Monday, 30 March 2009


thank you all for the 50th birthday wishes!! i had such a great time and your comments made it extra special.


in the past week, i received two lots of upsetting news that initially left me feeling down in the dumps. you know, those times when you start to question whether or not you'll ever get a fair break in life. i had two choices. one, to let this news weigh heavily on my mind to the point of depression. or, two, to reach for something positive to hold onto. hence, the mantra card for this week....a reminder that i have a choice. i have the power to release those negative and emotional burdens/emotions rather than carry them around with me. i choose to reach for the positives and welcome joy into my life.

acrylic on 5"x3½" CANSON acrylic paper
click on any image to enlarge


i don't know the name of this tree but there are quite a lot of them in this area. they look lovely in a group and in bloom. they also line a few of the streets. this one was growing outside the local post office.

one of the joyful moments i had this week was the beautiful flowers i received from my brother and his wife for my 50th birthday.

today, the charmed DVDs i had ordered arrived in the mail! YAY! yes, i'm a charmed fan......well, i'm really only a fan of the earlier episodes which starred prue, the oldest sister. i lost interest when paige came on the scene....nothing against her, i just preferred and missed prue. season 3 is in transit as i type.

i do have some mixed media canvas pieces under way and hope to get more work done on them in the coming days

stay tuned....
love, light and peace


  1. Hang tight, Serena! Love your Mantra card this week!

  2. good on you to stay positive. You are an inspiration serena!

  3. I applaud your decision to choose joy.
    That is a gorgeous tree! I'd love to know what it is, too. And aren't your flowers lovely!
    I'll be anxious to see how you'll finish your canvases.

  4. First of all, I hope your birthday was delightful! I would love to see a street lined with those beautiful trees - the effect must be stunning. I particularly welcomed your mantra this week. I've been wrestling with similar issues and your words are very wise.

  5. I'll be looking forward to seeing those mixed media pieces, love the backgrounds you have done on them. Sorry to hear you had some bad news but I like your attitude...

  6. good for you Serena.... hang in there.

    sending some positivity and a big hug your way.....

    Ginger Lily.... have you ever heard of any perfume with that name? If you do..get a little roll on stick. A dab on the inside of your wrist... it is for positivity......

  7. I think that is the key to being happy- making the choice to let go of disappointments and the negatives in life, and recognizing and embracing all the little joys of life that appear every day. Love your affirmation!

    Isn't that tree pretty? I don't know what it is either.

    Your cavases are full color- love them. I look forward to seeing them finished.

  8. Joy to you. I'm sorry you are having to make these decisions. Very beautiful tree and lovely bouquet. The canvas is grand.

  9. Oh i love Charmed too and have the whole set but for season 7. Isn't that funny I was happy when Page took over, I was never fond of Pru, just the opposite of you.
    I think my favorite season was 6.
    Love your Mantra card and sorry about the news that upset you but I see you are a strong women and so will overcome.

  10. that is a indeed a very pretty tree and lovely bunch of flowers :)

    I'm the opposite with Charmed, prefer paige lol

    very nice range of colours on those canvases, can't wait to see what the finished products looks like

  11. The flowers from Uncle Billy and Aunty Deb were beautiful! I love flowers.
    I can't wait to see those mixed media paintings done. I'm not doing so well with mine :( I wish I was as talentted as you.
    I didn't know you where getting the Charmed DVD's. I will have to have a watch cause I never saw the very first ones.

    Talk soon. Luv Shell xx

  12. Thanks, Julie...better times are to come, I'm sure ~ :)

    Thanks, messyfish ~ :)

    Thanks, Tabitha ~ :)

    Thanks, Mary ~:) I'll ask around and see if I can find out the name of the tree.

    Thanks, Judi. I plan to take a pic of a street lined with these was more a convenient spot for me to point and shoot the tree yesterday. I hope things get better soon for you. As the saying goes...'This too shall pass' ~ :)

    Thanks, Sandy ~ :)

    Thanks, Vee...I will look out for that perfume, for sure ~ :)

    Thanks, Linda. It's not always easy to do but we can sure improve the way we feel by focusing on the positive things that do bring us joy. :)

    Thank you, Carla ~ :)

    Thanks, Kerry. Always happy to know another Charmed fan. I think the majority of viewers prefer Paige over Prue....even my daughter is a Paige fan. I still enjoyed watching the series but did lose interest towards the end. :)

    Thanks, Jennifer. I'd say I'm in the minority for Prue fans. :)

  13. Serena,
    Don't let things get you depressed.
    Life is short and we must enjoy every moment. You are a wonderful person so don't let negative thoughts get the better side of you!

    That tree is gorgeous.


  14. Let me know what 50 is like I'll be there next Feb.

    I real like that tree so colorful and bright.

    Coffee is on.

  15. I'm glad you chose the positive way to deal with your upsetting news. Your mantra card is beautiful.

    I can't wait to see your mixed media piece!!

