Friday, 18 March 2011

some dragonfly inspiration

despite feeling out of sorts this past week or so, i still managed some sketching time
10.03.11 dragonfly

i dragged out one of my older sketchbooks for a dragonfly reference

and set about creating a new page in my sketchbook
10.03.11 dragonfly
ink pen & watercolour in A5 sketchbook - pencil free

i have felt so inspired to sketch more since taking Alisa's class
10.03.11 dragonfly

a few days after this sketch, i was outside taking photos of my Bird of Paradise flowers when i noticed this beautiful dragonfly resting on one of them. i strengthened the colours a little in Paintshop Photo Pro for this image.  he was truly spectacular!
14.03.11 dragonfly on BOP 11

he was so cooperative too as he allowed me to get quite close
14.03.11 dragonfly on BOP 04
Dragonfly medicine teaches us to pierce through our self-created illusions and reminds us to let our colours shine by using the light within.

now....if you have a fear of snakes (Janet, pay heed).... 

we had a morning visitor at our back fence a couple of days ago

thankfully, he was a Common Tree Snake so non-venomous

it was sunning itself which is typical during snake season and we think this one may have been shedding too. Beau, my son, took these photos as he had the longer zoom lens on his camera although still a little blurry because of the distance.  the snake would have fled if we had tried to get close.

just last month, i nearly walked upon a red-bellied black snake which IS venomous.  Michelle and i were walking the back path to collect Aaron from school one afternoon when, suddenly, Michelle grabbed my arm and pulled me back.  a red-bellied black snake lay just up ahead on the path sunning itself.  of all days for me to leave my camera at home!  i think it was more afraid of us than we were of it though as it quickly fled into the long grass the moment it spotted us. red-bellied black snakes are non-aggressive and will always try to flee....they will only bite if they feel cornered with no way out.  their bites can be deadly if untreated.  sadly, my sister lost one of her small dogs to a red-bellied black snake which had found its way into their backyard last year.  Angel and their other small dog would have naturally been curious and protective of their yard against the intruder but, unfortunately, Angel paid for it with her life. the snake had bitten both dogs and they rushed them to the vet but, while the vet managed to save one, the venom had advanced too far for them to save Angel.   i remember crying for days just thinking about it....Angel was such a beautiful, little dog.
on a brighter note, i made this carrot cake with cream cheese icing last weekend for Michelle's birthday.

13.03.11 carrot cake

it's time for me to go get Aaron up for school so i'll finish off here.

i'll be back over the coming days with more inspiration

~ love, light and peace~


  1. Thew, close encounters of the snake kind! Cool photos!
    Your art is beautiful also, really like how you have created the flowers.

  2. Oh my goodness...I know you live in snake country and it's just a fact of life for you but...I think I'd find it a bit unnerving! I used to live in a rattlesnake area in the southern interior of BC and that was bad enough! On the other hand, I now live where there are supposedly no venomous creepy crawly things and was bitten by a black widow spider 7 years ago and with no anti venom available...not a great experience!

    I love your dragonfly sketch and your carrot cake looks very yummy...mmm. Hope you're feeling better my friend!

  3. Dragonflies may be the most beautiful creatures on earth. Their wings sing of faeries and mystical moments. Lovely! And so nicely offset with stories of snake and cake.

  4. I skipped the snake part but love the photo you got of the dragonfly and love the journal page as well. There is just something so special and mysterious about dragonflies..they are named aptly.

  5. A stunning picture! I love the delicate lines and colours you used for the wings. Beautiful.

  6. that is such a beautiful sketchbook page :D the colours are gorgeous

    i love how the wings of that dragonfly sparkle in the sun, so many colours in something that at first seems clear

    it does look like that snake was shedding, probably finished as its eyes are not blue but some of the skin is still left behind its head

  7. Love dragonflies, butterflies, and ladybugs. Your rendition and your winged visitor are both awesome! I love that you are so inspired to sketch again and you're letting the muse flow. :)

    The snake visitor--yup--I'd steer clear of that one--any of them. Altho, we have garter snakes up here that are harmless. When I was a kid we picked them up and they never bit us. I got scared of snakes more as I got older and found out there were other snakes that bit people. I wasn't taking any chances. ;)

    The cake looks yummy!! Happy belated birthday, Michelle! :)

  8. Snack...yuck!
    Your art...excellent!

  9. I love carrot cakes and dislike snakes but am doing my best to cope with them. We have had a garter snake here once or twice but none lately.

