Sunday, 28 February 2016

366 Daily sketch challenge was an epic fail...

...considering we are now nearing the end of February. 

However, I have a darned good reason,  
Something that was out of my control.
More on that further down...

That said, I AM very happy that I did complete 
31 portraits for January! 

The last two January portraits below....

30/366 daily sketch
Hahnemuhle D & S sketch journal - A5 size, 140gsm, landscape format 
BIC Cristal ballpoint pen
Highlights are done with a POSCA white acrylic pen

31/366 daily sketch
Hahnemuhle D & S sketch journal - A5 size, 140gsm, landscape format 
BIC Cristal ballpoint pen
Highlights are done with a POSCA white acrylic pen 

I'm linking up with Sunday Sketches this week.
You can check out the other participants HERE.


My big excuse for stopping the challenge so early....

I had carpal tunnel release surgery on Feb 4th
on my right/dominant hand. 
The theatre nurse only called me less than a week prior 
so I knew that February would be out of the question 
as far as my sketching and other hands-on activities went.

I came out of surgery with a bright pink hand and forearm right up to my elbow.
It's the solution they paint your hand/arm with before the procedure.
I had open surgery done with local anaesthetic using a tourniquet block.
It felt SO weird being awake for it all.
Thankfully they covered me with a tent so I wouldn't have to see it.
Watching a procedure done on YouTube was enough to turn my stomach.

Day 9 after the surgery
That bruising mid-forearm was actually individual finger marks
that were merging into one big bruise.
I'm not surprised because I could feel my arm
being forcefully pushed and pulled around
during the procedure.
It looked pretty gruesome under that dressing
so I've spared you the photo.

I was able to drive again at two weeks thanks to power-steering,
however, sharp turns and reverse-parking can be a little awkward
as my hand is still healing.
The surgeon said it can take up to three months
for it to be fully healed.
I've read some horror stories on the net
where some people are still not healed after seven months.

The stitches came out at the two week mark and
a couple of them were very painful. OUCH!
Obviously, a lot of healing still going on under the skin.

I'm now just past the three week mark and things are going pretty good.
I can touch-type again and I can write,
both for short periods of time.
I can't lift anything heavy though,
nor can I do things like open heavy doors
that require pushing or pulling.
My hand lets me know when it's had enough.
It feels very tight at the suture site
and the surgeon said that will be due to
the healing and scarring process.

I am also on the waiting list to have my left hand done next.
It was actually worse than the right for carpal tunnel syndrome
but I noticed the right hand more being that it was the dominant hand.

At least, I'll know what to expect now
so I'll be better prepared at home
by making some freezer meals prior to surgery.


In light of the fact that my 366 Daily Sketch challenge
was abruptly interrupted by hand surgery,
I have decided to just go month-by-month
as far as challenges go.
I'm hoping to kick it off in March,
my birthday month.

On another note, I was so limited and bored while waiting for my hand to heal,
I bided a lot of time in the first two weeks watching YouTube videos.
 I came across some great home organisation channels and caught the bug!
I've been crazy busy following through with some of the ideas/tips
so will share more on that in a later post too.

Stay tuned.....


  1. Ooh your drawings are superb,love the way you've done them in pen. Good luck with your recovery after the surgery,looks really nasty,poor you :(
    Donna xxx

  2. Your portraits are amazing! So realistic and with a pen - wow...
    I hope for a speedy recovery of your hand so that you can continue what you are passionate about.

    1. Thanks, Claudia! I enjoy sketching with pen. :)

  3. Ouch so sorry but glad the hand is on the mend. Your pieces are so beautiful and with a simple pen. I put those Posca markers on my list, sounds so handy to get white in.

    1. Thanks, Christine! I'm told that the POSCA pens have acrylic paint in them. I use a few different white pens but I do like the POSCA for getting a very opaque coverage. :)

  4. Lovely portrait work ~ so well done ~

    Happy Week to you, ~ ^_^

    ps. had carpal tunnel surgery done on both hands ~ several years ago ~ B6 is suppose to help

    1. Thanks, Carol!

      You were very brave! I couldn't imagine getting both hands done together. I have been frustrated enough with my dominant hand out of action for the first two weeks and, even now, I am still limited on some things. How long did it take for your hands to heal to the point of being back to normal use? By the way, thanks for the tip about B6. :)

  5. wishing you continued healing.
    And your portraits are amazing! I love the blue and white inks as well.

  6. Oh my goodness, I wish you a fast recovery!! Your ink drawings are amazing!

  7. Terribly sorry to read all you've been through but hopefully, you'll recover quickly! Wonderful sketches. Quite brilliant and I've never heard of a POSCA white pen. Interesting! :)

    1. Thanks, Alexandra! The POSCA pens are quite common here. They are acrylic paint pens. :)

  8. Ah! The last two sketches. Glad you are able to do some things now--but be careful and don't overdo it. (I know--I sound like a broken record--LOL!) Sending off a letter tomorrow. Good luck with the organizing bug. You know how much fun I think that can be. Love and hugs!! :)

    1. Thanks for being such a caring friend, Rita. I am doing my best to take it easy with my hand and not expect too much too soon. I received a letter from you today...YAY!

      Love and hugs to you xo

  9. I still think ow! seeing that photo, think that is a more than good enough reason for the challenge to fail

    1. Yes, it sure is. Of course, you have had your fair share of painful procedures which required sutures. I'm not looking forward to getting my left hand done some time this year as I now know the pain and limitations I'm going to be in for. Ah well, it has to be done. I hope all is going well with you. xo

    2. knowing what you will go threw with another operation might help, you will be more prepared, but still a pain you have to have the other hand done :(

      things are going ok, will be happy when uni is done for the year lol so much stress

    3. Good to hear. I hope all goes well with uni. :)

  10. ouch! I hope I never need to undergo this type of surgery! it sounds so painful...but then I'm a big baby about pain!! :)

    1. I usually withstand pain pretty well but I've now learned through my current experience that hand surgery can be quite painful and take a long time to heal. :(


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