  16. Thank you for inspirational Mantra! Hold on there!

    Oh, here, here, another fan of Charmed is waving!

    Wonderful Birthday Flowers!

    Looking forward to your canvases, looking good as is!

  17. beautiful mantra to help us choose joy in life.
    wishing you all the best in life

  18. Hi Serena, I am a Charmed Junkie. I have all the CD sets... I have a Triquetra set of jewelery (the ring,necklace and cuff). I watch the reruns and have probably watched all those over and over. Why when I have all the cd' I won't go on, but I do have more memorabilia. I also won't say I liked one of the girls over another, because they were all perfect for the parts they played... The final episodes were brilliant, but I'm biased.... Have a great week, Ro

  19. Serena, I understand and identify with your struggle and decision to move into Joy rather than let life overwhelm you. Not always an easy step to take but definately the best one for your own self care.

    Gentle hugs and warm wishes to you for your courage to walk the higher path (we seem to be walking similar paths this past year or so).

    lOVE your card for this week and your backgrounds are beautiful. I can't wait to see further developments!

  20. Love the card. Hang in tight there and you will see that things will start looking better soon.

  21. well of course I love the joy affirmation card!!!

    could that be a crepe myrtle (the tree)? I'm in texas and they are all over the south...

  22. Hi Mum,

    I just wanted to say that I love your Mantra card you done, I love the pic of the tree outside the post office! I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with those mixed media canvases as well!

    I also thought I'd let you know that I'm enjoying watching Charmed season one with you and from what I remember of the episodes on TV with Paige, I think I do prefer Prue more! Charmed is a very good series!

    Love Brad!

  23. Sorry to hear about all the upsetting news you've gotten lately! You've got a good attitude and are a fabulous person so you'll come through it okay!

  24. You need to re-produce your cards and sell them...they are amazing. Sorry to hear about your hard news...that's no fun. Just keep on keepin' on. Lose yourself in your beautiful artwork... Hugs!

  25. I'm sorry about the upsetting news, Serena, but I rejoice over your choice to remain positive! :)

    I like your mixed media art ... I know you're still working on it, but it looks good so far.

    Take care now.

    Much love, Luci.

  26. beautiful canvases, I am looking forward to see what you create with them..

    flowers are always lovely to get for birthdays.. kinda brightens your life whenever you look at them.
    I tried to see what the tree was but not sure.. is it a coral tree?

  27. I hit enter by accident... lol

    A separate comment with just hugs can't be bad though, right? :)

    I am glad you are taking the positive take on things. It's the best way, and the hardest one. I know. :)

    Your mantra card is gorgeous and I love how you staged it too :)

    I can't wait to see what you do with the mixed bag of goodies that you're painting! :)

  28. Happy, happy birthday!!
    May this be a bright & joyous decade :)
    Thanks for posting about choosing joy - it made me think of my dear friend Win Dolan, who passed a few weeks ago, the day after his 100th BD!
    At the celebration of his life, mention was made of the auto accident that left his wife injured, & a friend dead ~ 35 years ago.
    After the accident, Win realized he could live with bitterness, or he could forgive the drivers of the other car - which he did! & that changed his whole life, if he could forgive THAT, what else could he forgive? & how much happier his life, without that bitterness!!

    Many blessings, dear Serena

  29. Serena, what a brave decision. Not many people can do that and I love that card. I think I will quote some of your words to a nephew of mine who needs some encouragement at the moment and is feeling down. Your post has inspired me as to how to approach and present my thoughts to him and give him encouragement. Thank you. I hope you won't mind my quoting your words.

  30. Michelle, I finished watching Season One of Charmed so I'll pass them onto you when you visit next. I think you're doing very well with your first attempts at mixed media. Just have fun with it and it will work out fine.

    Thank you Norma and Peppylady ~ :)

    Thanks, Janet, Helen and Sema ~ :)

    Ro - You sound like you're a very dedicated fan of the Charmed series...YAY! I've decided I'm going to order the whole lot..not much sense in only having part of a collection ~ :)

    Kate - Thanks so much for your comforting words ~ :)

    Thanks, Brandi. No, it's not a crepe myrtle....the flowers are very different. I must try to get a close up shot ~ :)

    Thanks, Brad ~ :)

    Thanks, chocoholic ~ :)

    Caroline, that's a sweet thing to say...thanks ~ :)

    Thanks, Luci ~ :)

    Thanks,, it's not a coral tree either. :)

    Genie - hugs are always good. Thank you ~ :)

    Dia, thank you for sharing that story. Your friend was a very wise man ~ :)

    Thank you, Shashi, and of course you can quote me if you think it will help your nephew. I wish him well.

  31. Hope you are feeling better after your news earlier ... your positive attitude will get you through the tough times,
    ((hugs)) Maria

  32. know what you mean, usually these things come out of nowhere, but, we women are strog, we were made that way. keep your chin up!


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