happy. It makes your heart sing.

    You are reading a lot. I need to read more than art books too. :)


  6. So you had a birthday to celebrate recently, too? Happy Birthday, Brad. Cody looks adorable in his special place- snug as a bug! Doesn't take much to make dogs happy, huh? If we humans only appreciated the simple things like dogs do-LOL

    Fay stayed away and is wrecking havoc in other areas of FL. Lucky us and poor them :(

  7. Excellent blog - beautiful post greetings to you

  8. Janet - my kids wonder how I manage to keep track of that many books at once but, somehow, I do manage it. :)

    Becky - I'm a typical bookworm and I'm glad to see that it's rubbed off onto three of my kids, at least. :)

    Thanks, Linda...I'll pass your birthday wishes onto Brad...he'll be stoked! You are so right about a dog's contentment. We could learn a lot from our animal friends. :)

    Thank you, s-press! :)

  9. I so enjoyed Eat Pray Love! I went to Italy not too long after I read it so her story lingered in my mind as I traveled. My word in Italy became "Andiamo" Let's go

  10. It is a good book, Robin! I'm up to the third section on her experience in Indonesia. How neat that you had your own 'Italy' experience!

  11. Such a cute pup!!
    You make me want to get reading again. :)

  12. Browsing through - I'll stop here adn comment since it's the bottom of the page - LOVE those zebras! I, too, am a reader. Eat Pray Love is a wonderful book, as is A Thousand Splendid Suns. I have recently come upon Life is a Verb from another blog and am entranced by it (Patty Digh). Just finished another Anne Lamott fiction - but I have to say I like her non fiction better. And One by Natalie Goldberg whom I love! Nothing like a great book (or two or three!)


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