Thursday, 19 March 2009



i'm half-irish and half-scottish but, on st. paddy's day earlier this week, i wasn't sitting at a pub drinking green beer, nor was i dancing an irish jig at a celebration party.....instead, i was perched in a chair at the tattoo parlour getting INKED!!!

it is my 50th birthday present to myself. originally, i had planned on getting a wolf tattoo on my ankle however, marty, the tattoo artist said my wolf design would be great if enlarged but, being small and detailed, it would end up looking like a black blob in a few years time. i didn't want a large design on my ankle so i decided to leave off the wolf tattoo. anyways, i ended up designing a spiral symbol which holds spiritual meaning for me. it's a stylised double spiral which, in celtic tradition, symbolises balance and equality. for me, it's about going within and connecting with my Higher Self/Source bringing balance and harmony to my life.

it might not everyone's cup of tea but I LOVE IT!!!

yes, it hurt but it was a bearable pain,
kinda like the initial part of a bee sting but repeated over and over
would i get another?

beau designed his tattoo as well and it looked AWESOME!

then, to top off an already great day, i arrived home from getting my tattoo done to find a gift in the letterbox which i had won on julie's blog giveaway. i LOVE the colours in this needlepoint...thank you, julie!!!

today, i had actually planned to work on some art in the studio but first i visited a few blogs. robyn's blog was one of them and she gave a link to another blog which was fantastic so i spent a while browsing there. that blog gave some links to other blogs which were also fantastic so i ended up browsing those too. before i knew it, half my day had gone blog-hopping. i think that, if i'm to get any art done at all, i really need to limit my time at this computer! lol

love, light and peace


  1. VERY COOL Serena!! Looks great! So does this mean it's your birthday? I thought you mentioned you'd be getting it done on that special occasion ... glad it wasn't too painful:) I am finally catching up with my loyal blog friends! Thanks so much for watching my video on YT & glad you liked the demo:) I love your affirmation card below, so pretty! Have a wonderful weekend coming up, cheers, Maria

  2. OH! The tat is marvelous! Almost everyone I know who has gotten on tat has gotten multiple tats. :)

    Beau looks very relaxed in the photo for someone who is getting bee pricked many many times! LOL

  3. Your tattoo is lovely!

  4. I love your tatoo!!! It looks great. Isn't it an exhilarating experience? I am so happy for you. Way to go! Love it!!!!

  5. That's a great tattoo!

    I'm half Irish, quarter French and a quarter Scottish. Seems to be a common blend.

    BTW...I love the shoes! You so don't look 50. Amazing.

  6. That is a cool tatoo and I am glad you had a lovely Birthday.

  7. Happy Birthday! I'm going to be fifty-eleven next weekend and I have $$ (in trade) with a wonderful D.C. tattoo artist. I just can't think what I want yet. I definitely want an ankle tattoo, tho. Now you've got me all excited about it again. =]

  8. Firstly...Happy Birthday! You look fab!
    I love the design you created, so simple and yet, so deep.

  9. Balance and Harmony! What a wonderful thing to carry around with you--awesome!! I'd love to see Beau's finished tattoo, also. Happy birthday!! Was this your actual date of birth--the 17th--Saint Patrick's celebration day? :)

  10. Well ya got it done! Good for you and it looks great.

    Beau'x looks cool too. I know how it is getting stuck at blogs and then getting nothing done. I do that all the time.

  11. ooops and happy birthday...50th..milestone..

  12. I love your tatoo, Serena!!! Love your sandals also!!! Happy 5-0!!!

  13. Love it! How awesome! You got inked on St. Paddy's. Makes me want to get another one!

  14. Thanks, everyone....your comments are always so supportive and encouraging and I so appreciate them.

    Yes, was my early birthday present. My actual birthday is the 23rd. :)

    Genie - I think Beau was trying to zone out from the pain and also trying to put on a brave face as he knew it would be my turn next. lol

    Thank you, Tabitha!

    Thanks, Breedale and yes, I felt exhilerated when I walked out of the tattoo parlour. It felt like I had passed an initiation. lol

    Awww, you are too kind, Chocoholic...thank you.

    Thanks, Shashi!

    Thanks, Tammy, and oh how lucky that you have a little 'trade $$' lined up with a tattoo artist. Please post your tattoo if you get it done. I would LOVE to see it!

    Thanks so much, Anita ~ :)

    Thanks,, my actual birthday is the 23rd ~ :)

    Thanks, Jennifer ~ :)

    Thanks, Sandy. I'm glad I'm not the only one who loses a lot of time blog hopping.

    Thanks, Julie!

    Thanks, Caroline....getting inked on St. Paddy's day will certainly make it easier to remember.

  15. Your spiral looks great--you'll get that wolf, yet! Happy happy Birthday to you (even thought it is coming at cha late).

  16. You are brave (: I love your tattoo though, looks great and I agree Beau looks pretty relaxed for getting all those bee stings!

  17. A beautiful design...I love the first photo of you getting the work done! Awesome! :)

  18. Nice tattoo Serena, you're braver than I. Would love to see Beau's tattoo when it's all healed... ;o)

  19. oooo aaaaaa i love your tattoo

  20. Congrats! and Happy Birthday! Continue to celebrate all week or month long!(heck that's what I am doing) I am so proud of you! Your tattoo looks terrific!

  21. I like your tattoo, Serena. It looks simple and elegant: a classy tattoo! :)

  22. YAY!!! congrats on the tattoo!!!!
    I love it and it suits you very well.


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