Monday, 16 March 2009

mantra monday and photo-a-week


i had a hard time thinking of ideas for my affirmation card this week until, earlier today, when i got to thinking about michelle's and beau's birthdays this month which, got me to thinking about motherhood, which got me to thinking about my femininity and how much i LOVE being female.

so my affirmation for the card this week is

acrylics on 5"x3½" CANSON ACRYLIC paper
click on any image to enlarge


again, i felt like i had nothing to show for my photo this week but, this afternoon, brad and i walked to school to pick aaron up. on the way back, i spotted an australian bottlebrush tree in bloom. my dilemma solved....YAY!

australian bottlebrush tree

australian bottlebrush flower - close up
definitely worth clicking on for the close up view

then, around 5PM, we had quite a bad storm move through. it went from sunlight to eerie darkness in minutes. i snapped a pic of the sky before the downpour started.

we ended up having another storm around 7:30PM and it lasted for some time which is why i'm only just now finding time to do my post at 10PM.

tomorrow is the big day! i get my very first tattoo!!! SCREAM!!! that's a scream of eagerness and excitement though, tomorrow, it may well be replaced with screams of pain. lol i ended up designing a very simple symbolic tattoo and i'll be sure to post a pic when it's all healed up.

love, light and peace


  1. awesomely beautiful affirmation card serena!!! i totally connect with your mantra of embracing our feminine selves, my study in what i find beautiful and cultural beauty is truly helping me embrace my femininity and beauty. through this i am planning to get a henna pattern tattoo!!! fun fun fun!!! i love how ornate and decorative henna can be, which brings me to ask you, have you gotten your tattoo yet??? hee hee!!! just curious!!! i absolutely loves your mantra card for that too...

    so does this mean that i actually have a mantra monday post up??? yes yes YES!!! yipppeeee!!! ha ha ha!!! thank YOU so much serena for being such an awesome contributor!!! i super appreciate it!!! it's FUN when others play too!!!

    peace and love to you!!!

  2. Oh! I adore your affirmation card, and how beautifully you display it!

    The photo are stunning! What an interesting blossom! I have never seen anything like it before! Not only do you thrill with your art, and photography, you educate! :)

    I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to see your tat. :)

  3. The pictures are beautiful!! Isn't it your birthday or close to it? Happy Birthday!!!

  4. I'm living on the wrong continent. Those are incredible flowers!

  5. I love the bottlebrush flowers...we don't have them here. I saw a pastel one time on ebay, done by a lady in Australia...and bid on it. Got it and love it...then, I had to buy several more of her lovely pics... I wish the prices on her Kookaburras wouldn't go so high..they are always cute.... maybe I should check out ebay again some day..maybe prices are down a bit with the economy....

  6. The bottlebrush is lovely, but the storm clouds do look threatening, don't they? Very dramatic photo!!!

  7. I am so excited to see and hear about your tatoo!!! They are addictive and I promise they don't hurt nearly as much as people think they do. I have three of them and of course I want more. I am so happy and excited for you. Thank you also for the kind thoughts you left on my page. It means a lot! I watched Australia the other day and really liked learning about your country. I thought of your while I was watching. The bottle brush tree picture is amazing. I love the name because it absolutely looks like a bottle brush. Very nice imagery! The storm pictures are great too. I look forward to seeing more of them as the seasons begin to change again.

  8. thanks for your wonderful post and compliments, jenn!

    thanks, genie! the australian bottlebrush is a native of's a very hardy plant specifically suited to hot and dry (drought) areas.

    thank you, tabitha! my birthday is actually on the 23rd but my tattoo is my early birthday present to myself.

    thanks, chocoholic....we certainly do get some unusual varieties of plants and animals here in australia.

    thanks, vee. kookaburras are in my top three favourite birds. we get one or two sitting on our fence almost on a daily basis. they are definitely cute!

    thanks, mary. yep, those storm clouds were indeed threatening. luckily we didn't get any hail.

    thanks, breedale. in less than three hours, beau and i will be sitting at the tattoo shop. i'm so excited!

  9. I don't know what I like best - the bottle brush bush, the affirmation card (what a great idea), or the moody storm clouds! Good luck with your tattoo - now I'm curious about the symbol!

  10. that is a gorgeous tree, great colour to it. :) lovely storm shot. good luck with the tattoo. if you think you are going to scream or twitch, let the tattoo artist know (shouldn't scream though, haven't seen anyone scream, say oww a bit, but not scream), as it might mess up the tatt (better safe then sorry).

    I like being female, but there are certain aspects I could really do without :/ (too TMI for someone else blog ;) )

  11. The card is lovely, the bush is just beautiful and the storm clouds are beautiful in a dark sort of way, all are wonderful subjects, thank you for sharing!!

  12. Very beautiful bottlebrush bloom!!! Clase-up is awesome!

    Happy Tatoo Day!!! I will be nervous for you all day!!!

  13. I can hardly wait to see your tattoo! (Much braver than I!) You have the most unusual plants down under--hehe! Beautiful card, too. :):)

  14. scream!'re brave.

    Nice photos and I like your Mantra card. It's beautifully soft and colorful..

  15. Great pics. Love the card. I like the bottlebrush. It usually has a lot of great insects in it. I have 6 tattoos. Good luck!

  16. Love you Monday mantra cards, this one is no exception. Very nice!

    And what a wonderful bush! Lovely!

  17. Beautiful affirmation card! I love being a woman, too. Can't imagine being a man-LOL! Ewwww.....

    I have a friend that has a bottle brush tree in her yard. So pretty in the summer, but very strange looking in the winter.

    Awesome photo of the approaching storm. I love photos like that. Sure wish our sky would look like that someday soon. Our drought continues- water restrictions and brown brittle lawns- sigh...

  18. Love the card! Wow that storm is pretty cool too. I love a good thunderstorm...especially the way the air smells.

    Good luck with the tattoo!!!! Can't wait to see it.

  19. I love your mantra card this week. I look forward to seeing what you do for Mondays! Good luck with the tat

  20. Good luck with the tatoo - you're so brave!

  21. The flowers are very pretty -- I love bottlebrush blooms - but that sky is SO dramatic. Great shot.

  22. The card, the flowers and even the storm clouds are beautiful. However it is the tattoo that I wish too see.
    Sending you lotsa of loving and healing wishes!

  23. I always thought your bottle brushes were always pretty.
    The season are changing and Friday will be first day of spring for us and down under the first day of fall.
    But it always works out.

    Coffee is on.

  24. That storm looks really nasty. Do you get tornadoes where you are?

    I hope you are well.

  25. Excellent photos, I saw something very similar to the bottle brush on the drive home today I'll have to go back and get a better look. That storm photo does look very menacing.

  26. ooohhh...that affirmation is simple yet so hits home with me now.

    lovely .

  27. Your affirmation cards are so beautifully done could have them printed and sell them!

    I wasn't able to comment much while I was away due to difficult internet access, but just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed all of your wonderful creativity and photographs while I was gone!

  28. Beautiful the background patterning...and what glorious photos! I must get a new camera! :)

  29. That is a beautiful card and I love the photo with the storm clouds they are pretty dramatic. Would make a lovely painting.

  30. beautiful card to remind us to embrace our femininity!

  31. Bottlebrush tree: I LOVE it. Totally my kind of plant.

    Perhaps I should do a bottlebrush faerie!


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