Friday, 25 January 2008

Heath Ledger - May He Rest In Peace

Born on April 4th, 1979 - Died on January 22nd, 2008
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  1. Hi Serena,
    Your drawing is phenominal. What a wonderful likeness. I'm sure he would approve. It's a lovely tribute. Are you keeping it or do you plan to send it to his family?? Ro

  2. Fabulous portrait! Thanks for your comment - I do get cold feet about some of my posts and then take them off but I put that one back after I read your comment. Yes, this was a very sad death, I'm sure it was a tragic accident but I still feel amazed to hear about people, celebrities, who have it all and are suffering in private. Having it all is really a silly illusion, we have to be happy in our hearts. Very sad, but a lovely tribute Serena.

  3. I LOVE this sketch . . . a very uncanny likeness.

    I liked Heath too :) very, very sad for his family.


  4. Thanks, Ro. :) This is done in my sketchbook but I'm glad you think it would be good enough to pass on to a family member.

    Thanks, Felicity. :) I'm glad you put your post back on. I so agree that we think celebrities or the rich have it all but there are quite a lot who aren't happy within and this can lead to deep depression or odd behaviours. Money might make life easier but it certainly doesn't buy happiness. I too would like to think Heath's death was a tragic accident.

    Thanks, Maria. :)

  5. Just rolled through your website and love the mug EDM Challenge. As for the young hollywood star, its amazingly real and full of emotion. Nice to contact someone down under. I'm a new blogger only been on since 14th Jan - thanks for peeping at my work and your lovely comments.

  6. Hi, Serena~
    A beautiful tribute. I found your site from Kathleen's blog. Keep up the great work. I'll be watching.

  7. Oh. What a fabulous tribute to an amazing, beautiful soul. Gorgeous!

  8. What a beautiful drawing Serena. Now there's your calling as you pick up the sensitive aspects of his nature. Your blog looks wonderful too...Im such a slacker!!

  9. Thanks for dropping by and for your lovely comment, Joan. :)

    Thanks, Fannie ~ :) It's always nice to hear from someone visiting my blog for the first time.

    Thanks, Kristine ~ :)

    Thanks, Leila! :)

  10. You are madly awesome with that graphite!!!

  11. This is a lovely and tender tribute for Heath Ledger. You have a caring and compassionate heart, Serena, and it shows in your art.

  12. Yes, this is such a wonderful and beautiful tribute Serena. We Americans adopted him as our own too. He is sorely missed.

  13. Good portrait. Heath Ledger was one of my favourite actors. Such a terrible terrible tragedy.

  14. Thanks, Jessica ~ :)

    Thanks, Luci ~ :)

    Thanks, Joan ~ :)

    Thanks, MD ~ :)

  15. Wow, incredible!! So very nicely rendered, Serena.

  16. This is great!! Thanks so much for your visit and comment. Great blog you have here.



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