Tuesday, 22 March 2011

toadstool inspiration, more sketching & self-portrait

as it turned out, i was sick on St. Paddy's Day topped off with a migraine which had me lying on my bed feeling very sorry for myself for most of the day.  hence my self-portrait for week 11 (52 weeks of me) - a photo of me, lying on my bed, sick and feeling sorry for myself.
week 11 - 52 weeks of me

funny thing was that, even though i was sick, i was itching to sketch!
i had taken this photo of two toadstools early that morning before i felt sick.

so delicate and fine
17.03.11 toadstools 2

and they became the subject for a quick sketch
17.03.11 toadstools 03

again, no pencil....just an ink pen and some watercolour in my pocket Moleskine watercolour journal
17.03.11 toadstools 04

i found it quite therapeutic too
17.03.11 toadstools 05

we had some light rain recently so, a few days later, i found even more toadstool inspiration
21.03.11 toadstools 05

i wonder if any fairies sheltered beneath them overnight?
21.03.11 toadstools 02

it was kinda sad to see them wilt away to nothing when the heat of the day set in
21.03.11 toadstools 10

i also managed another sketch for the Julia Kay Portrait Party Flickr group
Erica Hastings for Julia Kay Portrait Party
drawn freehand using F, 3B and 6B graphite pencils in my Moleskine large sketchbook
Reference image here.
Erica's Photostream here.
Julia Kay Portrait Party here.

i've also been busy trying to finish up my last official 'Pay It Forward' gift and, after that, i still have an unofficial one to do.  thanks so much for your patience, Norma and Nicole.

i hope you are all enjoying a beautiful week!

~ love, light and peace ~


  1. Great inspiration Serena! I hope your feeling better now!

  2. So sorry you were down with sickness and migraine--but a cute picture of you, nonetheless. And I LOVE your mushrooms! Your sketch is darling. I have never seen mushrooms like that. They look like little umbrellas--hehe! You've really been inspired to draw lately. The portrait of Erica is good, too. I really do love those mushrooms, tho. They almost look like they are swaying or dancing. Perfect fairy hiding places--yes! Hope you're feeling better. :):)

  3. Oh what wonderful sketches!! Love the toadstool pictures. The self portrait is wonderful too. Your artistic self won't be quiet even though you are not feeling well
    Hope you feel better soon. Migraines are not fun to have.

  4. You managed to create such wonderful renderings even tough you weren't at full speed. Those headaches must be awful to deal with. Sounds like you are back in the swing of things now though.

  5. I hope you are feeling better Serena. It's no fun being sick with a migraine. My son used to have really bad migraines. They have prescribed medicine for migraines now. Excellent sketches! You are so good at what you do. The photos are great. We get a lot of toadstools in our yard as well. I call them mushrooms that can't be eaten. Tee hee. Have a great rest of the week.

  6. beautiful sketching! The one grouping of mushrooms look like seashells.

  7. Your toadstool sketches look great. I had to chuckle at the picture of several toadstools in the yard....they looked like little "boobs"

    Your portrait sketch is fantastic. It looks just like the photo.

  8. Thanks, Diane! I'm over my migraine but aches and pains are still a part of my daily experience.

    Awwwww, thanks, Rita. Here, the delicate, umbrella types are referred to as toadstools whereas, the bulbous, fleshy types are called mushrooms. I was surprised at just how much detail the camera captured.

    Thanks, Shashi! I feel like my creative self has indeed been unleashed since taking Alisa's class.

    Thanks, Cheryl! I surprised myself. lol

    Thanks, Gloria! Migraines are horrible but at least they go. Migraine medication doesn't help much at all with my migraines.

    Thanks Sandi! The details are similar to seashells.

    Thanks, Janet! You know...all I could see was boobs too when I was uploading them. lol

  9. Serena, I love to come here and see your art work. Sorry to hear about your migraines,sometimes I get them and they last 3 days! I can hardly walk, then.
    I came here also to invite you to my Wednesday Watercolor where you can link a thumbnail and share your blog.
    Please, come to visit!
    Hope you are feeling better already?

  10. Beautiful sketches Serena I just love your detail and beautiful lines in your work, hope you are feeling better now :0)

  11. ugh migraines are horrible to deal with :/

    your sketches are so colourful and full of life :)

    any toad stools i see around here get ripped up, way too many bad experiences with ill dogs after they ate some

  12. Sorry to hear you been feeling sick,hope you are feeling much better now.

    Enjoy your toadstools drawings as much as I had enjoy looking at those wonderful up close shots of them too.

  13. I loved your mushrooms, it reminds me my childhood dreams. I wanted to be an elf.

  14. Serena ..it looks like you found your cure for a migraine ;) They are dreadful things...I occasionally get them and too am bed ridden...the only cure for me is to try and sleep it off.
    Love your illustrations...ever so enchanting ;)
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend and thank you for stopping by to say hello.

    Anna x

  15. Hi Serena! Your sketch pages are awesome!!! Thanks so much for your comment.

  16. Hi Serena,

    I really hope you are feeling better now. Darn migraines. :(
    Love your photos and the sketch.
    Sending healing hugs your way!


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