Monday, 17 October 2011

another abstract and a self portrait

i was in need of another abstract for my bedroom so, this morning, i prepped up a canvas with some gesso which i applied quite thick with a fan brush.  
gesso texture background

after it dried, the fun began while i listened to enigma on my ipod yet again.
LOVE their music!
abstract painting

i must admit that i'm quite enjoying the abstract experience
it was especially fun flinging paint onto the canvas.

the end result
abstract finished

finished and on display in my room
abstract in place

week 41 in the 52 weeks of me project

yesterday was quite tiring so i stole a few moments to rest on my bed with cody
week 41 in 52 weeks of me project

on the medical front

the results from my surgery are in and, unfortunately, it's not as good as i had hoped for. apparently, i'm on the way to endometrial cancer. the gyno gave me two options. one - a course of progesterone which, after six months, will hopefully rid my uterus of the crazy cells. two - a hysterectomy. i go back in three months for another biopsy and, if the results show no improvement from the progesterone, a hysterectomy will be a definite. wish me luck.

more bad news in that i've been dealing with high blood pressure issues for some time now and it's finally reached the point where i need to be medicated. my dad has suffered with high blood pressure for many years so it could be a hereditary thing, who knows.

but there IS some good news! so far, i seem to have dodged the bullet as far as the rheumatoid arthritis goes.  all my blood tests and x-rays to date still show NO sign of RA. YAY!! that said, my rheumatologist still seems convinced that i have signs of RA and that it will present in tests at some point. i remain hopeful that i continue to be clear.  heck, i have enough going on already, thank you very much.

so life goes on...

i hope you all enjoy a beautiful start to the week!

~ love, light and peace ~


  1. BEAUTIFUL artwork!!--such a wonderful way to work out what faces you in your life.
    I'm so sorry to hear of your medical issues--I admire you for taking it head on and not letting it get you down--letting art be your therapist.
    I wish you the best!

  2. OMG!!! those uterine issues sound like the ones I had a yr ago.. I was given primalot and it was good and worked well. I hope the progesterone does the trick for you!

    I also happen to love that art... I must make one too... they look lovely on the wall! I just love yours!

  3. Dear Serena, I love the artwork...what a fabulous "punch" of color!
    I am so sorry to hear you are dealing with health issues and I will keep you in my prayers each day. I too have some unresolved health things happening and as I don't do sick well, it has been a challenge. Thinking of you today!
    Tina xo

  4. Oh my dear , so sorry to hear about your health issues. I pray that the Lord will bless you and heal you.
    Your painting is gorgeous! I love the colors.
    Take care and keep the faith.
    Blessings and hugs~

  5. Wow.... that's a lot of medical "stuff" to have going on Serena....makes my elbow seem paltry by comparison.... sure hope the progesterone works well...and you don't have to bother with anything else on the front...but, if necessary...get that uterus out!

    I've got hereditary high cholesterol....which fortunately so far...touch wood...I am managing keep in check with little or no ingested cholesterol and plenty of exercise..... let's hope the high blood pressure stays away.... cause both together would indicate the necessity for meds... damn... there is always too much to even comprehend isn't there? ....sigh......

  6. You look like a teenager in your portrait!

    It's good you are aware of everything going on in your body, despite the bad news, and can handle things before they turn into something more serious! That's the key to staying in good health!

    Prayers are with you!

  7. I hope they were wrong about the RA!!! And you never get it!!! That is awesome news, Lady! And hopefully the progesterone will work and that will go away, too! And the BP medicine will work just fine...and all will be well and good. :):)

    I love this abstract, too! You really have a talent for these. You make it look easy, but it's not. You have the knack, my friend. Both of them are great!!

    You and Cody look so cute!! Do get lots of rest and dog loves! You are in my prayers. *hugs*

  8. I hope all the treatments work for you and nothing further has to be done. I, too, have a bit of a BP problem but so far I've been able to control it with my diet.

    Your self-portrait is beautiful. You look so peaceful and calm. Must be what happens after you put all your energy into painting! LOVE the new abstract!

  9. Your new abstract goes perfectly in that spot Serena, like the two were made for each other. What paints did you use on this canvas, are they acrylics? I love the watercolour effect in the background. I wish my attempts at throwing paint came out like this.
    Hormones can really be a problem. I am estrogen dominant and bio identical progesterone has helped me a great deal. I hope that it works for you too. You may see that when you get this under control the other symptoms may subside or disappear, I hope they do. Have you read Dr Christiane Northrup's books, they are so insightful and helpful re hormones.
    Sending healing energy to you Serena

  10. It's lovely art, and it looks simply perfect right there with the Buddha. All these issues are huge, and you are right to take it the direction you've chosen, I think anyway. Glad to be on your WAY but not already there... just the same for the rest of us. Thanks for a beautifully written post and the great art work.

  11. Love the colors and the energy in the painting. Also sending you love , light and healing!

  12. Pollock eat your heart out! That is a gorgeous combo of colours and line design. I'm sure Buddha is happy with his new backdrop!

    Great about the RA, and best of luck with the "crazy cells". May they be obliterated well and truly.

    Better to have controlled BP on meds than uncontrolled. When I wore my Medical Underwriter hat, you would definately offer someone life insurance if their hypertension was under contol with meds, no way otherwise ever.

    Healing thoughts sent your way!

