Friday, 13 July 2012

Superstition and comfy shoes

I didn't even realise that it was Friday 13th until someone drew my attention to it earlier today on Facebook.  I guess tonight we will be watching a movie from the horror or supernatural genre.
It's become a bit of a tradition actually.
An older journal entry for Friday 13th

Do you do anything special for Friday 13th?
Are you superstitious?
Care to share any superstitions you're wary of?

I think I'm superstitious to a degree because I will avoid walking under ladders.
I hate the thought of breaking a mirror....
well who wants SEVEN YEARS of bad luck, I ask you??!
I once postponed my son's surgery because it fell on Friday 13th!
I should really blame that one on my friend tho
because she was very superstitious
and had my head filled with all sorts of horrible scenarios
if he were to go ahead and have the surgery on Friday 13th.
And, SHE was a nurse!
I must admit that I was relieved once the date was changed....
talk about paranoid!! lol

However, I don't worry too much about spilling salt so
you won't ever see me throwing salt over my shoulder.
The devil be damned!

The salt superstition stems from the belief that the devil waits behind your left shoulder.
So, as the spilling of salt was seen as a bad omen, throwing even more of it over your left shoulder was effective at warding off the devil by stinging his eyes with salt.  After doing this, you would escape the evils that were set to befall you for spilling it in the first place.
Interesting, huh?!

We've had rain pretty much ALL week so I'm not in the best of moods.  
I always start to feel a little down after too many days of rain.
Mind you, I've been under the weather health-wise so that hasn't helped.
Darned uterus has been giving me trouble.
The good news is that my hysterectomy has been rescheduled for August 9th
so not long to go now.

 Last week, when the weather was sunny,
I snapped this pic of Cody doing a little sun-worshipping.
I'm not much of a sun-worshipper myself but Cody
loves grabbing his piece of sunshine whenever he can.
Even in the heat of summer, he likes to lie out in the sun despite all that fur.
Crazy dog!

I've been keeping busy with the crochet despite being on the unwell side this week.  

On the art side of things......

If you're into journal sketching, I'm sure you will know of Danny Gregory.
He has written a few books on the subject of journal sketching and creativity.
Danny is a true inspiration!

He started the Yahoo group - Every Day Matters - named after the title of his first book. 
I'm not a member of the Yahoo group any more but, 
when I recently discovered an Every Day Matters group on Facebook, 
I quickly signed up. 

It was through Danny's books and the Yahoo EDM group that I discovered my love for illustrated journaling.

Danny has recently started sketching the Every Day Matters challenges over from scratch 
so a lot of us are following suit.

Challenge #1 - Draw a shoe
EDM - draw a shoe
Pencil-free sketch using only Faber-Castell artist PITT pens and a little watercolour in my large Moleskine sketchbook.

I absolutely LOVE these cheap, clog-style shoes!
I bought them last year and I'm only sorry that I didn't buy two pairs 
because they are SO comfy!!  
Ah well, such is life, I guess....

I doubt I'll make it for the Artists Play Room challenge this week 
which is a shame because I liked the idea of illustrating a recipe.
Maybe another time.

I hope you've all been enjoying a lovely week.
Until next time....

~ Love, light and peace ~


  1. Hi Serena! Great post about all your happenings! Sure hope it dries up rain-wise over there! It just rolled over into Fri the 13th is 1:30am now. I will be steering clear of any scary movies...they always freak me out too much!!! I am a BIG chicken! :)

    I did not realize Danny was re-drawing his whole list...that is cool! I love your comfy shoe, and wanted to send you the shoe I did in 2010 for EDM. It is funny looking back on it now!!! It is such a fun thing to do...the best so far, was the wallet, I think. Of course, I ain't no some people I know!!! I am a trier. hehehehe.

    Have a great weekend, and sure am glad your surgery will be done soon for you!
    xoxo- Julie

    1. Yes, Danny has started the EDM challenge from the start again. OH yes, I remember that shoe of yours!! I think you did very well and that maybe you would like to try the challenges again by following along with Danny's blog? Hint...hint... :)

      Have a great weekend ~ xo

  2. My youngest was born on Friday the 13th - I was never too superstitious about that date Love love your sketches and i'm going to check out both links. Soon, i hope i can start sketching again and might join in.

    Glad you have a date for your hysterectomy.

    1. I've never really been superstitious about the date either except for my son's surgery. Yes, come join us on Facebook and do the EDM challenges. Lots of fun! xo

  3. I never even think about Friday the 13th until someone mentions it. I don't do scary movies at all anymore, though I saw all the classics growing up. Zack and I both close our eyes or turn down the sound when something scary, even a commercial, comes on tv. I have one of those aggravating, uncomfortable clusters of bug-like bites that I get whenever I am out in the sun. We were at the beach in Bentota and even if I wear sunscreen, it doesn't matter. After several days, the bumps start to appear. I just hate it! That green grass sure looks inviting. It wouldn't be so green without all that rain. I think I get a bit depressed when I am stuck inside from the heat. Yesterday I spent about an hour sweeping all the dust off one of my balconies -- taking the plants down from the ledge, and sweeping all the yuckiness away. I needed a big time shower after all that. And boy was it hot! I'm glad I got it done though. Many of my plants succumbed to the heat while we were away. Maybe we can go this afternoon to see if there are any drought resistant plants available -- this is not really the season for buying anything, but would like to fill up some of those empty pots. I need to see some sort of growth out there. Hope you get to feeling better very soon. My cycle has been very strange the past two weeks. :/ Have a great weekend. Tammy

    1. OH Tammy, we're the opposite there....I LOVE scary movies! ONLY the ones that are done well though...hate the fake types 'cos it spoils the movie for me.

