Sunday, 2 June 2013

It's been a rough month...

Life has been tough for my Dad over the past month or so.  After I last posted on ANZAC day, we went to visit my parents as Dad had not been well after being diagnosed with gallstones three weeks prior.  During our visit, Dad had a severe attack and was rushed by ambulance to the hospital ER. From there, things went downhill fast as we were told Dad was a very sick man and needed emergency surgery.  After the surgery, we found out that the two surgeons had not expected Dad to live as his gallbladder was badly infected and had turned gangrenous, It had also ruptured which meant a life-threatening crisis.  After a stint in ICU, Dad was labelled their miracle patient.  Naturally, I've been beside myself with worry and, while my Dad is now at home recuperating, it is still a worry because he is not a well man in general and must now go for further tests.  Dad is 80 years old and, on top of everything, he has Parkinson's Disease.  It's been very hard to watch this once strong and vibrant man deteriorate over the past couple of years. 

My Dad and I a few years ago

Needless to say, I haven't had a lot of time for sketching or art. 

I started this one but never finished it. 
I only managed the first layer.

Pencil-free sketch using ZIG Millenium pen and watercolour pencils in large Moleskine sketchbook.

Due to Dad's frailty and unsteadiness on his feet, 
he has pretty much been housebound and bedridden a lot of the time. 
My sister and I have been helping out where we can.
I did the following sketch during a time of sitting with Dad 
while Mum popped out to get some shopping done.

Pencil-free sketch in large Moleskine sketchbook using ZIG Millenium and PITT pens.

In other family news, Aaron had plastic surgery on his lip over a week ago.  Cody, my Malt-Shih-Chi, was on my sister's lap who bounced him towards Aaron, just as Aaron was bringing his face in towards Cody and, Cody grabbed out in play, as he often does, and caught Aaron's lip. It was all a big error in misjudgement due to each of them doing their own thing at the exact same moment in time.  Unfortunately, the lips are very soft, vulnerable tissue and little dog's teeth are small and sharp.  You could have sworn that someone had taken a knife and sliced Aaron's lip tearing at all which made the plastic surgeon's job a lot easier.  The stitches came out on Friday and it's looking great. The scar will be barely noticeable with time.

Beau is also moving back home for a while which means reorganising everything. 
It's a big job as we had turned his room into a study and bought more furniture to do so. Beau has also accumulated more furniture whilst away from home so I have to figure out where to put everything.
Wish me luck!

And NOW, I'm dealing with an impacted wisdom tooth that has decided to flare up.
I was in a lot of pain with it last night. :(

Lots more to say but I don't want to cram up this post.

I hope to get back to regular blogging as well as catching up on 
everyone else's blogs too.  I have dearly missed you all.


  1. That's a great picture of you and your dad. What a lot going on! I sure hope your dad continues to do okay. I've been thinking about him a lot. Glad Aaron's lip is doing well and I hope you have found places for everything--even if it is storing in the garage--LOL! Like the plant and the Red Baron. You have all been in my thoughts and prayers! :):)

  2. OMg! Youve had so much going on! Sorry to hear about your dad, but glad he bounced back after his op.... I had gallbladder surgery many yrs ago and it took me about a year to get back to normal so at your dads age he will take a while to get better, but then he has lots of lovely people to look after him which makes a big difference!
    kids moving in and out..... Oh we went through that aswell..... too little furniture, then too! keeps us on our toes eh?

  3. Thinking of you at this difficult time. Hope everyone continues to recover well

  4. Serena, I'm sorry to hear that your dear Dad has been having a rough go. Gall bladders can be nasty things. I had mine removed about 10 years ago, and my daughter had hers removed just over a week ago. Fortunately we were both able to have it done via key hole surgery. I'm glad you are able to help your parents out at times like this, it must mean so much to them. Your art work is beautiful as always..