  13. Serena... I Love your new piece, looks like you were able to get some of your energy out on the canvas in a beautiful way. My heart and prayers are with you always. I have a similar diagnosis... and opted for the surgery... after I was healed, I wondered why I waited so long. With my horrific anemia, constant bleeding, pain and the fibroid.... have the hysterectomy was a god send. I was able to keep my ovaries so not to throw me into menopause to add to all my other medical issues. I don't have RA, but do have sever Crohn's and receive the same medication given to RA patients (Remicade Infusions). When I started my treatments, my body felt like a million bucks. Now after 10 years of being sick with crohn's I now have sever Fibromyalgia and migraines and nothing seems to help with the pain except when I get lost in my art...I pray that you find relief and answers soon. The worse is not having a definitive answer... everyone seems to always be guessing... making us feel like they think were making it up because they can't find answers... I am here for you! If you ever need or want to talk just give me a shout. You have always been such an inspiration to me, I just want you to know your not alone...I'm here any time!!!
    Love, hugs and healing energy my dear far away friend!!!!

  14. Love your abstract. Since you were listening to Enigma, maybe you should call it that? Looks great where you put it up. Nice job. Sorry about the medical issues. It's rought. You are right, life goes on and in the meantime I'm sending you healing thoughts and hugs and by the way you and Cody look wonderful. That's a great picture. Don't we just love our family pet members and hold tight to him because they do have healing powers. Take care amiga!

  15. I'm glad you had so much fun with the painting, but sorry to hear about your medical news!


  16. Serena sending you lots of prayers and white lights. Hope you don't have to go through surgey and are healed completely.
    Love your abstract painting.

  17. i love the colours of this! and there is so much movement in it :)

    sorry to read about the health issues :/ hopefully the progesterone does its thing and you can avoid surgery

  18. Oh honey....I'm so sorry about your medical problems!! Makes me so very sad :( My mother had RA so I truly hope that stays away for you!! Please do whatever your doctor recommends on the other, take meds if necessary and get surgery if it will save your life. You are TOO precious to so many♥
    As for the artwork......AMAZING!! Love it so much! Thanks for your help yesterday on my blogging issue. Your advice helped!!

  19. Hey Serena! I love your abstract piece! Sorry to hear about your health issues. Know that you're in my prayers and that I am sending good thoughts your way. :)

  20. You've had it rough but things will you know, it could be worse.

    Normally, I'm not a big fan of abstract but I LOVE the one you created. It is so free flowing and looks like it came directly from your sweet soul..

  21. Hi Serena, your artwork is beautiful and that Buddha is fantastic. They certainly make a striking duo in your bedroom.

    I have had cervical surgery twice because of lesions and precancerous cells. I am actually past due for a checkup and just keeping putting it off. My cycle has been unpredictable for a few years now but my doctor assure me it is just hormonal; I hope she is right. She says I am too young for perimenopause but if it is hormonal, then isn't that what I am going through? She talked about giving me some type of hormones but I didn't really want to take anything unless it was absolutely necessary. I sure hope they do the trick for you. But, if a hysterectomy will solve your problems, then I wouldn't have any qualms about going through with it. My cousin, Gwen, had a hysterectomy after her one and only son was born.

    My husband had to start taking pills for high blood pressure earlier this year. Or maybe it's been longer than that. Hard to remember. His dad had hypertension and his brother does, too. His doctor told him that if he lost even 4 kilos, it would help -- but I think his is hereditary and related to stress. He certainly isn't overweight.

    My dad had bypass surgery when he was 45 which is my age now. I had my numbers checked a couple of years ago and everything was okay. I probably should be checked again.

    There are just some things that are so hard to pinpoint when symptoms could be related to so many other medical issues; like RA. My cousin has that and suffers severely from it. I know many who have gone the homeopathic route after lots of research to help with their symptoms. Each person is different in how their body reacts to certain substances.

    I sure hope you figure everything out and find some peace. While you are doing that, keep creating beautiful art. And breathe! Best wishes, hugs and blessings, Tammy P.S. That Cody is a doll!

  22. Hi Serena,
    Oh dear sorry to hear you're unwell. Wish I could fix it with a big hug. Not really sure that would work, but worth a thought. lol Dr's orders are probably the best.

    Love your latest Canvas, goes soo well with that Buddha as well.
    Take care, rest up
    Creative hugs,

  23. I'm so sorry to hear you are sick. I can't imagine having all that. :( The painting is lovely. The colors are amazing.

  24. Thanks for your kind works on my PPF Serena. They are very much appreciated. Hope all is well, have a great weekend.

  25. dearest Serena...This blog post started out so nice with your beautiful abstract painting. Love your colors it looks wonderful. Then reading on to find out about your diagnosis. So sorry to hear that. Hope your Dr.s are on top of the situation and you will be on a road to recovery soon.
    LOVE you

  26. Thank you everyone for you caring comments. Hopefully, I'll be back on top of things soon.

    I'm so glad you like my abstract painting! :)

    Love to all,
    Serena xo

  27. Sorry about these medical issues. Prayers are going your way right now. I am currently battling high blood pressure. Though, I fight medicine. For one week, I juiced veggies (carrots, beets and spinach) and only ate raw foods (salads w/o dressing and fruit) and it went down 30 points. Today, I began walking and will do so to bring it down more. It has worked before and went to normal but a lifestyle change changed it. I'm on my way to normal w/o medication. Blessings.

  28. Serena I'm not sure how I missed this post but I've just read it and am so sorry to hear about the test results. I'll be sending healing thoughts and some reiki energy your way.

    I have a feeling I may be going your way with the high blood pressure medication as well. I've tried to deal with it naturally but so far it's not working. I also had uterine problems, but with my daughter says to me "if it's not one thing, it's your mother"!

    I'm so glad to hear that you don't have RA...that is really such a blessing.

  29. health and healing to you! I had a hysterectomy at 35 due to cancer cells - it was that or a D&C ever 4 months. 28 years later I'm still healthy.

  30. I really loved this painting!
    I will be praying for you, my friend. Hope things get well soon. Just another "bump" on the road.


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