Tuesday, 11 August 2009

THE ARTIST'S WAY & another sketch

last week my blog friend, robyn, mentioned that she was going to work her way through the book, the artist's way written by julia cameron, for the second time and invited readers to join her. i only read her post a few days ago and decided instantly that i would like to participate. i bought my copy of the artist's way back in 2002 and, since then, i have worked through this book two times fully and have re-read the book for a third time. i am so excited to be working through this old favourite once again. if you would like to join us, robyn has set up a blog here specifically for our artist's way group. you can go to robyn's profile page where you will find her email address. just let robyn know that you would like to join us and she will then add you to our list of participants.

the artist's way is basically laid out over a twelve week course which you commit to following in the introduction chapter. it's all about discovering and recovering your creative self. if you are feeling blocked, feel like you have lost direction, or just want to encourage your creative self to be more prominent in your life, THIS is the book for you.

robyn can correct me if i'm wrong but we will be starting off the first week on wednesday, august 12th. (see update below) don't let that put you off though.....i remember when i participated in the soul coaching journey last november, i came across jamie ridler's book blogging group by total chance, only a few days before they were about to start the soul coaching book. the desire to participate was strong so i raced out the next day, bought the book, and threw myself into the course over a 30 day period. it was full-on, involved daily blogging, and i had an absolute ball! i met so many wonderful women some of whom i still keep in touch with via their blogs. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!

UPDATE - as we've had some newcomers sign up for the artist's way group, robyn has postponed the start date until wednesday, august 19th. this will give everyone time to get a copy of the book and read through the introduction chapters in time for next wednesday's start. there is still time to join us. i'm sooooooooo looking forward to it!

with the artist's way, it will only involve posting once a week for the weekly check-in. we will be reading each weekly chapter, writing our morning pages privately, going on an artist's date once a week, and doing some of the weekly tasks that julia cameron lists for us. at the end of each week, we can blog about our week on our own blogs and/or our artist's way blog. it's not too late to come along and share the journey with us.


another everyday matters sketch notched up on the weekend

graphite & micron pigma pen in A5 sketchbook
click on image to enlarge

love, light and peace


  1. Thanks Serena, I emailed Robyn.

    I've had my copy of the book since 1994 and have never gotten more than halfway through! This time will be different!

  2. I'm in! I am so excited! I emailed Robyn this morning. Thanks for getting me the book :)

    Great sketch of your sunnies. I couldn't live without mine.

    Luv Shell xx

  3. Hi Serena,
    Thanks for filling us in on "The Artists way"
    Sounds like a wonderful journey.

    I would have thought about joining, however I have some holidays booked.
    Looking forward to reading and seeing all about it.

  4. Thanks for the heads up on the new blog! I´ll be going over there in a minute. :)

  5. Sounds like a wonderful thing to do! I've got my busy season coming at work so I'll probably have to pass for now but will keep my eyes out for this book and get one so I can try later.
    Love the sketch. I mourn the loss of my sunglasses! I went to get them out of my purse last week and they were broke in two :( Good thing they were cheap ones! LOL
    Have a wonderful day and thanks for your visits and comments. It means so much to me♥♥

  6. I look forward to hearing about this new journey of yours. I did The Artist's Way myself years ago, but those darned morning pages just got to be too much. (1 maybe, but 3?!)Maybe if I made my handwriting bigger, LOL!

  7. I skipped over here from Bohemian Mom's blog and was thrilled to hear of a group go at Artist's Way. I emailed Robyn and messaged another blogger who I think might be interested too. Note to JudiA: I thought of what you said too and am thinking I'll choose an as yet untouched smaller dimension notebook a friend gave me as a Christmas gift a couple years ago. (Grin)

    TA-DA! Tuesday @ Studio Lakeside - http://studiolakeside.blogspot.com/2009/08/ta-da-tuesday-2.html

  8. Hi Serena, I just wanted to say thank you for your kind comments and words of encouragement on my blog. You have really inspired me to keep going with my dream. An award is on my blog for you. Take care :0)

  9. I just love Julia Cameron. If you want to learn more about her, read her autobiography. Or as she calls it, 'a creative memoir.' The book is called "Floor Sample" and I really enjoyed it. She has written so many great, wonderful, inspiring books. Good luck with 'The Artist's Way.' It sounds like a lot of fun to do this way. I just don't feel like I can commit to it with so much else going on.

  10. Sounds like a great journey! can't wait to read your posts as you work through the book. Enjoy!

  11. Hi Serena! I sure wish I would have time to do this book with ya'll...but still have too much happening in life for it right now! I will definately get the book though and try to read as I can and follow your blog to see what is happening! Thanks for info!!!

  12. Thanks Serena!!!
    I am so glad you wrote about this!
    I have the book and have been nudging myself to get into it!
    I am SO joining Robyn's group...iet's perfect and exactly what I need!!

  13. duh - LOVE the sunglasses sketch!!!
    It's SO GOOD!!

  14. thanks, everyone for your nice comments. for those who have joined up the artist's way group, i look forward to sharing the experience with you. and, for those who can't join at this time, i hope you will enjoy sharing my journey throughout the course.

  15. Serena, thanks for putting this on.. we have changed the date to the 19th - a week later for those ladies who just joined to catch up on the first chapters.. I loved the Artists Way.. what a learning curve for me, hostessing an online group!

  16. Finally started this journey myself. Come visit my Morning Pages Blog! Looking forward to following your spiritual path to higher creativity!

  17. I know I have that book somewhere, having bought it years ago...but I have no clue where! Sounds intriguing. I'll have to check out her blog. Love your sketch too!

  18. I've done the Artist's Way twice, too. I lent the book out, though--don't remember who has it--so I don't have a copy any more. I'll look forward to hearing about your third journey. It is a great book! :):)

  19. Hey chickie!
    I made a nicer badge for the Artist's Way...see my blog!

  20. I did morning pages for a long time several years ago and found it quite helpful. I read the book but didn't follow it strictly as I was doing it on my own. Maybe a group would be better although every time I sign up for a book group something happens and I don't finish.

  21. Wow, sounds so much fun! Have a great and wonderful time. Be so nice to see how this book inspires you!

  22. This sounds interesting, Serena. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    Great sketch of the sunglasses. I never met anyone who likes K.F.C. chicken ... so I giggled a bit when I read the part about Beau swearing off KFC and your doubt about that.

  23. Great idea. I might go down the library and see it they have it and join in the reading cicle.

  24. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to hearing from you, Serena.

    Have a fruitful day,


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