Saturday, 15 August 2009


it was 26 years ago today that you entered this world and made me a MOTHER for the first time......WOW! it's been such a pleasure and a privilege to watch you grow up into the sensitive and caring young man that you are today

you walked for the first time at 2½ years old which was quite an accomplishment considering your disability

aged three years old

aged six

being legally blind and hearing impaired among other things may have had their drawbacks but, it certainly didn't hold you back from two of your most favourite things - music and computers

thanks to you, the world of HTML was not such a scary or confusing experience for me. i also love that your music interests vary widely across generations and...

we all know that you are elton john's no.1 fan!!!

here you are with me and your grandma at your first elton john concert in 2002 and i can still remember how overwhelmed you were when elton first appeared on stage

you have since notched up two more elton john concerts!
here is a pic of you with your brother, reece, just before you both left to see
your third elton john concert in 2007

i love you and i'm so very proud of you, brad

i hope you have had a wonderful birthday!

love mum xo


  1. Hi Mum,

    WOW!! Thanks for the great post! I had to read it a few times because I loved reading it! I enjoyed looking at the photos of me over the years as well, especially the ones before the Elton John concerts! I'll never forget you being with me at that first concert! That will always be in my memory and I hope I'll get to go to many more Elton concerts to come!

    Thanks again for a great post!
    Love Brad!

  2. Sweet.

    Serena have you seen this article:

    I think it is an amazing invention myself.

  3. Happy Birthday to Brad!!

    He's such an amazing and inspiring guy with his knowlege of computers and music and how lucky you are to have his "on site: techi-expertise.

    Oh yeah...Elton's one of my fav's too!

  4. oh wow. happy birthday to your wonderful son!!!

  5. Happy birthday Brad!! Hope you had a wonderful day:)

  6. Hello Serena..

    What a beautiful post of love to your son! He looks like he has grown into a very strong, young man. Don't you find it incredible how fast our children actually grow?
    Peace and love...:-)

  7. OMG, Serena...this post just touched my heart! You have the most amazing family...and what a wonderful person and mom you are! You inspire me!

    Happy Birthday Bradley!!!
    (I hope you get to see a few more Elton concerts before he gets too old to do anymore)! I sure love your taste in music!!! Elton is probably the worlds most loved entertainer over the longest period of least over my whole lifetime (52 years)!!!

    P.S. look smashing in your "Foster Grants" (sunglasses)!

  8. Happy Birthday Brad!

    Love Shell xx

  9. Happy, happy birthday Bradley! We're all proud of you and it is obvious how much your mom and siblings love you. Have a wonderful day! :)

  10. Happy Birthday! What a beautiful post!

  11. Happy Belated Birthday Bradley!
    Isn't it wonderful to have a mom like yours that loves you so much!
    What a lovely post from a proud mom!


  12. Happy Birthday Bradley! I hope the coming year is full of fun, adventures, and lots of love.

  13. Happy Birthday to Brad! And what a beautiful, love-filled post you've written for him. I loved reading his comment at the top of the page. It made me smile even more than your post did.

    PS - I love Elton, too!

  14. Oh how sweet! happy birthday Brad! Here's to many many many happy more!

  15. That is so beautiful! Happy Birthday to your son. Elton John Rocks! I adore and love him.

  16. Great photos of Bradley through the years and so cool that he doesn't let things hold him back. Happy happy birthday Bradley.


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