Thursday, 8 November 2007

Sketched from imagination

Earlier this evening, I had the urge to sketch but I wasn't keen on any of the subjects within view and, being too lazy to get up and find something to draw, I decided to go with what was in my head. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm...that could have been dangerous! Anyways, this is the image that evolved on the page of my sketchbook. I know the eyes are massive but I just went with the flow and didn't restrict myself to rules of proportion.
Graphite in A5 Sketchbook - © Serena Lewis
Click on image to enlarge

On another note - My son won two Silver tickets to go and see Elton John in concert on the 25th!!! YAY, Bradley!!! His younger brother, Reece, will be taking him as I've already been to one Elton concert with Brad. Reece likes Elton John too so it will be a great night for the both of them.


  1. I always think when you tap into your imagination, there's a reason. Whoever that is, I hope you will find out. It's a wonderful sketch. And yay....go Bradley. Elton John, how cool for him....

  2. I think your sketch from imagination is great. It is fun to do that once in awhile to just let your imagination go and not ristrict yourself to the proper way.

    Congrats on your son winning the Elton John Tickets. Oh I would love to go see him. He is so good.


  3. Thanks, Ro! My clown mostly evolved from imagination too and I'm finding this imagination process very interesting. I hope to try it more often. Brad was beside himself with excitement when the radio station answered his third attempt at dialling their number. I'm so happy for him.

    Thanks, Becky. I did enjoy doing the sketch. I'll pass on your congrats to Brad. When I went to see Elton John in concert with Brad, it was absolutely amazing!

  4. This is really nice Serena :) I totally understand about the laziness, sometimes its really nice just to sketch with no outcome or restrictions :) good on you for just going with it :)

  5. Thanks, Belinda! I guess, in a way, my laziness paid off because it encouraged me to draw from my mind. I found it quite relaxing and definitely plan to do more.

  6. Beautiful drawing Serena. I'm a huge fan of experimenting.

    I hear Elton puts on a fabulous show. Congratulations to your son.

  7. Thank you, Boyd ~ :) This will be the first time Brad has seen Elton performing solo without his band. It's also an open air concert, rain or shine, so Brad is very excited.

  8. Great luminous eyes fringed with thick eyelashes. I envy her!


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