Wednesday, 5 August 2009

emergency room, desk makeover complete, and quick sketch

none of us got much sleep in the wee hours of yesterday morning.....we ended up at the hospital emergency for three hours because beau had what we believe was food poisoning. he'd eaten KFC chicken the night before. anyways, he ended up on an intravenous drip as well as needing injections and tablets to keep the vomiting at bay.....the poor thing looked like death warmed up but, thankfully, he is doing much better today. beau also spoke to a friend earlier today and found out that she ended up very sick after eating KFC chicken from the same outlet on the same night that beau did....a coincidence? we don't think so. we are now wondering how many other people were effected.


i finished the desk and i LOVE it!!!! so much so that i've decided to paint a large matching canvas for the wall behind my bed. i think it gives a nice tropical feel to my room.

the completed desk door
acrylics on MDF - 15"x15"
click on any image to enlarge

and assembled

i just have the wooden stool to paint white and then cover the seat with white vinyl


i also did another quick sketch today.
the everyday matters topic was to
draw a jar or tin of food from the kitchen

graphite, micron pigma pen and coloured pencil in A5 sketchbook

love, light and peace


  1. Oh dear I hope that Beau is feeling better, I've heard far too many stories about KFC lately. I've not eaten there for a while and I'll make sure I won't again after hearing yours!!! I love your finished desk and I think a matching canvas behind it is a great idea!!! I look forward to seeing it all finished. I finished my first painting today with my new paints I just love them and in answer to your question they are Jo Sonja brand too!!!

  2. Poor Beau, glad he is feeling better. I don't think I will be eating at KFC again.

    I love the new desk!!! It looks great!

    Great sketch too :)

  3. That's a stunning painting on the desk! I absolutely love that one!

  4. What a horrible experience for Beau to go through...and you too! I hope he's feeling better soon.

    Your desk is beautiful and with you new painting hanging on the wall, you'll never want to get out of bed!

  5. You are so unbelievably talented Serena! The desk and canvas are amazing!!
    Poor Beau, sure hope he feels better soon. That's NOT right to serve food that's bad! ick!

  6. The drawer looks beautiful! Sketch is lovely too.

  7. I didn't mention it yesterday, but I really love the painting on the door. I think it would look great in a large painting as well. Love the desk!

    Hope Beau gets well soon. KFC always gives me a stomach ache, but not to the degree that I've been hospitalized for it.

  8. Good to know your boy is doing better.

    That desk is awesome!!!

  9. So sorry to hear about Beau! And it doesn't sound like a coincidence! Glad he's okay.

    The desk looks wonderful! And the seascape above it seems to fit together with the desk perfectly.

    Yes! Homemade soups are the best! :):)

  10. I have to tell you this Serena and I swear I am not just saying this to pick up chicks on the web, but you are simply awesome. I love your blog it never fails to cheer me up and you have a great outlook on life. I am so impressed with this desk and how it came out.

    Don't ever change Australian Earth mother Goddess and long may you fill this world with sunshine. The world needs more people like you.

    What a luck family you have.

  11. I hope beau is better now. Food poisoning is scary. I hate eating out in restaurants anymore. You just never know how clean they are.

    The desk looks fantastic! I love it! And I agree with you about canned soup. I like making my own and when the weather is cool I make soup all the time.

  12. Wow, so sorry to hear about Beau but it does sound like food poisoning, husband got that I think from some bad chicken once he bought at the grocery store, they kind they have cooked and ready to eat..

    Gosh that is SO beautiful! I still am amazed at your flowers. Great idea to paint a painting for the wall to match. Love the soup can sketch.

  13. Hi Serena,
    I hope Beau is feeling better.
    You wouldn't think in this day and age, you would get sick from a major outlet like KFC. That's terrible and really puts you off buying it.

    Love the desk, looks fantastic.
    Ah, Your on a roll now, a canvas on the wall to match would look great.

  14. vegetarian bacon soup?

    that is horrible that happened to Beau :( glad he is feeling better and no don't think that is a coincidence. might be worth finding out if anyone else got sick as the place might need to be inspected.

  15. thank you all so much for your well wishes for beau...he's still not well though better than he was initially.

    thanks for the lovely comments on my desk....i'm looking forward to painting up a matching canvas. :)

    jennifer - 'vegetarian bacon' as in non-meat rashers that resemble bacon flavour. :)

    anna - unfortunately, i've heard a lot of food poisoning horror stories, particularly with KFC. my sister and her family got food poisoning from KFC a few years ago....they complained and were offered free meal tickets but, at that stage, it was a while before they ate KFC again. :(

    Thomas - you are so sweet...thank you!

  16. Poor Beau, glad that he is feeling better. Do take care and prepare your own food, if permitted.

    Your new desk really looks great and I recently bought three Western wooden chairs for my computer corner and my family members do love them.

  17. So sorry to hear about the emergency room visit...

    That door is AMAZING...but what else would I expect. Your art work is glorious!

  18. Hi Serena,

    Oh sorry to hear that Beau got sick eating KFC. I can't eat chicken from there because every time I do, I don't feel well. :(
    Hope he gets better soon.
    Love your desk! What a lovely tone of blue and the flowers look awesome. Love your sketch too.

    Keep well and happy!

  19. Poor Beau- how awful that he got so sick. I hope he's feeling much perkier now.

    I love your desk! And look forward to seeing the canvas you create for the wall.

  20. lovely....and dramatic...makes me want to go paint.

  21. I hope my comment isn't doubled somewhere...I wrote it and it your desk drawer...great colors..and very dramatic.

  22. Oh I can sympathize with beau..been there. Hope he feels better soon.
    Love your desk! Your painting is lovely, and I love the photo/painting(?) behind the desk, too!

  23. I hope he is feeling much better.. what a thing to have to go through!

    the desk is amazing !!

  24. That desk is superb!
    Congrats on finishing it!

  25. your desk is amazing!

    can't even remember the last time I had KFC.... hmmmm...maybe I was 17? ... hahahha.... waaaayyy too many years ago to count....
    I find it way too salty and greasy anyway...

  26. The desk is absolutely beautiful, Serena. The paint job looked impeccable. Regarding canned soup ... (red faced) ... I love those lame soups. I just add tabasco and they became super soup :D

  27. If only my office desk felt like a tropical paradise! Are those Plumera flowers? So incredibly beautiful. Hope everyone is happy and healthy again.


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