      I know you suffer terribly from reaction to the sun, you poor thing.

      Succulents and cacti are fantastic drought resistant plants and succulents have some spectacular varieties. I always feel good when we've cleaned up the pergola which I guess would be equal to your balcony....I keep a lot of potted plants out there among other things. OH how I hate dust! I don't know how you cope with all the dust storms you get there.

      I hope all is well with you re. your cycle. If you have any concerns at all, please be sure to go to the doctor.

      Have a wonderful weekend ~ xo

  4. OMG Serena - clogs!!!! Where did you buy yours? I can only wear open backed shoes - easy in summer not so in winter till I started buying clogs. I had two wore out so onto last pair... stores dont seem to have many of them as they arent a fashion must around here!

    I had a lovely day today inspite of it being "that" day!

    Cody is so cute lying there in the relaxed!

    1. I bought them at one of those businesses that set up their wares in the aisles of shopping centres. I tell you, I'm so upset with myself for not buying two pairs because I've worn these ones to death. I suffer with painful feet and these shoes are so darned comfy and the added bonus is that they were cheap! I'm going to check Williams shoe store as I recall seeing some clog-style shoes there a year or so back....only problem was they were very expensive and I try to avoid buying real leather products if I can help it. Not sure how comfortable they would be either as I didn't try them on. However, if I ever see these 'sketched' shoes again, I will be buying a few pairs at once. lol

  5. ps - love your crochet!

    have you seen this vimeo by danny gregory? its so nice

    1. Glad you like the crochet....still a ways to go with the blanket. I really need to get knitting some babies bootees too.

      Yes, I have seen 'The Art of Breakfast' and loved it! Danny is so inspiring!

      Have a wonderful weekend...looks like we might be having a wet one here. :( xo

  6. haha... NO superstitions here, I welcome the 13th. ;o) LOVE your shoes, Serena! And love to see Cody, as well as all your creativity unfolding. Great to see you back here more often. Happy weekend ((HUGS))

    1. Funny thing is that I don't consider myself a superstitious person but there are those few things I am still wary of going against.

      Glad you like the shoes!

      Yes, I'm hoping to post more regularly now and maybe shorter posts too. lol

      Have a blissful weekend ~ xo

  7. It didn't register with me until I just read it here on your blog--LOL! I'm generally not superstitious...except for the "knock on wood" thing. ;)
    I'm glad you're set for surgery on the 9th. You need to have this finally taken care of. Has been going on way too long and I'm sure you will feel so much better afterwards!
    I've seen a few people mention Danny's blog and his doing the challenges from the beginning. I never got that far on the challenges anyways, so I am now following his blog and maybe will try to hook into the list when he gets to where I left off--LOL! We'll see.
    Karma lays out in the sun and heat, too? We only get the sun in the morning, but she's out lolling in the heat as I speak.
    Another blanket? And is that another puppy coat in purple? You crochet beautifully.
    I hope you feel better. Rest. Stay warm. *lots of big hugs*

    1. Yeah, it's funny how some superstitions will stick like the 'knock on wood'. I don't even know if I believe them, I think it's more a habit thing from my youth.

      I never completed all the EDM challenges first time around so I hope to be better at it this time around.

      Same blanket...just progressing further with it. That is the same purple coat but it sat in my handicrafts bag waiting for buttons to be sewn on. Sometimes, I hate those little 'finishing' jobs. lol

      I hope I have a better day today.

      Have a lovely weekend, my friend ~ xo

  8. not superstitious at all, I walk under ladders all the time :p dad does toss salt over his shoulder tho, the couch cushions were full of salt :/

    1. I'm not pedantic about superstitions but I guess some of them did stick with me growing up. I don't really believe evil will befall me but it's more a habit thing. Salty cushions are better than sugary ones...not so sticky. ;)

  9. Supersticions only have power if you believe they do; it's not in the act that the power lies, but in the strength of the belief. Same thing as with rituals or prayers; they work because you believe they do. Personally I don't, which is lucky for me since I've broken plenty of mirrors in my time (with no consequences other than a mess to clean up).

    Anyway, I'm sorry you're feeling so under the weather, and hope you feel better once you finally get the surgery on August 9th! *Hugs*

    1. OH, I know that, Tori....the same is said about voodoo. That's why I said I'm only superstitious to a degree. I think it's more a old habit thing rather than anything else because I don't really believe that evil will befall me. :)

  10. P.S. Personally I'd have thought that rather than helping you avoid ill luck, throwing salt over your shoulder so it stung the devil's eyes would bring you more bad luck. I mean, if someone threw salt at me I'd be a bit annoyed to say the least!

