Monday, 3 August 2009


this week i thought that i would post pics of some of my experiences over this past week

after a very hectic tuesday, i arrived home to find this beautiful handmade card from janet in my letterbox. it brought a smile to my face and made my day....thanks, janet!

my book order - creative paint workshop by ann baldwin - arrived from fishpond. YAY!! i first saw this book mentioned here by janet and i just had to have one. it is filled with creative goodies on abstract and mixed media art and i can hardly wait to try out some of the techniques.

i finished reading this book by my favourite author - dean koontz

i've now started reading - relentless - also by dean koontz
i'm also into barbara erskine novels at the moment

saturday was bath day for cody
poor little man....he HATES baths with a passion!

i pulled out my sketchbook numerous times throughout the week but that's as far as it went apart from the hematite ankh sketch in my previous post.

i did start painting the design on the cupboard door for the desk i've been refurbishing.
here's where i'm at so far
still a ways to go yet

click on any image to enlarge

i've had aaron home sick today. he came down with a rash, mild fever, and upset tummy over the weekend and, much to aaron's delight, the doctor advised to keep him home from school until both the fever and tummy clear up. i think aaron hates school as much as cody hates his baths. lol

anywhoo, that's about it from me today
i hope you all had a fabulous weekend!
love, light and peace


  1. hope aaron is feeling better soon. That cupboard door is unreal! It doesnt look like it needs more work? I guess when it is done it will be amazing.... I am waiting waiting waiting for an amazon order, so I know how it feels when a book arrives! I am going to check out your link for fishpond now. Have a creative week Serena!

  2. What a pretty card! Great books to read and a reluctantly clean puppy--hehe! Hope Aaron feels better soon--even if he'd rather be home--hehe!
    That is going to be one beautiful door for that desk! Wow! :)

  3. Oooo! I love the flower painting! That's the cupboard door??

    I hope Aaron feels better soon! :)

    I missed you honey, but I'm back! :)

  4. Oh wow, I love your desk drawer!! And the card is lovely.

    I can feel your excitement about your new book! Have fun curling up somewhere and reading through it. I get that way when I buy art books. All else can fade away while I get engrossed..

  5. Hi Serena,
    Oh, I love the cupboard doors, great painting.
    Poor Aaron, I hope he is well enough to return to school soon.

    My babe is also home with a sniffle.

    Can't wait to see what comes out of your new book!

  6. I hope aaron feels better soon (even though it means he has to go back to school ;) )

    The door looks beautiful :D bright and calming at the same time

  7. I'm glad you like the card. And I hope you like the book. I have enjoyed it and learned several new things from it.

  8. I hope Aaron is feeling better!

    Lovely card!
    And your beautiful work !

  9. Poor Cody and poor Aaron! Hopefully both will be over what ails them sooner rather than later. Cody, as soon as he dries off, is probably just fine. Aaron may take a bit longer.

  10. Hi Serena Sweetie,

    I am back and trying to catch up on everyone's blogs. Love your photos and the door for your desk is beautiful! Can you come over and help me paint my desk when you are done? :)
    I want to paint my sewing table which is now plain white. Poor little Cody is like my Merlin when it comes to baths. He doesn't like them either. :)
    Hope aaron is feeling better.


  11. The card is lovely. I would have had a smile on my face too after getting that in the mail.

    I will have to have a flick through of that book when I am over next. It looks good.

    Your desk door is looking good. Love the colours.

  12. Looks like you had a lovely week. I love the painting on your cupboard door. It is fabulouse. What a delightful card and poor Cody such is a dogs life lol!

  13. The book looks interesting Serena. How do you like it?

    The door painting already looks the biz!

  14. Wow your design for your cupboard door is beautiful!!! I also love reading Dean Koontz too and get right into his books!!


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