Thursday 24 January 2008

2008 Goals

It's been a very busy week and an upsetting one too. My 17 year old niece was held up at gunpoint at the local video shop where she worked on Sunday evening. It was in the news - Click here to read more. Naturally, Skye is very traumatised and won't be returning to work and she will also need to attend counselling for victims of crime. I feel so angry that someone has done this to my niece but, as with Michelle's car accident, we are trying to be positive and are grateful that it wasn't worse. Sometimes, it's so easy to take things for granted but it's moments like these that put into perspective how precious life is and how it can all change in a heartbeat.

On another note, I have finally done up my 2008 Goals list. I'm going to print it out and post it on the corkboard in my room so I am reminded daily of my goals. I plan to start focusing on my goals from the beginning of February as, currently, Aaron is on school holidays so we have lots of stuff happening.

Michelle came over to visit today and is still very sore and tender from the accident. We had a nice day together though.

I can't believe how fast the school holidays have gone....the kids go back to school next week!! My baby will be in Grade Four!


  1. How awful! Thankfully nothing else happened!

    At least, your niece has the support and love of you and your family. Hopefully, the robbery will soon be a fleeting memory!

  2. That report makes it sound so matter of fact, quick, not a big deal but I imagine the trauma will live with your neice for years. I'm so sorry to hear this and I do hope with the lovely supportive family she obviously has, that she will put it behind her very soon.

  3. That's awful, Serena. I hope Skye will recover from this quickly. Poor girl! I hope your daughter is also getting better.

    I like your poster & your goals for this year :) Meditating, walking, painting . . . some of mine too!

    Have a nice Australia Day weekend :)

  4. Thanks, Kristine...we're so relieved it wasn't worse.

    Thanks, are very right. Skye has been quite traumatised by the whole event and understandably so.

    Thanks, Maria. She will be seeing a victim of crime therapist next week so, hopefully, they will help.
    You have a lovely Australia Day weekend too ~ :)

  5. Hi Serena! Thanks for finding me!!! I apologize that I haven't had tiome yet to find all my old peeps to let you know where I was, and that I had come back! I love your picture with your goals on it. The walking one is really a good one, and one I talkk about and have intention to do, but never end up doing it...of course I am on my feet all day with my work, but it's not the same! I wanted to ask you if you have done any ATC collages? I have a blogger friend who has brought this to my attention, and I did a google search to see what it was...I found examples on Ebay, and at Etsy, as well as Google Images. I think I might like to try is a mixed media deal. The cards are given away to friends, etc., or traded. There are groups that do trades together all using a common Valentines, etc. You make a card on a playing card sized card, or you can use a card as your canvas by painting over it first, or using part of what shows on the card in your design.I thought you might want to know about this since you had mixed media listed on your 2008 goals list. Would love to hear your opinion on this art form.

  6. Hi Julie!! I found you through Jessica's blog and I'm so glad you're blogging again. It's like an addiction, isn't it? lol I've done ATCs but not in collage form so I will check further into it. Thanks for mentioning it ~ :) I plan to dabble in quite a few creative ventures this year.

  7. Oh my gosh Serena thats awful. My nephew was in a terrible car accident over christmas as well .. After initially looking like he lost the ability to walk today he walked out of the hospital discharged to his local hospital. It really brought it home visiting him and seeing all the other sick people in hospital.

    Hopefully they both make a speedy recovery take care. :)

  8. OMG!! I'm so glad your nephew didn't lose the ability to walk, Belinda. I wish him a speedy recovery also. It's just so scary when things like this happen and my heart goes out to families who actually do lose their loved ones to tragic circumstances.

  9. ok, this is the second vision board I have read this morning. Someone is trying to tell me something.

    Tonight I will go honme and make mine, because I sure do need it.

    I am so sorry about your scary, and I'm glad she's ok. When I hear stories like this, I just can't relate to or understand how a person can be so quick and willing to hurt or kill someone else.

    I'm glad she's ok.

  10. Serena, I'm so sorry that your family had to go through so many trauma. I hope Skye will be able to handle the psychological impact of her experience, and for Michelle to continue to heal. Other than that, good luck on your goals, Serena! :)

  11. Thanks, Jessica. The good news is that they caught the guy and his female accomplice during another robbery attempt so I'm sure this will be a big help in Skye's recovery.

    Thanks, Luci. Hopefully, things will start to get better for both Michelle and Skye now.