    1. Yeah, you'd think so, wouldn't you? lol

  11. I've always considered Friday the 13th my lucky day. I was born on a 13th day (not a Friday though) so I embraced it. My daughter was born on April 13, 2001 - that year it was both Friday the 13th and Good Friday as Easter fell on Sunday. AND.... yesterday we went to a roller coaster part on the fateful day! *lol* Yet... for all that... I still cringe a bit when I break a mirror. :) My pups do the same darn thing... it doesn't matter how hot, they've got to have that warm sun warming their fur oats. As always gorgeous illustrations!! Warmly, Tracy

    1. Thanks, Tracy!

      I see the number 13 as lucky but I must admit, I'm a little wary when Friday 13th rolls around. Of course, there are people who will report treacherous things happened in their lives on Friday 13th but I'm sure those things have happened regardless of the day. Re. breaking mirrors....yep, I do too. lol I think some of those old superstitions stick out of habit more than anything else. xo

  12. Actually, I feel like Friday 13th is lucky for me.
    Years back, I joined a competition. I was assigned #13 and all my friends thought that was bad luck. They were tapping on my shoulder like I already lost. But I won and since then I've kept in mind that 13 is my lucky number. But that's just the number.
    Anyway, for Friday 13th, like yesterday, I was worried that I won't have any students especially that I failed to open my slots earlier (I'm also a part-time online tutor). But the opposite happened and I tutored 5 students, my record-breaker so far! :D

    1. Funny you say that, Gerene, because I see the number 13 as lucky too. I always use it when filling in Lotto coupons. We used to live in a number 13 house and have a very happy time there! I'm definitely not superstitious about the number 13.

      Glad to hear Friday 13th didn't stop your students showing up. :)

  13. That clog certainly screams: comfort!! You captured it well and I can see why a second pair would have been a great idea.

    1. Most definitely.....if I ever see them again, I will be buying two pairs for sure. :)

  14. Hi Serena,
    I love to see what is happening in your world. Cody certainly looks happy. Your sketches are always wonderful. There is nothing better to have than a great pair of shoes that you can always count on.
    Have a great week.

    1. Thanks, Ginny.....glad you enjoy visiting. :)

  15. totally want a pair of clogs. yours look so comfy! i'm not really superstitious.... although, one time when I was shopping, the clerk at a register totaled up my purchases, which came to $6.66. I quickly asked him if I could buy a pack of gum, just to change the amount. :) Love hearing your updates and sharing your art adventures!

    1. OH yes, I almost forgot about the Devil's time, I went to get a new license plate for my in Queensland, the standard number plates are made up of three letters and three numbers. Well, they were going to assign me one with '666' and I openly cringed so she assigned me a different number plate because she made the connection right away. Weird thing was that, about three weeks later, my car was stolen and burnt out by the thieves. Mum said that I probably jinxed myself with the number plate change. lol Like you, I'm a little wary of that number. :)

  16. Some great pages you have posted here ! and you know, with regard to the Friday the 13 th - I think better safe than sorry! Take care:) Fran T xo

    1. Thanks, Fran....yes, I agree....always best to err on the side of caution. :)

  17. Yes, that's comfy footwear, no other kind I can be bothered with! Great sketch too!

    As my mum is Asian, I grew up with a whole set of other numbers being bad and good luck. I am now a firm believer in making your own luck.

    Hope you have a good week ahead!

    1. Thanks, Cindy! After delving into Feng Shui some years back, I learned that the number 4 is viewed as a bad omen by a lot of Asian cultures. I like the idea of making your own's funny how some of those old superstitions still stick to some degree anyways. lol

  18. I know I am crazy late, but like you the weather is driving me a bit nuts and have had five million Phantom related things to do so I am late... I completely missed the Friday the 13th so maybe it is a good thing i am late... nothing awful happened so that is a good thing...Mushu is missing the sun like crazy and he like Cody he will lie out all day and get a bit crispy if I don't watch him... crazy mutts... and the shoe... perfect... you are a genius at rendering...xx

    1. Thanks, Tracey....yes, crazy mutts!

  19. Love the comfy shoe illustration Serena! And yes, i also love Danny's EDM group.
    Your crochet-ing colors are wonderful. i'm catching up after a week or so of vacation.
    SO glad to be back. Can't wait to paint now. xoxo

    1. Thanks, Pauline. I enjoy the EDM group so much...glad you're part of it too. :)

  20. I love the shoe drawing and I also love a comfortable slide on shoe. Here, the weather has been in the high 90's and since I don't do well in the heat, I have not been a happy girl. But I live in a place where I can experience four seasons. I try to remind myself that in 2 months or so the weather will turn to fall :)

    1. Thanks, Jane! I don't do heat well at all either and don't look forward to the dreadful heat of our summers at all. I so appreciate our winters!


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