Tuesday, 11 December 2007

EDM challenge # 105 - Draw some scissors

I've always cut my hair on impulse and Sunday was the day. Maybe it was because I've been feeling down of late but, generally, I just reach a point where I've had enough of my hair too long so out come the scissors. I have cut and dyed my own hair for over ten years now because I no longer trust hairdressers after too many disasters. That said, my nephew is now a hairdresser so I would trust him to do my hair but, unfortunately, Grant wasn't around on Sunday and when the impulse strikes me......it strikes! My hair is really much the same style, only shorter with layers....around shoulder length.
Graphite in A5 sketchbook - © Serena Lewis
Click on image to enlarge


  1. Me too! Me too! It's easier to wash now and feels really soft on the ends.

  2. Forgot to say... lovely drawing of the scissors, a very difficult subject I think.

  3. I have never had a bad hair appointment *knocks on wood*. I don't think I will ever get over the horror of my mother trying to cut my bangs (crooked) and hoping she didn't poke me in the eye with the scissors. I dye my own hair because its cheaper and easier but I think I will leave the cutting to the trained people.

    But I think its great that you can cut your own hair. Is it not tricky to cut the back??

  4. Thanks, Jess, and good for you in cutting your hair!! :)

    I hope your good run with hairdressers continues, Jennifer. :) I remember my older sister cutting my Mum's hair when we were teenagers and I had to correct it as she had it soooo crooked. lol I've always cut my kids' hair and still do when they want me to. As for cutting the back....it's not a problem. First, I just tie all my hair up at the crown of my head, just like a really, really high pony tail. I then hold it out straight and cut the desired length, or should I say 'hack'? lol This gives the layers and shorter length all in one hit. My nephew, the hairdresser, tells me that this method is basically the 'star' cut that most hairdressers do. Works for me and it's cheaper too ~ :)

  5. I'm with you Serena, I've had so many bad experiences that I just take care of it myself! Great job on the scissors (and on you hair I'm sure!)

  6. I hear you! I feel much better doing my own also - I'm not as scissor-happy on my hair as the hairdressers are.

    Great job on the scissors - metal is hard to do with all those reflections!

  7. I have too take my personal hairdresser? Are you Serena?
    My hairdresser interactive.
    I love your pics Serena.They are very good. ¿Some day I can take one of your pics for illustrated my blog?
    Kisses Serena. Bye.

  8. Thanks, Casey ~ :)

    Thanks, Kathy! I must admit that I wasn't looking forward to drawing the scissors because I felt it would be a difficult task.

    Lo siento, yo no entiendo esas palabras, Jou? No soy una peluquería, pero me gusta cortar mi cabello. :) Gracias por los comentarios sobre mi dibujos. Estoy muy agradecido ~:)

  9. Wow, great drawing of scissors. My mom cut my hair most of my childhood but I've never attempted it on my own just because, well, I'm terrified! :)


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