Saturday 4 April 2009

my name is serena and...

...i'm officially a 'charmed' junkie!

yep, that's where i've been this past week...glued to the TV watching season one of the charmed series. OH, OH, speaking of the TV, my darling son, reece, WON a SAMSUNG 26" LCD TV and gave it to ME!!! you may remember reece, girls (& guys), he's the son who likes to show off his muscles and that's exactly how he won the TV! reece went to 'doomben racecourse' last weekend to celebrate his cousin's birthday and the racecourse usually has novelty competitions going such as, best keg (the largest belly) and best abs (well defined muscles on the abdomen). needless to say which competition reece won....hehehehe I LOVE my new TV!!! so, while i did receive bad news a week ago, positive things are also happening.

i managed to drag myself away from charmed yesterday to do a little bit of painting to the 12"x12" mixed media canvas i had started. here's where i'm at so far.

mixed media - 12"x12" - work in progress
click on image to enlarge

being that realistic art is my specialty, i am trying very hard to loosen up and create a more free-flowing and messy type of art with this piece. it's sooooo not easy to fight the urges to neaten edges and tidy it up but so far, so good. i have no idea where i'm going with this yet which is one of things i'm thoroughly enjoying with the mixed media art. i really have no idea of how a piece is going to finish up. i didn't even plan to paint flowers on this piece initially but i'm learning to listen to those inner voices and go with the flow of the piece.

i'm feeling like i have more to do yet.....more contrast perhaps? more additions of something? charcoal for strong definition? definitely some gold somewhere! any suggestions are welcome. at this point, you know as much as i do about what the next step will be but what fun it will be finding out.

i hope to catch up with everybody's blogs this weekend.

love, light and peace


  1. Serena, your drawing is wonderful and Yay for the new TV!

  2. I like it as it is...I thought it was finished. Sometimes less is more! The flowers are very simple and free flowing and sweet...they look like they need to retain their innocence!!! Just a few thoughts form a non-artist! :)

  3. I love Charmed! I got completely hooked on the reruns of it a couple of years ago and couldn't believe how much I was enjoying it. Plus, embarrasingly, it reverted me back to a little girl, wishing so badly I was one of them. How cool that you've got yourself a brand new TV because of your son's award-winning abs! Good for you (and him)! Your painting is absolutely, gorgeously beautiful as is.

    Sending blessings your way!
    Serena Pia

  4. Thank you, Tabitha!

    Where do you live, peppylady?! lol Charmed was a series that started running on TV around 1998 but has had re-runs since. It's storyline is basically about three adult sisters who discover they are good witches and each episode throws a new 'demonic' challenge their way.

    Awwwwww, Julie, you say the sweetest things, thank you. I was actually thinking it was very close to finished....just a few little touches maybe. I'm glad you like it.

    Thanks, Serena! I identify totally with what you're saying about Charmed ~ :)

  5. don't watch this programme, but came over from stapeliad's site to see you as you said such nice things about me and her meeting in london soon.

  6. Actually, I love this piece as is! It's like a flower ballet! Less is sometimes more :)

    Congrats on the TV (ab-tastic!). I love the old charmed too :)

  7. Well first off, how nice of that handsome guy to give you the TV he won... I can see why he won..from the photos you have posted in the past and secondly.

    I LOVE THAT ART!!!! The colors, the looseness, everything about it.

  8. that is so cool he won a tv and great that he gave it to you :)

    I really like the texture you have on the bottom in the background. the flowers look very ethereal :)

  9. Love your new canvas, so sunshiny, makes me feel happy looking at it. congrats on the new tv! what a wonderful son!

  10. what a beautiful painting! it's great... love the colours....

    congrats to Reece and his famous abs...wish mine would tighten up more ... still feel a bit softer than I'd like them to be.... hmmm maybe I have to ramp it up a notch again.... tell Reece I need a personal trainer....... why do you live so far away?

  11. Hi serena
    lovely looks gorgeous.

    I would love to express my thanks to you for inspiring me by giving you the lemonade award. you can
    collect it at my blog.

  12. Your painting is looking real good! I guess some contrast in some way would be next but not too much more of anything else seems needed. I like it as it is.
    I finished my "12 Secrets" but pooped out with the posts on my blog! I did get a lot of good from the book and enjoyed meeting others with like minds!
    Happy late birthday and...
    have a great hair day! Becci

  13. That Reece--so sweet of him to give Mom the spoils from his victory--hehe!

    Love the free-flowing flowers and can hardly wait to see what else you do to the canvas. I always think it looks great as is--and then you ad something to make it even better than I could have ever imagined. :):)

  14. I love your painting. Congrats on Reece winning the TV and giving it to you.

  15. Serena, I love the look of your latest painting! Lovely looseness to it! I'm looking forward to seeing it's progression:)

  16. Wow, Reece rocks. Aren't you lucky to have a son like that!

    Your painting is great! can I suggest taking some of that very dark dark purple in the lower right and adding VERY SMALL touches under some of the petals for a shadow effect?