Monday 6 April 2009

mantra monday and photo-a-week


i was kinda stumped for a card this week but then, an image of daisies kept popping into my head. i realised how i often feel inspired after a simple walk in nature. i think john ruskin got it right when he said........

nature is painting for us
day after day
pictures of infinite beauty
if only we have the eyes to see them
--- John Ruskin

i am inspired by nature

acrylics on 5"x3½" CANSON acrylic paper
click on any image to enlarge


on sunday, we visited michelle and alex and had a lovely time as usual. they live in a third level apartment and they have some huge umbrella trees situated in front of their balcony. rainbow lorikeets are nectivores and native to australia. they happen to LOVE the nectar of umbrella tree flowers and can actually get quite 'drunk' on the stuff too. here these beautiful birds were, feasting away, while we sat directly across from them taking it all in. it was an overcast day but i managed to get some pics on my camera.

the honeyeaters were enjoying the feed of nectar also

i hope you all had a lovely weekend too

love, light and peace


  1. yeah for you, and that TV! But dont spend too much time in front of it. We will miss your art. I love your card too this week (as I do every week). I am moving to the country, and I worry I might not cope with nothing to do. Hope fully "nature" will be enough and I am not too much of a hardened your card has given me hope!

  2. The card and photos are beautiful Serena! Happy Monday!!

  3. beautiful affirmation serena!!! nature provides us so much, including inspiration!!! thank you for the quote, love it!!!

    check out my little mini mantra monday giveaway this week...

    peace and love

  4. What a colorful world you live in - no wonder you are so inspired. None of the wild birds here are half so flamboyant. Lovely birds!

  5. Beautiful photos. I know a gal in Australia that puts bread spread with honey out on her railing and she gets dozens of Lori's there.

  6. I'm so envious of the incredible creatures you have there.

  7. Serena I just love seeing the tropical plants and's so different from where I live! The only umbrella trees that I've ever seen have been houseplants and it never occured to me that they actually grow outside...and so their natural state. I'm sure that every house plant that's withered and died on me, is thriving in Brisbane!

    I hope life is bringing you peace and joy and if not, I'm sending you some!

  8. Your mantra card is so pretty, just like the photos below it; so brilliant with color and life.

    Thank you for sharing them.

  9. lovely bird photos :D the third one would make a really pretty painting.

    very nice and bright card. :)

  10. Love your matra card, I love daisy's! The other photo's are so gorgeous of the lovely colorful birds.

  11. Great photos. We have a crab apple tree with miniature crab apples on and the birds eat it and become drunk.

    Coffee is on.

  12. Your card is so pretty! Love your lorikeets!!!

    I had to cut down our Schefflera trees years ago because they were so messy constantly dropping leaves...but they are sure beautiful!!!

  13. It's always so amazing to see the beautiful and very colourful birds of warm climates.... ours are pretty drab in comparison.... but, I do love our chickadees, robins, finches and sparrows.... mostly what I see and hear. The songs of the little finches are amazing...

    We have a Mayday tree that the robins strip in the fall just before they migrate...and it is the same thing ...they quite silly after eating all those berries... they are dangerous to themselves when flying...and poop on everything in their wild swooping....

  14. it all. I can't imagine having those fabulous birds. Ours in the northern climes of the US are so dull by comparison! Love the card too - I've been very drawn to that bright green lately.

  15. I love your art Serena. Each piece captures my heart anew. And your photography! Those birds! Those trees! Heaven :)

  16. Wonderful photos of beautiful birds!
    Your montra card is great as always!

  17. Serena,

    Your card is very nice. The photos are so lovely. Love the vivid colors of the foilage and the birds. I also love your paintings.

  18. Great mantra card Serena, love it and the texture too. I would love to look out and see Lorikeets in trees around me. That is so cool and great photos!!

  19. Hi Serena,
    I am glad to check in and see more mantra cards. I LOVE them all so much and this week's is no exception.


  20. How lovely to be able to watch lorikeets right from your balcony! What a world!! Love your card, too. :)

  21. Beautiful fresh and perky card Serena...and those tree photos...Magnificent! :)

  22. Thanks, everyone!

    messyfish - I think I could be happy living by a beach or out in the country. I'd miss the big shopping malls though.

    LOL Kate. Yes, the standard Umbrella trees grow huge! There are dwarf varieties which are more suited to pots.

    Vee, it's the same with the rainbow lorikeets. The wildlife officer told me that when the birds get drunk on the umbrella tree nectar, they fly into things and can end up hurt and in care. I guess we have the same scenario with humans who get too drunk except some drunk humans tend to hurt others.

    Jennifer - We are on the same wavelength as I'm thinking of using the third photo for a painting.