Sunday, 9 October 2011

breakfast, waterfalls, self portrait & skydiving!

hello dear readers,

i hope you're all enjoying a beautiful weekend!  our weekend started out with storms, winds and heavy rain throughout saturday clearing to a beautiful fine day for sunday.   i had a delicious sunday breakfast of natural greek-style yoghurt, strawberries and blueberries drizzled with a little honey.  i don't like honey normally but i found it was a nice compliment to the tang of the natural yoghurt.  my mum has been singing the praises of honey for quite some time now so she will be pleased to know that i actually had some.

delicious breakfast

on saturday we had the waterfalls and flooding in the back-yard again. i'll be glad when houses fill in the vacant lots behind us so that decent drainage will be installed.  thankfully, this was only one day's worth unlike the flooding back in january. see this post.

backyard flooding 08.10.11

week 40 in the 52 weeks of me project

week 40 in 52 weeks of me project

i am still in love with my latest abstract painting!

i was anxious all morning while waiting to hear from reece. he and his girlfriend, sarina, were skydiving for the very first time!!! YIKES!!!  i was particularly worried about sarina because she really didn't want to sign up for it when the event was being planned but reece talked her into it.  we were all feeling for her.  at last, reece called to say that all was well and i'm eager for him to get home so i can get ALL the details.  he did say it was an AWESOME experience!   sarina was glad she did the jump but felt quite sick afterwards so had to lie down for a while, poor thing.  i can't wait to see the footage and, needless to say, i'm very relieved that they both have their feet firmly planted back on terra-firma.

~ love, light and peace to all ~


  1. Your breakfast looks yummy. And honey is so good for you. Listen to your mum!!

    That waterfall/flooding looks like such a hassle. I hope it doesn't get any worse.

    Sarina must be a very brave girl. I don't think I could ever do that no matter how much I loved someone! I'm glad they both were successful and are now back on solid ground again. That must have been a nail-biter for you!

  2. oh Serena...not only do I love your art and your words and that breakfast (oh my!, but your photography is so so so gorgeous!!
    Have a lovely day and enjoy the beautiful weather!

  3. breakfast looks good :D

    hopefully it doesn't rain too much again and you get more waterfalls :/ then again, you could say its a water feature in the backyard :p

  4. Why don't you like honey? I love it in Greek yogurt with walnuts. Yum! We've been known to have rain in October before, just never know when it might come and I dread it. These houses are made of concrete which settle every year and wherever there are cracks, there's a way for water to find its way in. Not nice when your bedroom floods because it all comes through the )sliding glass door. :/ I definitely say AAAAHHHHHHH!!!! to skydiving. Not a chance! I wouldn't do it for any amount of money. Glad to hear they made it safely back to terra firma. :) Have a marvelous Monday! Tammy

  5. I've never eaten honey much, either, but it is great with yogurt--especially the greek yogurt. Looks yummy!

    I am still in love with your abstract, too. And can't get over how perfectly it goes with your bedroom colors.

    Sorry about the flooding in the backyard. Dang!!

    You couldn't pay me enough to jump out of a plane. I am afraid of heights and would probably be dead before I hit the ground! She is a brave girl!!

    I hope this is a good week for you and yours. And that the water dries up in the yard!! *hugs* :):)

  6. I love your abstract art. I've been wanting to try it for the longest time and have a vague idea for something for my living room.
    I want my husband to cut up one of our old wood doors.
    I'm not even really sure where to start.

  7. I am still in love with your painting too!!! Glad Reese and Sarina are OK, and have accomplished that goal...but hopefully that will be more jumping. It makes me sick just thinking of it! LOL.

  8. Great post Mum,

    That pic of your yoghurt breakfast looks yum, even though I don't like strawberries! As for the waterfall in the yard, I thought that was sorted out, I guess not. I love the pic of you with your latest painting, which looks great on the wall and I am also glad Reece and Sarina had a great time skydiving! It seems fun, but scarey at the same time!

    Love Brad!

  9. Scrummy brekkie! What a healthy start to the day.

    Waterfalls not so nice. FNQ gave us 3 to 4 mtres of just such water features during the Wet. Not noice at all.

    Adrenaline is only for the young!

  10. Mmmm... Berries with yogurt and honey is a great breakfast choice in my opinion!

    Hope you don't get flooding as bad as you had before.

  11. Breakfast looks yummy!! I do hope you don't have the same problem with flooding again.
    Skydiving? Oh goodness gracious I don't think I can ever be that brave.

  12. Your abstract painting is gorgeous! Your choice of colors, your mix of softness and harsh lines all wonderful!

  13. September was our rainy month!Every single day, pretty much! Now we are enjoying beautiful days of sunshine, but seems like the cold weather is around the corner waiting for us.
    Hope soon the wet land will dry for you and summer will be there to inspire you.


  14. Thanks for your comment on medicine, I saw your blog with lot's of beautifull decoration and paintings, it's very nice... Greetz Niekie

  15. Hello Serena, and thank you so much for visiting me at my blog today... I hope your upcoming surgery goes well, and yes, I am sure your precious little Cody will be at your side, comforting you, just like my sweet Tessy did me... I am enjoying browsing through your beautiful blog... xoxo Julie Marie

  16. That was such a sweet comment you left on my blog. I had to come over and see who you are, and I'm glad to see that your friend lived through her skydiving experience. You know I've got a whole lotta jumps, but still when it's been awhile, I get butterflies. I pay a lot of money to get scared! :-)

  17. That yogurt and fruit looks so yummy and refreshing! I love your abstracts too Serena! You're such a wonderful and calming person, love visiting your blog!!


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