    I like your dragonfly pictures too.

  10. yuck to the snake. yum to the cake
    and the dragonfly: pure magic!! xo

  11. Pretty dragonfly sketches and photos.

  12. I am absolutely loving the dragonfly. That page is such fun! So colorful and "Springy." Also, thank you for point me to Alisa Burke. You both are absolutely inspiring. :-)

  13. Oh Serena... Love your Dragon painting... and that picture... Wow.. You had a magical visit, and what a great trouper... posing for you like that.... Spectacular!

    Snakes...spiders and floods... Wow...And I thought living in Alaska faced challenges...There we had to worry about bears, wolves and the cold.

    Your carrot cake is mouth watering delicious looking... Yummmmy... I can only imagine it's sweet moist texture that is making me so hungry for a great carrot cake...

    Great pictures.... you've really captured their beauty to share with all of us. I love love love your journal entrees... they are always inspirational as are you!!!!

    Love and hugs from your friend in the west coast!

  14. love dragonflies..your picture looks mysstical..yummy cake ..take care..

  15. Love the dragonfly art and the snake is kind of pretty with all its color. The cake looked yummy too.

  16. Hi Serena,
    The dragonfly piece is lovely and bright~well done.
    Oh, bugger about that visitor of yours, I can think of plenty of other visitors I'd prefer. lol
    Have a great weekend,
    Happy creating,

  17. Love your sketches they are beautiful. The carrot cake looks delicious.
    Oh those photos are lovely. I dislike snakes and I am glad you didn't step on that poisonous one. I too nearly did when I was a kid on a viper ugh. One of our dogs died of a bite from a viper a few years ago in India. He must have done what Angel did and tried to protect the garden from the intruder. Thankfully we don't have any nasties in England which is what I like and one can go into the garden without fear of stepping on any nasties. The only thing one might step on hear is a frog lol!

  18. I always love your sketches Serena. This one is really come alive. Excellent! I don't care for snakes, afraid of them and the way they look. Glad you are bringing us inspiration with your wonderful work and yummy carrot cake. I love carrot cake. Have a great day.

  19. Here in San Diego our worse snakes are the Rattle Snakes, we have different types of Rattle Snakes, they often are found in yards as well.

    That is a pretty snake though and that icing looks even more prettier than the snake.

    I used to be afraid of Dragonflies until I learn that they are not harmful.

  20. Great post, Mum!

    I love your dragonfly sketch, especially the flowers look so good as well! I even love the dragonfly photos, especially the colours in the wings!

    As for the snake, it's a great thing you noticed it. I have to admit, though, that the snake's colours are nice! It's a pitty that Angel had to die from a snake bite, and thank goodness Michelle saw that snake that day.

    That carrot cake looks delicious in the pic, I really enjoyed it!

    Love Brad!

  21. Tropical places are always so rich in fauna and flora, that's just like my Brazil!
    Your watercolors are amazing!!! Beautiful work as always, Serena!

  22. Great post Serena, thanks for sharing your photos of the dragonfly (and snake) and your dragonfly page is just gorgeous. Now as for the snake, my chinese astrological sign is the snake so I am fine with them at a distance (read that as not in my backyard!)but that would have been a bit close for me. A friend of mine lost her three Rhodesian Ridgebacks to a red bellied black snake, so sad.
    Now that carrot cake looks yummy, one of my favourite cakes.

  23. Absolutely beautiful watercolor. Love the color, composition and movement of the piece.

  24. This blog is so interesting. Thanks for posting. Have a great day Serena.

  25. Your dragonfly drawings and photographs are both awesome. Something about dragonflies are so magical. Your work does them justice.

  26. It was great catching up - love your sketchbook works...those beautiful photos of the mushrooms, and sure hope you stop getting those migraines.

  27. That dragonfly photo is spectacular, and wonderful sketching too. Ah, channelling Alisa, she's so inspirational!


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