Friday, 28 August 2009

finished plaque and a haircut

the plaque is finished and the varnish should be set enough ready for delivery tomorrow afternoon. i'm amazed that i managed to finish it on time considering i was given such short notice. PHEW!

acrylics on MDF heart-shaped plaque
click on any image to enlarge


52 WEEKS OF ME - some catch up

these are the jeans i usually wear when i'm painting. last year, aaron painted the apple tree on the right pocket and a heart on the left pocket.

i haven't been near a hairdresser in ten years but, sometimes i will decide to hack, i mean cut, my own hair on the spur of the moment. over the past few days, i have been snipping my hair shorter and shorter, inch by inch. today, i went haywire and just kept on snipping. in total, i have cut about 8" to 9" off the length. i took the pic below just before i snipped off another 1½", so now, it sits above my shoulders.

i find it funny that all those years ago, when a hairdresser cut my hair, i was so picky and particular but now, when i cut my's a case of whatever way it turns out, it turns out. i must be getting old. lol

tomorrow, i will be catching up with more blogs and housework that i neglected to do when trying to get the plaque painted in time. what are your plans?

love, light and peace


  1. Hello,
    I'm Pura fom Spain - you're on my art blogs list - i really like your paintings.
    Have a great day

  2. your plaque is stunningly beautiful, the gifter and giftee are both going to be very happy!
    Gee's I don't have a favorite pair of jeans anymore, my apparel is usually something with an elastic waistband, LOL!
    I understand about the hair, I go back and forth with mine all the time, sure not as fussy as I was when I was younger!!

  3. Hi Serena! This reminds me of my tole painting that I have done! Those roses are so pretty! I miss taking my tole painting classes!

    I have contacted a watercolor teacher and in about 2-3 more weeks she will be starting a new class! It will be on Saturday mornings, so I will be able to participate...I am excited! I've never done watercolor before...I have watercolor pencils, but really don't know how to work them to where they make anything beautiful! LOL.

    I am the same way with my hair...I think it is a sign of maturity when you just let it be the way it turns out. My theory is that it will always grow back!!! My problem is that I am so darn CHEAP! Ha ha ha! (It's true)!!!

    Have a happy weekend!

  4. Serena, the plaque turned out SO beautiful! I'm sure she will love it!
    Nice haircut! I 'trim' a little myself and, in my case, it's usually not so good. LOL
    Have a great weekend!!

  5. I always find that when I start cutting my hair or wanting ro change it, it usually reflects some inner change that's gone on within me. Maybe you're moving into a new "you"!

  6. I've done my own hair hacking the last few years too! I finally went to a hair dresser for a different style and am due again. That's what I hate...the maintenance cuts.

    The plaque turned out magnificent!

  7. Hi Serena,

    Your heart plaque turned out beautiful! I am sure your friend will love it.
    I was laughing because I do the same thing to my hair too. When I feel it bothers me, I hack it off (oops, I mean, I cut it off) too. :)
    My hair grows really fast and since it is so hot here, I can't have it long. So off it comes! LOL
    I like the way your hair looks even though I can only see a side of you in the picture.

  8. What a very beautiful gift! She will be very touched by your thoughtfulness.
    You're much braver than I am, cutting your own hair! Mine would be a bigger mess than it is already.....

  9. the flowers look really delicate, well done :)

    your hair looks great, just as good as going to the salon to get it cut. I don't think its a sign of getting old, I use to cut my hair when I was 5 (ok and now I know why mom would freak out when I did :p).

  10. the plaque turned out lovely Mum. I am sure Joan and her friend will love it!

    I love Aaron's apple tree. It is so cute.

    Your new hair cut looks good from what I can see.

    I have packing to do all next week, YAY!

  11. I had my hair cut up to the base of my neck, a few weeks ago. at first I was worried I wouldn't like it.. but I love it now! a shake, a little mouse and it is a messy look. just love it!

    and lovin' your jeans :)

  12. love that fun painting on the jeans pocket!!!

  13. Hi Serena,
    Oh, love the plaque. The roses are very well painted.

    Hm, you are brave, cutting your own hair. I am only brave enough to cut my fringe!

    lOVE the jeans. How sweet to carry your son's art on your touche.

  14. I'll bet you look in good with any hair style. I'll bet you look good in any pair of jeans!

  15. love the plaque..she will be so pleased..funny I am growing my hair from very short to a small

  16. The plaque turned out great!
    Love the jean pockets, Aaron!
    I know what you mean about the hair-hehe! I used to pay for waves and curls and fuss with mine. Now--it is straight as a stick and Leah blunt cuts it for me about every 3-4 months and that is that. I must be getting old, too, then--ROFL! :):)

  17. ooh any excuse to show off your lovely bum! Just out of spite I am going to start doing the same on my blog. Why should you be the only one doing this...

    Just messin.

  18. Serena, I do the same as you. My mum had to hide the scissors at one bit, while I was still at home.
    If you put your head upside down (back bowed)with hair dangling forward so you can see your hair infront of your face, it is said if you cut a straight line, when you flick your hair back is should be layered correctly or near as?

  19. hah, I do the same thing with my hair. Last time I had it professionally cut and colored was for my son's wedding in 2005. I do a terrible job though, myself and it shows. One of these days I'll get it done again. Love the plate you painted.


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