  5. Oh Serena, I am so sorry to hear about everything your dad has gone through! I will keep You, him and the family in my prayers.
    Lots of hugs

  6. I pray your Dad continues to improve after his surgery! God bless him. Poor Aaron! Glad his repair has done well. have had to go through too much this past month or so! I am praying for you too, Serena! Artfulness and creativity have a way of leaving the area when a crisis occurs! You got a good start on your peice though! Best wishes from me. Take care, and good luck with that wisdom tooth too, girl!!!
    xoxo- Julie

  7. :( sorry to read about your dad having problems :( hope his recovery goes well
    ouch aaron! thank you for not getting mad at cody and punishing him, so many people do even when it was clearly a mistake.

  8. Hi Serena. Glad your Dad is doing better. A prayer for him for his fast recovery. Sorry about so many things happening. Remember that creating art always helps. Thinking of you. Although I haven't been stopping by regularly, doesn't mean I have forgotten about you, my blog friend. I've been trying to stay off a little, as it does take a lot of my time. I need to do housework and clean up the studio, planting seedling and too many other things. My best to you and glad Aaron is doing okay. Take care.

  9. Oh Serena.....sounds like you have LOTS AND LOTS going on at the moment......this will all get sorted always does.



  10. Serena missed your posts too. I hope your Dad is feeling better and hope your life settles down to an easy rythem soon. You have had a lot of issues to deal with lately. Take care and keep up with those sketches whenever you find time

  11. I hope it all works out for you, Serena. You are such an amazing person. Hang in there! :)

  12. Hi Serena, you certainly have had a rough time of it lately. I'm so sorry to hear about your dad and do hope that he will be able to recover some. It's difficult when they lose their mobility. Hope you got that tooth sorted out. Take care of yourself. Hugs and blessings, Tammy

  13. My goodness - it has been a rough month for you and yours. Hope things are more stable now and each day your dad improves - even if just a little. Always a worry about aging parents...I have those worries at times, as well. I know those doggy accidents, too. I remember my Hasty Herman, always, without warning, he would jump into your face and often his wet nose would hit you in the eye, my daughter ended up at the pharmacy looking for eyedrops for the terrible swelling and allergies it caused her while I was not at home and she was greeted in the 'Herman' manner.
    In the meantime, you are a daughter, a mom (human and animal) - take care of yourself, too.

  14. Thanks for all the well wishes, everyone. xo

  15. Oh, what a time you've been having! So very sorry to hear what's been happening with your dear Dad, Serena. Do hope & pray he will have a good recovery yet. And that you and everyone else will be feeling well soon. :o) Be taking good care ((HUGS))

  16. ahhhhh Serena..... hugs to you and your family.... what a lot of everything going on over there right now.

    Greg just flew off to Kelowna to visit with his own Dad who has not been well for months ... and then Dad got the hiccups which lasted for over a week ... they got him some relaxant type drugs from the doctor but when they picked Greg up at the was obvious to Greg that he had an allergic reaction to that... his lips were swollen and drooping and he had a rash all over the first thing they had to do was go to the ER ...sheeesh.... they got some anti histamine and within just over an hour the rash began to disappear.... poor guy. He is same age as your Dad... how I wish we could all just be healthy til we reach 90 or so and then just go to sleep and not wake up.

  17. oh Serena... you've had a rough time lately! Your dad looks so happy there - it's hard to see our parents age, isn't it? I feel for you. I totally understand why you are worried about him. Poor guy... i hope you get the support (and love) YOU need during these difficult times. Wishing both of you well from Canada. xox

  18. I'm sorry to hear about your father, but glad he's doing better. It believe bad things trickle in groupings, but it appears like there may be a light at the end of the tunnel. I'm sure all these issues have been hard on you, so I can understand why you haven't had the energy or time to work much on your artwork. Take care of yourself. May your days ahead be filled with love, peace and many other blessings!

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  19. Serena, I am sorry to hear about your dad. I hope he is on his way to recovery. You both look so wonderful in this photo. It's Father's Day today here in the states and so reading this today is very touching. I want to send your dad and family my prayers and good wishes.
    Take care, Love Fran T xo

  20. Hope everything turns around soon for your dad!! This sketch, by the way, is adorable!!!


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