Tuesday, 26 August 2008

more projects

yesterday, i painted a couple of coats of gesso on the next canvas project. this one is a gift for my nephew's birthday next month. it will be a large, chinese symbol on a textured background - 24"x24". my nephew's favourite colour is orange....can't seem to get away from that colour! lol

i also put a coat of gesso on some papier mache tags which is part of a project ro organised for our email group. while ro doesn't have the tag project on her blog, she does have another one which is on my 'to do' list also. pop on over there if you want to check it out. you won't be disappointed.

.....and today, i woke with a rotten headache that hasn't wanted to leave me all day despite taking medication. anyways, i basecoated the tags and now they are ready for the fun part.....decorating! aaron is doing his own set but hasn't decided on his colours yet.

what did you get up to today? keep it clean now ~ :)


  1. I hope you headache is gone today! A stubborn headache that hangs on can sure suck the joy out of the day. Can't wait to see the progress with your new projects. I had to look at the zebra painting again- just love that piece so much!

  2. I've been seeing a lot of orange on blogs recently! I even did a collage a few days ago with orange and it isn't one of my usual colors.

    My colors are more what you have on the tags at the bottom. I do love purple!

  3. Thanks, Linda. It ended up bordering on a migraine so I went to bed early with more medication and I've woken up with a clear head this morning....well, as clear as my head can be...lol

    Janet, if I had to choose a favourite colour, it would be blues, purples and greens (my bedroom colours). However, I seem to love working in different colours though. My lounge and kitchen lean towards accents of orange and red with turquoise/blue. Hard to believe, I used to decorate in Shabby Chic. lol

  4. What did I do today?
    I went to work only to find that the NYPD closed off entire block around my office building. The only way in was through the freight entrance.


    Apparently there was a problem with the scaffolding and 2 window washers were stuck outside the 30th floor. The police had to cut a hole in the window to get them off the side of the building.

    I do hope your headache has gone away by now.

  5. What an interesting start to your day, Jessica....I hope the rest of your day went well. I'm glad the window cleaners were okay. Back in June, a window cleaner in Melbourne died when he fell 12 metres and, in the same month on the Gold Coast here in Queensland, a 20 year old window cleaner fell 12 floors (25 metres) and would have died but for an awning which broke his fall. Scary stuff, huh?!

    Yes, the headache cleared, thanks ~

  6. Glad your head has cleared...looking forward to seeing what you do with your tags.

  7. I woke up to a cute little chihuahua licking my leg!

  8. As a person who is not visually artistic (I write and cook but don't paint or sculpt, etc) I love getting a glimpse into the mind of someone who is. Your work really blows me away.

    Well, today has just begun for me and I've been running errands, nothing too exciting.

    Glad to know you liked the Prayer Call Pancakes!

  9. I got up early and took my son to school --then went for a 30 min. walk in the country. Then I came home and filled out a government application for a tax number that I need to have to participate in my first art show! That application gave me a headache ...Glad to hear your's is better! I love the colors of your tags and I'll check back to see your progress on the canvas.

  10. Thanks, Nic ~ :)

    What a sweet start to the day, Julie ~ :)

    Thanks for dropping by, VV, and for the wonderful comment. Hopefully, you day got a little more exciting when running errands. Your vegan food blog is definitely a favourite of mine ~ :)

    I envy that walk in the country, judybec. Congratulations on your first show....how exciting that must be for you, apart from all the red tape causing headaches, of course. Thanks for your comment ~ :)

  11. Great to see those tags coming along, love the colours. Tell Aaron he's not off the hook, I want to see his as well... ;o) Ro

  12. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  13. I'm having fun with the tags. Aaron is keen to start his but this week he had to do school assignments so he is going to make up for it when the weekend arrives. YAY!

  14. I had a lazy couple days watching DVDs--hehe! I am surprised you got all that done with a bad headache. I'm glad it is better. :)

  15. I hope the rotten headache has left you, Serena. I hope it doesn't follow you around like that color orange :D

    I like to hear you and Aaron doing projects together. I think it's so sweet :)

  16. Thanks, Rita ~ :)

    Thanks, Luci ~ :)


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